Chuck Todd Is Wrong: New Poll Shows Alison Lundergan Grimes Positioned To Win In Kentucky


Contrary to Chuck Todd’s belief that Alison Lundergan Grimes disqualified herself, the new Bluegrass Poll of Kentucky shows Grimes in a position to win as she is deadlocked with Mitch McConnell.

McConnell leads Grimes 44%-43% in the poll, but this margin is well within the 3.9% margin of error. The previous Rasmussen poll that had McConnell leading by eight points looks like an outlier.

McConnell approval rating remains underwater at a net (-9). Thirty-nine percent of respondents approved of the incumbent while 47% disapproved. The barrage of negative ads against the Democrat appear to have taken a toll as her approval rating has dropped to net (-8). Thirty-seven percent approval of Grimes while forty-five percent disapprove.

The Lexington Herald-Leader pointed to some other numbers that suggest a very close election, “In the latest poll, McConnell and Grimes were tied at 43 percent among men. McConnell led among women 44 percent to 43 percent despite Grimes’ effort to highlight votes McConnell has taken to block action on the Paycheck Fairness Act.”


The Grimes campaign said that they are on course for a narrow victory on Election Day. In a statement campaign manager Jonathan Hurst said, “Today’s Bluegrass poll confirms yet again that the 15-month campaign plan from which we have never wavered has Alison poised for a narrow but decisive victory on November 4th against a 30-year entrenched incumbent who – astonishingly – cannot consistently break mid-40’s numbers in public polls as we approach Election Day.”

The Grimes campaign is correct. Mitch McConnell is very, very vulnerable. McConnell’s numbers are terrible for an incumbent, but his endless supply of Koch fueled negative ads has also managed to drag Grimes down.

Chuck Todd’s claim that Grimes disqualified herself from office by not saying if she voted for Obama in 2012 looks as absurd now as the day he said it. Todd was so busy cheerleading for McConnell that he ignored the fundamental dynamics of this election.

Mitch McConnell is not popular. McConnell has run a terrible reelection campaign about nothing. The biased Republican polls have created a false narrative of McConnell momentum that doesn’t exist. These are things that Beltway Boys like Chuck Todd don’t see.

Todd was wrong. Instead of being disqualified, Alison Lundergan Grimes is in a position to be the next senator from Kentucky.

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  1. Chuck Todd is Wrong:

    The headline could’ve stopped there and still been absolutely correct on soooo many levels.

  2. I thought it was only the Dems that looked for “free stuff?” I hope McConnell has to eat crow.

  3. I have been helping Alison, doing all I can to ditch Mitch. In Jefferson County, the states largest city is their, Louisville. It is a Democratic strong hold. Alison needs 80,000 voters in Louisville to put her over the top. Todd has no damn idea what he is talking about!
    These beltway people, and the MSM, are too lazy to visit the state to learn how voters feel. Alison has this. Karl Rove’s SuperPAC add attacking KYNECT/AHA/obamacare when it is the role model for all the other states because from day one it worked! And,McConnell did not ask him for his help, he may do more harm than good

  4. I peeked in on the ky tea party FB page, some are for Mitch some are against Mitch. Ironically, they believe in some of the same things Progressive/liberals believe in: term limits, individual liberty, firming against citizens united and getting big money out of politics….and then they get high jacked by the NRA antigovernment paranoid machine and the Christian coalition and it all goes down hill from there! The ones that see him as Washington establishment ( which he is ) are staying home or voting for Alison!
    Oh…and they’re planning a coup at the upcoming state legislative hearing in Dec. regarding common core….plan, overwhelm dept. of education, get rid of common core!

  5. I have my fingers and my toes crossed, that Alison wins. All the Repugs have got to go. It’s time for the people to get a Congress and a Senate that works for all the people!!!

  6. Actually the bigger issue is that Af-Am support dropped sharply since the last Bluegrass/SurveyUSA poll. That is what contributes most to the drop in points. However SurveyUSA is well know for being both accurate AND having really, really bad crosstabs. So Grimes dropping from 60 to 45% Af-Am support? Not likely. In other words once you include margin of error nothing has changed since the last poll which is *great* news.

