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Desperate Conservatives Attack Kay Hagan For Being Consistent on Ebola and Travel Bans

Panicked by Kay Hagan’s small but continuing lead over Thom Tillis, Tea Party Republicans are reduced to attacking the Senator for being consistent.  Senator Hagan supports a comprehensive approach to dealing with Ebola which, in her opinion, should include a limited and temporary travel ban.

She said it in a statement on Friday.

I have said for weeks that travel restrictions should be one part of a broad strategy to prevent Ebola from spreading in the U.S. and fighting it in Africa.  I am calling on the Administration to temporarily ban the travel of non-U.S. citizens from the effected countries in West Africa.  Although stopping the spread of this virus overseas will require a large, coordinated effort with the international community, a temporary travel ban is a prudent step the President can take to protect the American people and I believe he should do so immediately.

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Over the weekend, the right wing echo chamber tried to make Hagan’s statement into a flip flop using the tactic of slicing and dicing someone’s comments to make it appear they said one thing when they said something else.

The Weekly Standard used that trick by quoting part of her comments criticizing Thom Tillis opinion that we can solve Ebola by imposing a full travel ban on West Africa.

“That’s not going to help solve this problem,” said Hagan Wednesday when asked about Tillis’s position. “That’s not going to contain the epidemic that we see happening in Africa.

Townhall also tried to suggest that Hagan’s Friday statement calling for a temporary travel ban as part of the solution is somehow a change from her previous assertion that a travel ban might be part of the solution.

Of course, nothing about her position has changed because Hagan was not and is not of the view that we can solve the Ebola problem simply by isolating West African countries.

Nothing has changed. Now that we’ve had two incidents in the U.S. of individuals (diagnosed) … we need to have a temporary travel ban. … If you listen to the whole discussion, it was part of an overall strategy. The travel ban is one part. … But we also should be working with our international partners and with investments in this country on Ebola research development.

There is nothing new about Kay Hagan’s assertion that a temporary and limited travel ban can be a part of a comprehensive plan to address Ebola.

During the second debate with Tillis, Senator Hagan said a travel ban could be part of a larger strategy.  Even breitbart.com known for its tendency to slice and dice people’s comments to make them fit the right wing’s political agenda, had to concede that.  During the October 7th debate Hagan remained consistent saying a travel ban “could be one part of a broad range” of options.

Kay Hagan used different words to say the same thing on separate occasions.  She’s a human being like that. However, Republicans are so desperate to break Hagan’s small, but consistent lead over Thom Tillis, they are trying to persuade voters that calling for a temporary travel ban as part of a broader strategy is a flip-flop from calling for a temporary travel ban as part of a broader strategy.

Attacking Senator Hagan for being consistent is the closest to something Tillis’ beleaguered campaign has to work with. Kay Hagan is cleaning his clock with women in North Carolina.  The gender gap between Hagan and Tillis is the biggest in the country at 20% according to some polls.

With Tillis’ extensive track-record of waging war on women, especially poor women, there is nothing he can do to close the gender gap.  Women and the men who love them in North Carolina remember that Tillis led the charge to defund Planned Parenthood in North Carolina. They also remember he stripped women of reproductive rights sleezily tucked in a motorcycle safety bill .  Tillis conforms to his party leadership when it comes to “personhood” amendments that ban contraceptives.

He can’t appeal to North Carolinians as a trustworthy guardian of tax payer dollars since he is wasting tax money on lawyers to defend the state’s doomed ban on marriage equality.

Tillis can’t turn to North Carolinians who witnessed their state’s regression in horror. They also know that Thom Tillis was a leader under the state government that Art Pope bought and that government was responsible for North Carolina’s decline in the areas of education, racial equality and voting access.

Tillis was responsible for draconian policies that ended federal unemployment benefits. He opposed Medicaid expansion leaving 500,000 North Carolinians without access to healthcare.

Tillis’ attempt to put President Obama on the ballot also failed.  Even with help from the Koch Brothers via Americans for Prosperity, and Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, Tillis remains behind and unable to shake support for the candidate who dared to remain consistent.

Image; WCNC

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