Arrogant Mitch McConnell Dismisses Alison Lundergan Grimes and Acts Like He Has Already Won


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Sen. Mitch McConnell is ignoring reality and acting like Republicans have already won the Senate, and he’s the Majority Leader. The truth is McConnell could lose his seat, and Democrats have an opportunity to keep the Senate.

According to The Hill,

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) wants to get all must-pass legislation completed in the lame-duck session, so Senate Republicans would have a clean slate at the start of 2015, if they control the upper chamber.

Senate GOP aides say that’s the message from the leader, who could face opposition from conservative lawmakers who want to block any non-emergency measures in the window between Election Day and the start of the new Congress in January.

“We keep hearing from the leadership we’re going to clear the decks in the lame duck,” said a senior GOP aide.


McConnell is enraging members of his party by wanting to pass a bill to fund the government through September 2015, and extend some tax breaks that Republicans were hoping to use as ransom against Obama.

Sen. McConnell is planning his agenda for when he is running the show in spite of the reality that he is in a close fight for his seat. The message to Democrats is that Mitch McConnell thinks that the election is over. The Kentucky Republican is acting as he has already defeated his Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes.

McConnell is measuring the drapes, which is why Democrats need to wake up. There are still fifteen days before the election. Mitch McConnell is living in his fantasy land., but Democrats can deliver a dose of cold, hard reality by mobilizing for Alison Lundergan Grimes and Democratic Senate candidates everywhere.

Your vote is the best way to rain on Mitch McConnell’s premature victory parade.

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  1. The Democrats don’t need to wake up, McConnell does. He is exhibiting the same traits Cantor possessed before his loss. Pride goeth before the fall. McConnell is about to get his.

  2. He may lose to Alison BUT from what all the analysis says that the Democrats are going to lose control and it won’t make any difference if Bitch McConnell is speaker or not. My feeling is that Alison will caucus with the Republicans any way. So however you look at this nation will be screwed, glued and tattooed with an agenda that will spell disaster. The people who want a Revolution who carry the yellow coward flag may yet get the revolution they desire. But it’s not going to be the one that they have been preying<correct in context) for. This one may wipe the slate clean of the Reich Wing for good.

  3. I base how I think the election will go on grassroots efforts which the democrats have a clear and overwhelming advantage. The Senate will remain in the hands of the democrats, and I think they could take the House. The corporate media is in full blown brainwashing mode to discourage democratic voters from showing up at the polls. As far as Grimes caucusing with the enemy? You need to stop listening to the corporate media.

  4. Obama delegate turned Obama denier, what makes anyone think she will follow suit. She has turned on her support of our president because she has Bill Clinton to support her now. If she agrees with the Democrats and votes with them she will be a 1 term senator from Kentucky. I simply don’t trust her there is something about her, but time will tell I guess.

  5. How on earth can these bottom of the barrel republicans be continually touted as possibly taking control of the Senate? They represent everything you hope your petulant pre-teens out grow. (or is that the mentality the dumbing down has produced?..hoping that’s not true.)

  6. John it is not the corporate media at all! that you assume I’m listening to. It IS however my instinct and my instinct is very rarely wrong. My instinct has saved me and many of my friends from harm. I rely upon it in concert with analytical thought and I just don’t trust Alison. I hope I’m wrong about her.

  7. Maybe McConnell is so sure he will win, because the Kochroaches and their vermin have rigged the votes.

    If he does win, it will be because he cheated. That goes for most of the GOP.

    Just my opinion of course.

  8. She is like most democrat who have no guts when it comes to the president, they just have no backbone. They are afraid to stand on what they believe in and they let the republicans scared the heck out of them. The president on the other hand will go toe to toe with them and they can’t holler louder than he can. To be honest the democrat party is really going to be lost when his term is over unless he stay on and show them how to run a successful campaign by keeping volunteers as well as paid staff on the ground to do the ground work of going from door to door, holding fund raiser etc signing up people to continue to get them register to vote. He started the ball rolling in 2008 and into 2012 that is how he succeeded in getting the people to polls. His methods that works so well was treating people like people and with respect, remembering them before and after time of election, making sure they had a way to polls, had all their info, encouragement goes a long way.

