No Republican Wave: Senate Polls Show More Good News For Democrats


Two new polls of the Senate races in Kansas and North Carolina reveal that a Republican wave remains media wishful thinking, as Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan leads in North Carolina, and Independent Greg Orman is tied with Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas.

The PPP poll of North Carolina found Sen. Kay Hagan leading her Republican challenger Thom Tillis 46%-43%. The bad news for Republicans is that the North Carolina race features a voter breakdown that looks like the roadmap to a Democratic victory. Hagan lead with women (49%-37%), African-Americans (85%-4%), and young voters (61%-27%). Tillis leads with men (49%-42%), white voters (55%-34%), and seniors (54%-37%) Hagan has a better net approval rating (-9) than Tillis (-12), and has consistently maintained the same roughly three point lead for months.

The Kansas Senate race is turning into a nailbiter. A new Monmouth University poll shows Independent Greg Orman tied with Republican Sen. Pat Roberts 47%-47%. One of the main issues for Orman is that he has not been able to completely persuade Democrats. Orman got the support of 81% of Democratic. His support among Dems is ten points lower than the level of support for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis. What is helping Orman is that only 76% of Republicans are supporting Sen. Roberts. Orman’s inability to woo more Democratic support is probably due to his refusal to say who he will caucus with if he wins.

Democrats keep doing better than the media is giving them credit for. The 2014 election is extremely close. The idea that there will be a Republican wave as some sort of backlash against President Obama remains a media driven fantasy.

The reality is that the media has chosen to push an anti-Obama storyline while ignoring the fact that the 2014 election is one of the closest midterms in decades. Anyone who claims to know how this election is going to turnout is not telling the truth.

The Republican Party has failed to turn the campaign into a national referendum on Obama, and the result is an election that is being contested on a state by state basis. The series of individualized election plays perfectly into the hands of the Democratic get out the vote machine.

The battle for control of the United States Senate will likely to come down to five close elections. The Senate majority will be decided by results in Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Kansas, and Iowa.

Democrats are hanging tough, and in position to turn the Republican wave of 2014 into a trickle down the pant leg of American democracy.

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  1. The citizens of Kansas need to stand up and vote the incumbent clowns out of office. Recently it was discovered that Roberts was not even living in Kansas, while the Governor cheated thousands of needy Kansans out of medicaid and the chance for better healthcare by refusing to expand Medicaid in relation to Obamacare and in turn turned a ton of federal monies from the Kansas tills, while at the same time allowing changes to occur in the tax structure that ran the states budget into the ground.

  2. Polls be damned!

    Get your butts out there and VOTE.

    Get everyone you know out to VOTE.

    We can win this thing if we turn-out!!!

  3. This does not surprise me. The GOP have angered too many voting demographics to win the Senate. The Republicans are delusional, to think they can win with only the heterosexual male, WASP vote.

    People of color, women, Veterans, homosexuals, Muslims….will come out big time. The Conservatives have angered these people greatly, and the displeasure will show at the polls.

  4. There will be a wave this election. A democratic wave. I come to this conclusion based on the grassroots efforts, and donations where the democrats are kicking the GOP’s ass. GOTV!!! We must pop this GOP zit on the American politic.

  5. I hope everyone realizes what an absolute disaster it would be for the 99% of this nation if republicans took back the senate. the GOP would be hellbent on punishing americans and rolling back and destroying everything the president and dems have accomplished over the last 6 years, beginning with an attempt to impeach Obama. we must vote on november 4th or we will all regret our choices and inaction. this is a very important election cycle for this country. dems must keep the senate. vote on November 4th!!!

  6. apparently the rightwing media, and some mainstream as well, have seemingly forgotten not only eric cantor’s recent stunning election loss by double digits, but also the 2012 election that Romney was supposed to win by a landslide. dems will do well on november 4th. i guarantee it!!! democrats do their walkin and talkin at the voting booths, and the message we will send will be loud and clear.

  7. Seriously, though my wish is for a Democrat “wave” in the Senate, I hope it’s a nail biter until the bitter end when the Dems do WIN because it’s going to be great watching a FAKE news meltdown! Hope Karl “Canned Ham” Rove shows up!

  8. You progs are delusional. GOP is doing 9 points better in CO and 4 points better in IA compared to 2010, in terms of party registration of early voters. If you liked 2010 you will love 2014. I am not a huge fan of the GOP but much prefer them to you control freaks. Enjoy 11/4.

  9. Same overconfident predictions you conservatives made in 2012. You will all scream and cry voter fraud when you don’t retake the Senate but will have no proof. So keep on dreaming. You will soon wake up and find how delusional your dreams are.

  10. Democrats are “control freaks”. Really? Which party is trying to control my uterus and every other woman’s? Which party is trying to tell people who they are allowed to love? Which party is trying to tell people which religion they should practice? Which party is trying to keep minorities, young people and poor people from voting? Which party doesn’t give a sh*t if kids in this generation & the next can’t breath because of pollution? Which party doesn’t care if there is an earth in 50 years or not? ICYMI – the answer to each question is Republicans.

