The Republican Refusal to Deal with Reality Runs Deep

Ebola_CrazyThere are many different ways to research the conservative mindset. The news isn’t only found in what someone like Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz has to say, but in how the base feeds on their lunacy.

After a long Sunday afternoon of online research. I can now present to you another example of how conservative logic works, as demonstrated by that base. This particular dialogue surrounded the posting of PoliticusUSA’s article Obama Steps Up and Shows Republicans How It’s Done While Knocking Down Ebola Hysteria, by Sarah Jones, posted on Saturday.

As Sarah wrote, “The President poured water on the “just ban the flights!” hysteria – this is a common initial reaction, but guess what, experts know something. That won’t work and that’s why we’re not doing it. He urged us to be guided by the science and facts…and checked some of the hyperbole.”

The Republican reaction to all this was, well…typical: bereft of science and fact. There was no sizzle as the water of reason hit the fire of hyperbole:

John Patti 12:27 PM
The only end of story is the Democrats in November. Cruz, Fox, Rush, Koch, Bush. The left is full of straw man fantasies.

John Patti 12:29 PM
Oh and please, more links that prove how right you are because there just aren’t any counter-links out there that prove you wrong. LOL

Straw man fantasies…Never mind that actual, hyperlinked citations of conservative rhetoric leave no room – and no need – for straw man arguments. Republicans actually say the crazy sh*t we report on here. And no examples of these alleged straw man “fantasies” were offered to support the claim made, giving me reason to suspect John didn’t know what a straw man is:

Hrafnkell Haraldsson 12:29 PM
The facts are there. Do you know what “straw man” means? Doesn’t sound like it

There can be only one answer to this right? Right!!:


John Patti 12:31 PM
Do you know that Hrafnkell is such a American sounding name? It doesn’t sound like you do.

You had to know this was coming.

So “Hrafnkell” not being an American-sounding name means, is, in the conservative mind, an instant win. If you have nothing, no argument at all, no answers to any questions, you launch the handy ad hominem attack.

“Oh, oh yeah? Your name is funny!”

Just imagine if my name was Barack? Oh wait…

It’s the Republican Get Out of Reality Free Card.

Here is another example of the sort of reasoning we liberals are dealing with:

Cam Loon 1:30 PM
Poll: 67% Want Ebola Travel Ban

Oh, majorities suddenly matter? So I made a point that obviously needs to be made:

Hrafnkell Haraldsson 1:34 PM
It’s a little late isn’t it, to start caring about majorities? Most of us voted for Obama, too, but that hasn’t stopped Republicans from saying he has no right to be president, that he’s an usurper. Save your hypocrisy for those who are interested.

There can be only one response, right? Address the issue of hypocrisy in saying majorities only matter when it’s something you want.


John Patti 1:39 PM
“Most of us voted for Obama” hahaha. So you vote on skin pigmentation only, racist.

You remember how after attacking President Obama for appointing czars, the Republicans suddenly demanded President Obama appoint an Ebola czar? Turns out, Obama is to blame for appointing an Ebola czar:

Cam Loon 3:07 PM
you are saying the world and africa are stupid, you mistake common sense for opinions, obama and incompetent political czars are not the medical community, lol, typical mindless liberals

And offering facts is “trash-talking” and “sad”:

Duane Zadarosni 6:06 AM

More typical BS propaganda by that trash talking “Sarah Jones and PoliticusUSA”. It’s almost hilarious to read their stuff any more. It’s sad really. It’s equally sad that this administrations thinks it’s approach to this virus is sufficient. For example why would you put a former “COS” and lawyer in charge of coordinating an attack on Ebola instead of putting an experience and competent medical doctor in charge. Have this doctor let this “coordination expert” know what is a priority and what is not and him structure and execute that part of the effort. We don’t need a lawyer to head the fight against Ebola, we need a medical professional.

You’re right. We need a medical professional. Gee….if only we had…I know! A surgeon general!!

Sure, you can call our new Ebola czar, Ron Klain, a political and not a medical person, but there is the little issue that Republicans have blocked Obama from appointing a surgeon general, a person who is, unarguably, a medical person – Dr. Vivek Murthy.

Republican rhetoric surrounding the Ebola crisis in West Africa has been incomprehensible from Day One, a jumbled attack on President Obama that completely ignores their own culpability in American ability to deal with the outbreak.

I will leave you with these comments. If you can make sense of the former, you are doing better than I:

Cam Loon 2:48 PM
travel ban works for african countries, liberal logic: liberal political hacks spread ebola to stop the spread of ebola, nice try

And you can’t have a conversation about Obama that doesn’t end with this:

Frank Black 4:09 PM
You want us to trust this slime ball communist egg sucking muslim as president and he’s gona lead us in the ebola epidemic that he brought into america?