  7. She has been gaining support in eastern Kentucky, and Bill Clinton will be here for two rallys in the western part of the state tomorrow. Next week, we’ve heard both Clintons will be in the state. I think McConnell is feeling the heat, he just announced he’s doing a three day bus tour in the eastern part of the state. He’s having to do things he’s never had to do before. We’re just not that into you Mitch!

  8. Wow, both of them will be there? Holy crap. They are really going to bat for her (and her family I know who are close friends).

    Yeah, Mitch is in the hot seat.

  9. All Chuck Todd did was show how unqualified he is to call himself a journalist and just another right wing talking head. If he thought Grimes disqualified herself for not answering the question of who she voted for,( an answer surely to be a gotcha gift to McConnell), then McConnell’s speech throwing his allegiance to the Koch brothers over Kentucky’s people more than disqualifies him. No mention of that from Chuck Todd, political hack.

  10. A better question is who did Chukie vote for? It has been a “doctrine written in stone” that behind the voting curtain one’s vote is totally confidential beyond any question. Comes along this doe-doe bird and make it his sole business as supreme news person with some self appointed elitist mentality to declare that this doctrine long standing has no place in our politics anymore. His bias is more transparent than glass. Knowing who Chuckie voted for would give the listener some factual insight as to where his allegiance lies. Not knowing would/is cause/causing knee jerk subjective reactions/responses at this point.These reactions are only creating the deflections of objective responses to McConnell’s vicious attacks. Chuckie’s question is only doing what it was well planned to do. Deflect and inject totally unimportant rhetoric while McConnell regroup. It is pass time for him and this type of rhetoric to be put out in the pasture of has beens and heresy doctrine as Gregory and the…

  11. Chuckie is the Republican darling and who would listen to this jerk besides the party of stupids.MSNBC better wake up before its too late and hurry up and send this turd to fake news along with MoUrning JoKe.

  12. Women who vote repub are traitors to their gender. They are voting to make women second class citizens. This is about who we are as a country. Both men and women have an equal role to play. History will be most unkind to women who have sold millions of us out.

  13. Women of the religious right fundamentalist religion are no different than an Islam woman.

    They are taught at a young age that they are handmaidens to their husbands, whom without they would be nothing.

    They are taught that this is their punishment for giving the “apple” to Adam and thus creating the first sin.

    A lot of these women are brainwashed and or beaten into submission to their husband and without they are nothing/or worse dead.

  14. …Chuckie $lease had disqualified himself to be a moderator of MTP…just another Teahadist hack…the polls are secret for a reason; they cannot be used as a political weapon…

  15. If asked I’m sure Chuck Todd would gladly say he voted for Obama when in fact he really voted for Romney. That is consistent with his playing the phoney liberal who is far too impartial to allow his liberalness to effect his excessive more-than-fair-ness to Republicans and their policies. Because he pretends to be a liberal it makes it okay when he uses his position against Democrats, because, hey, he’s really on their side. Right?

    I’ve been on to this guy for years. What a tool.

  16. Chuck Todd is an unbelievable ass. NBC is really screwing itself by keeping him on Meet the Press. Go Alison! Regarding voting for Mitch, it’s one thing to be conservative; it’s another thing altogether to be stupid!

  17. Woman who vote for Republican is like a woman who has been raped an to damned scared to speak out against the Rapist!It’s really sad when woman vote against their best interest, an better judgement because of a spouse/or the believe you need to stick with our party aviliation or because of religion that those things are more important then doing some thing that’s good for you!! Woman been beaten down for so long, there scared to stand up an be counted!

  18. not a real big fan of Mcconnell but he is a thousand times better than any democrat who are too busy waging a Phony “war on women” to pay attention to what is important

  19. Sometimes I think there should be a literacy test just to keep the uniformed riff raff from voting
    McConnell Paid His Ex-Campaign Manager $117K over 2-Month Period AFTER Bribery Scandal Broke

    What could these payments have been, if not hush money? Benton could not have plausibly been worth three times the value of the Campaign Manager, especially after his work for the McConnell campaign was “done”.

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