  11. @Sabreen60, what planet do you live on? Please tell me how anyone, especially republicans, are trying to control your uterus? This should be

    No one is telling anyone who they can love. Every time(even in CA of all places) when people are given the change to vote on gay marriage they always vote for it to be defined between a man and a women. That’s not telling you who you can or can’t love. When a judge steps in and nullifies the will of the people then that is being controlling. Name one piece of legislation that has been passed to restrict anyone from voting? One?? ID Voter registration laws are a “common sense” approach to help deter fraud, and yes fraud does happen). Anyone can get an ID and if you don’t have one then something is very wrong. Reps care just as much about the environment as Dems. Please stop trying to scare people because we don’t always agree with your solutions to the environment issues.

  12. You really dont read anything past breitbarts brain do you? What planet do you live on?
    Republican states have passed laws that take away college identifications to be used when voting, the passed laws saying that gun identifications or licenses can be used. The fact that the Supreme Court and federal courts have struck down many of the states laws that do restrict voting should tell you something. Voting polls have been closed in minority areas, hours restricted, early voting taken away, Sunday voting taken away. this is not just about showing an ID when you vote. One would think you are smarter than that. The fact of voter fraud is relatively nonexistent should also tell you something, but we know better.
    if you look at the top of the page, you will see a column marked as the war on women. Please read the information given there.
    Republicans do not care about the environment at all. They care about the profits of corporations who want to poison the environment, and who are poising the environment across this country by supporting fracking and a multitude of other methods.
    You really need to get out more. You have no idea what is going on in this country..

  13. @Sabreen60, Now when someone tells you that you have to buy something (Obamacare) that’s controlling. When someone tries to tell you how much soda you can buy/sell (NY), that’s controlling. When someone tells you that you can’t say the word “god” or prayer in a certain place, then that’s controlling. When someone is irresponsible and gets pregnant (last time I checked people don’t mysteriously become pregnant) then wants to kill a child based on their own selfishness then that is not only controlling but pathetic as well.

    Maybe the true problem here is you just don’t understand what the word controlling means. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid!

  14. Name one piece of legislation that has been passed to restrict anyone from voting? One?? ID Voter registration laws
    Justice Ginsburg sees what motivates Texas’ voter ID law: racism

    Please tell me how anyone, especially republicans, are trying to control your uterus?
    Proof of the GOP War on Women

    I guess living in that cave vaginal ultrasounds, hobby lobby decision and the 135 laws restricting abortion doesn’t count. Numbskull

  15. @Shiva, What planet do you live on? I’m not sure what states passed laws that would ban voting with College Id’s but it sure makes sense. Any form of ID that is required should be state issued. It would defeat the purpose to just allow any form of ID. Early voting, polling areas, Sunday voting is being reduced everywhere. It’s not targeted at minorities, old people, and/or poor people. We ALL follow the same rules. Here’s a little secret for you as well, the Supreme Court just recently up help TX voter requirements which includes voters show proof of ID. They also rejected a challenge to Indiana’s voter laws. Maybe you should get out more. I’m pretty offended that you say Republicans don’t care about the environment. Of course I/we do. However, to accept every wackos belief on the environment with out facts would be irresponsible. No one knows the impact of Fracking at this time and if you claim to know then your a liar.

  16. Of course you have no idea what’s going on. It’s funny that in red states the voting restrictions only occur in minority areas.
    Yes the Supreme Court did support a Texas law. But they’ve also rejected a ton of them. these red state laws are purely aimed at minorities and the poor people who tend to vote Democrat. You’ve got to ask yourself why you have no idea what your beloved party is doing.. You can say that Sunday voting is being reduced everywhere, but to be honest you have to say it’s been reduced everywhere where minorities live.

    You’ve got to be the stupidest person on earth. Either that or your brain is easily scrubbed. Go away
    and that’s just two links. if you’re a man You will search for more. you may care about the environment, but your masters do not.. Your masters are all about getting rid of every single environmental law in order to increase profits. they have no problem with poisoning your land while you vote for them

    You really need to wake up. You are pathetic

  17. Sometimes being ignorant is not a virtue. Texas does not allow college ID. Georgia does not allow college ID. Indiana does not allow college ID. North Carolina does not allow college ID.

    Yale study: Health problems found in people living near fracking wells

    5 Weird and Frightening Effects of Fracking You May Not Know About

    We know fracking has environmental and health damages, but there are other terrifying consequences.

  18. @djchefron, In case you didn’t realize this: the Supreme Court just allowed/validated the TX voter registration laws. Justice Ginsburg was with the minority. Who’s the Numbskull now?

    The fact that you get your news/opinions from the latimes and politicususa explains a lot. Get out of that liberal cave and lean something.