That he has gotten more people expose to ebola, and has cost america 100’s millions of tax dollars already over ebola!

I would like to say you can get intelligent debate from a Republican, but if wishes were horses. The only thing I didn’t see yesterday was the cry of “Benghazi!” but that is only because they can now cry “Ebola!” instead.

Actually thinking about the issues and formulating cogent responses seems beyond them in an age of easy-to-remember talking points helpfully provided by Fox News. No, what we say here will never pierce the sanctity of the Republican echo chamber. We know that the instant our fingers touch the keyboard.

It is sad, but this sort of dialog, if it can be called that, only highlights the need for liberals and progressives to vote. If we don’t, we will one day have an entire country taught to “think” this way from birth.

16 Replies to “The Republican Refusal to Deal with Reality Runs Deep”

  1. Right wing logic:
    Ebola… African
    Benghazi… African
    Obama… African

    Therefore it’s all Obama’s fault.

  2. A travel ban is nothing but a sugar pill.It will give you a nice rush, but it won’t solve the problem. The poor gentleman from Liberia who died came to America via Belgium.How are you going to stop connecting flights from Europe to Africa???

    I wish the Prez demand that his Surgeon General be appointed immediately. There is nothing the doctor can do public policy wise to control guns in America. The States and the Federal Government hold that power. He made a remark about gun violence, and he got fingered by the NRA.

    The whole episode so far is insulting and
    embarrassing. What is this country is so afraid of??? Why does fear replaces logic and calm???

  3. “Most of us voted for Obama” hahaha. So you vote on skin pigmentation only, racist.

    Hrafnkell, of course all of you Scandinavians stick together because of your well known abundance of melanin.

  4. What I am going to say has nothing to do with Ebola.
    Just didn’t know where to put it.
    I was just on Huffington Post read an article about an ordinary citizen who stopped a policeman in an un marked car and asked for ID. read it!! Made me laugh and made my day!!should happen to more cops!

  5. All I can say is thank god the Republicans are not in charge. Americans would be dying by the thousands. Of course Congress and their rich Masters would be safe in their bunkers.

  6. Nigeria Is Ebola-Free: Here’s What They Did Right

    Nigeria had 20 cases of Ebola after a Liberian-American man named Patrick Sawyer flew into Lagos and collapsed at the airport. Health care workers treating Sawyer were infected, and as it spread it ultimately killed eight people, a low number next to the thousands of cases and deaths in other countries. Nigeria’s health system is considered more robust, but there was significant concern from experts that a case would pop up in one of the country’s dense-populated slums and catch fire.

    So what did Nigeria do right? Chukwu and Dr. Faisal Shuaib of the country’s Ebola Emergency Operation Center, broke it down for TIME.

  7. If nothing can illustrate Republicans talking from both sides of their collective mouths and being a bunch of hypocrites is this:
    “—-You remember how after attacking President Obama for appointing czars, the Republicans suddenly demanded President Obama appoint an Ebola czar? Turns out, Obama is to blame for appointing an Ebola czar———”

    Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. The Republicans are confused? Or maliciously play this game?

  8. It’s a given that GOPTPers haven’t a clue how a robust national economy works (think “trickle-down” which, though proven useless, is something they cling to because…Reagan) so I guess it isn’t surprising that they also do not understand how a global economy works and that we all live in one. I’m sure the President gets mighty tired of trying to explain why stopping flights to/from Africa wouldn’t work, and would play havoc with our economy, but thankfully it’s now a moot point.

  9. GOP: We’re Not Scientists Except When We Are Problem: Republicans are glad to tell you that either the evidence is inconclusive or that they are too dumb to understand the science when it comes to climate change, so they think it’s wrong to act like it’s a crisis and refuse to do anything to slow or halt it. However, they will go bugnuts crazy and try to cause panic when it comes to the science around the spread of Ebola, even when they have it wrong. – See more at:

  10. Conservative groups pay people a few bucks to troll liberal sites. It’s hard to not respond to these mongoloids, I know. But these half wits may not actually believe what they say, they just recite talking points the group gives them in order to get their (rather small) chunk of change. The real fun is comparing them to other professions that do stuff for the sheer financial benefit of it.

  11. 1 Death in the USA from EBOLA.
    Most see it as a tragedy.
    Republicans see it as opportunity.
    An early Christmas gift, if you will.
    Another thing to blame Obama for!
    But the BEST thing?
    FEAR! They just LuV them some FEAR!
    Baseless you say? HA! When did we
    ever let that stop us? Let the spin
    We’ll use words like Crisis, & Outbreak,
    & Mutate & Airborne!
    We’ll make you so scared, you won’t
    want to leave your home.
    And it will work, trust us. We’ve got
    this Fear Sh*t down to a science!

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