  9. The only way he gets his comeuppance is if Grimes beats him.

    Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen. I hope that KY nominates a liberal Democrat who does embrace her President and his signature program more wholeheartedly in six years.

    Kentucky does not deserve Mitch, so this is crucial that Democrats nominate someone who does not bend over backwards to look like a right-winger.

  10. Take a look at and Sam Wang’s polling.

    He is an avowed Democrat, and correctly predicted numerous elections in the past. Even has a better record than Nate Silver.

    His projection? No way in hell the House changes hands, and at this point likely that the GOP gains control of the Senate.

    You may be right (and he measures this) that a LARGE turnout could help the Dems, but insists that the polls all have to be wrong by worse than bad errors for the Dems to win.

    I don’t like that any more than you do, but why ignore reality?

  11. What have you been smoking! Grimes siding with the Republicans. She would rather annex the KY coal mines to WV! Oops, I hope I didn’t let the gas out of the ground. I hope you are not from Ky. We have enough uninformed voters already.

  12. The coal miners are going to vote for Mitch. Most of the union leaders will to, Grimes support is razor thin in Eastern KY. Should carry Louisville, but I think she is going to need a lot more of unwed mothers and HS dropouts to vote to have a chance of winning.

  13. No actually that’s not what Sam has said. In fact he’s made it clear recently that the unreliability of midterm polling coupled with past history of underestimating Dem races equates to a Senate election that can go either way. Dems could take Senate just as probable as Repub sweep. The polling this year is just too unreliable.

    I suggest you take some time to read what he’s been saying.

  14. None of these pollsters, and election prophets take the grassroots donations, or efforts in to considertion. The democrats grassroots fundraising is at least 5 times what republican grassroots fundraising is. Those small donations from individule voters can, nd will translate in to voters at the polls.

  15. Same feeling I got when I read the article headline. It’s the same kind of smug W had in 2000 when Florida was called for Gore and he went on television afterwards to say the results were wrong. He knew what was coming, just like McConnell seems to know what’s coming.

    Something’s up

  16. Oops: Pro-McConnell lobbying group sends out endorsement mailer saying Mitch is ‘For Sale’

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    A picture is worth a thousands words

  17. Larry don’t know where you are from but I am from Kentucky. The United Mine Workers are supporting Grimes. I have been working door to door in Florence and she is very popular here. I just have not run into any unwed mothers or HS dropouts yet.

  18. Marie just to let you know we are on the ground for Alison going door to door and making phone calls. We will be working seven days a week on GOTV. We will do all we can to Ditch Mitch.

  19. move on crooked gop te bagger joseph ur wrong and the anylsts are wrong, dems will keep senate and u can bank that i say it loudly the polls are wrong and dems will keep senate

  20. yeah joseph just like the anlysts said mitt romney would beat obama in 2012 and they were wrong and u will be wrong joseph, the only poll that matters in on november 4 when we vote so eat it bagger

  21. sam wang is wrong just like u are bagger gop crook, sam wang will soon realize no human is perfect in predictions but also this polling group says dems will keep senate even though it will be close and i checked and democracy corp has a realy good prediction record, democracy corp is accurate according to my research so here it is joseph this group says dems will keep senate barely >>>>

  22. marie be quiet stop dooming and glooming democrats we will always be in america and we will keep, top all u gop tp here on this thread do us a favor move on to a different cuz were not interested in ur lies

  23. my gut instinct tells me ur wrong joseph, in closing dems will keep senate and alison will win and thats my gut instinct not polls

  24. …never underestimate the power o’ grassroots…they hold much easier than astroturf…
    …that said, the Teahadists are pulling out the stops in the dirty tricks department…I think Alison will win; but the margin won’t be much…

  25. Has anyone asked McConnell who he voted for in 2008 and 2012? He voted against Obama both times and has been voting against him and the American people ever since. WAKE UP Kentucky!

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