    A belief against abortion is not a “war on women”. Stop letting the liberals and democrats fooling/scaring you into believing we hate woman just because we believe in protecting children. In stead of agreeing with the entitled/irresponsible people try believing people should be responsible for their own actions and need to work for something. They’re not entitled to it..

    Give it a try sometime. Your bitterness may dwindle over time.

  19. You want me to go away because I don’t share your own beliefs. Typical of a liberal.. If that’s not controlling then what is???

  20. Hey numbskull we all know that the SCOTUS brought back Jim Crow. If you had any understanding you would that s a dissent on the reasons why the voting laws of Texas had everything to do with discrimination and noting to do with voter fraud like you simpletons like to chirp about. The laws do nothing about early voting or mail in ballots only at the polls where over 600k will have to pay what in effect is a poll tax. And if you would pull your head out that white sheeted ass of yours you would see that.

  21. No, its because you are so intensely in denial, or in complete lack of knowledge.

    Your controlling thing doesnt work.

    Now that you cannot face facts given to you, you will go away

  22. We can forgive your lack of knowledge relating to the causes of pregnancy. They usually don’t show that part in video games, now do they? Be respectful of your mom. She doesn’t have to let you live in her basement, you know. Now, run along back to your MRA chat room. There are adults talking here.

  23. Women are citizens. we pay taxes and die in combat. We are veterans and voters.

    Not property.

    The only pregnancy that should concern you is your own.

  24. Real Americans don’t need no stinking IDs. that was the GOP position back when I was a Republican.

  25. Shiva…you can’t use college IDs because they aren’t proof of anything other than you go to college. They don’t show you are a citizen of the state. They aren’t government issued. I live in Illinois, but I had a college ID for Indiana.

    This should be obvious to anyone with 2 brain cells to run together. A college ID is not proof of citizenship…a gun registration card is.

  26. But you can use a college ID in Illinois so whatever point you were trying to make I have no ideal. Your fellow bagger was saying he didn’t know that they banned college ID’S in some states and was proven wrong. So as they say, try again
    A voter needs two forms of ID, at least one of which must show the address of the registration. These may include:

    — A valid and current Illinois driver’s license
    — A valid and current state ID issued by the Illinois Secretary of State
    — A copy of a current and valid photo ID
    — A current utility bill with name and address
    — A current bank statement with name and address
    — A recent government check with name and address
    — A recent paycheck with name and address
    — A recent government document that shows the name and address
    — A current college ID card

  27. The 11 people “this is not for” are obviously watch dogs for the republicans..ask us if we care that this is not for you? If you only knew the damage you personally have caused to millions of Americans by voting Republican you 11 people who “this is not for”! GTH!And rot there too..which you will if you vote republican. You think your poor now? Just wait. Oh but wait. You rightwingers love suffering for your leaders…I forgot..YOU DON’T WANT BETTER WAGES, JOBS, INFRASTTRUCTURE, NO EPA, NO FDA..just think how fast you would die without the EPA and FDA. That’s how stupid you people on the right are. You are willing to die for your party. You just don’t get any dumber than that. But go ahead lie to yourselves and say how great you are and how America wants republicans to continue to make America suffer while they get richer and their cronies who supply them with money to pass insane legislation. There is no hope for racists white GOP folks. None!

  28. you are such an idiot! thank god dummys like you are in the minority now..liberal? voting for a republican facist dictator makes you an you think they want to help you? only if your rich name one thing rethuglican republi cons did to help anyone besides making them more poor..blocking minimum wage hikes..making state governments broke fighting lgbt equality, blocked a democratic bill to bring back a million outsourced jobs..your a delusional unamerican tea bagger socialist

  29. most of the republicans in office should be in prison..look at rick perry governor of texas, bobby Jindal..they get away with things we would go to prison years for, and ted cruz should be removed from texas senate and imprisoned..he shut down the government and is wasting more billions of texas taxpayer money trying to put an amendment in the constitution to block gay marriage equality..not that it would pass the senate..but republicans say their for less government, but that is one example of big government and also anti womens rights. if a woman gets raped she cant get an abortion or if it saves her life..that is what their saying and to keep people poor because their owned by corporate elite groups

  30. your very will never happen when most americans hate republicans especially when all their motives have been exposed. one day the republican party will be in the minority more and more until they are extinct

  31. not to mention the out of touch with America rethuglican party tells lies online and says republicans are winning..they do that to try and create voter apathy so more democrats wont vote..they tried those pathetic attempts before in 2012 and it backfired on them

  32. I found out a lot of the media articles on the internet are biased and lying and even on the 6:30 pm national news saying republicans are winning the senate when they’re not, because they want voters to think that, so they will lose democrat opposition and have voter apathy and disgust and not vote..please don’t believe the media lies..get out and vote the facist, thug republican tyrants out of office

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