Chuck Todd Cries Crocodile Tears After His Hit Job On Alison Lundergan Grimes Backfires



NBC’s Chuck Todd is crying crocodile tears, while trying to walk back his claim that Alison Lundergan Grimes disqualified herself from office. Todd’s hit job on Grimes backfired, and now he is looking for a way out.

Chuck Todd sat down with Media Matters for an interview, and tried to backtrack off of his claim that Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes disqualified herself because she won’t say who she voted for in 2012.


Transcript from Media Matters:

TODD: It turned into a lively discussion. Look, I don’t like being part of a political campaign.

MEDIA MATTERS: Right, and then you were in the ad.

TODD: And I don’t like — you know, and it gives me heartburn. All right? It gives me — it makes me, you know, literally physically ill.


MEDIA MATTERS: What do you say — what do you think is the standard for saying someone’s disqualified? I mean, things like Mitch McConnell doesn’t believe in —

TODD: My point is, it’s up to a voter.

MEDIA MATTERS: — global warming or others —

TODD: My point is it’s up to the — the voters make that decision, not me.

MEDIA MATTERS: Right, but you’re the one who mentioned it.

TODD: And I understand. Like I said, I was shorthanding it, and I — what I — that, to me — I think a lot of voters are going to say that that was a — like, this is ridiculous, and now you’re just trying to pull the wool over my eyes. This is kind of silly. And to voters, that’s a — there’s different — look, voters disqualify candidates for various reasons. I was — you can accuse me of being sloppy, of putting the words in my mouth and I should have put the words in the — in how this will impact, impact voters and impact the race. And, you know, that’s where I was sloppy. I don’t take back the analysis. I mean, I think it’s — I think that — you know, I think it was — I think she had run — she’s been running a poor campaign. I don’t understand how she’s not made this about Mitch McConnell. Like, I’m still — for the life of me, I don’t get how this is not a referendum on him. Right? And you know, that’s — I mean, you know, that’s clearly what the voters wanted to make it. So I — you know, and, you know, so you critique the campaign, but I think this was a — you know, it’s one of those — campaigns have moments.

Chuck Todd thinks Alison Lundergan Grimes has run a terrible campaign, but in no way was he trying to help Mitch McConnell by claiming that Grimes had disqualified herself. The most exasperating element of Todd’s remarks is that Grimes has been making this election all about McConnell from the very beginning. She has been going after the incumbent’s record daily. Her campaign message can be summed up as fire Mitch McConnell, and elect a senator who will work for the people of Kentucky.

Grimes has not run a flawless campaign. At times, her campaign has gotten bogged down in a sort of negative tit for tat mudslinging that is McConnell’s only chance of winning. Her answer on the simple who did you vote for softball leaves much to be desired, but Todd’s criticism of her campaign is so far off base that it is obvious that he hasn’t been paying attention to what is happening in Kentucky.

Chuck Todd knew what he was doing when he claimed that Alison Lundergan Grimes disqualified herself. He knew that his comments would generate attention. He was counting on it. Todd’s takeover of Meet The Press has done nothing to halt the show’s slide into oblivion. Todd needed some headlines, so he cut loose on Grimes. What the Meet The Press moderator didn’t count on was the backlash that has followed his comments.

Todd made comments that influenced a campaign, but now he wants to leave it up to the voters. Chuck Todd deserves credit for sitting down for an interview with Media Matters. This is something that David Gregory would never have done, but Todd was more than sloppy, he influenced a campaign.

Todd’s attack backfired. Meet The Press is still wallowing in third place, and the Kentucky Senate race is tied. Chuck Todd can’t have it both ways. He is the one who stuck his big toe in the electoral politics poll. He no right to complain that the water is wet.

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  1. I just received a brochure in my mail from mitch. When you open it, it reveals well kept middle class homes, and white men tending to their lawn and shrubs, cuz, in McConnell’s world, only white people are home owners.
    On the right flap, it basically says that McConnell knows that home ownership is “an important step to getting our secondly and country back on track.”
    Go ahead, start laughing. This from the man who said no to a jobs bill, no to increasing the minimum wage, no to giving tax incentives who moved to China and brought those jobs back to America.

    Before one can purchase a home, you need descent paying jobs. There is so much wrong with this brochure, I don’t have enough space to cite the problems. This is the man Todd through his towel in the ring for! People judge you by the company you keep.
    Of course it failed, I knew it would. I have a better pulse on what voters think than Todd. His lily white back side should have been fired! Lie with dogs, you get ra…

  2. Chuck Todd sucks on MTP. His stupid remark about Grimes sealed his fate. The man is toast and no one will shed a tear for him.

  3. Nice derp explanation, Chuck. The POINT is that you are a moderator, this is NOT Morning Joe. Do you know the meaning of the word “moderator?” No, I guess you don’t.

  4. Me and every member of my family will never ever ever watch Meet the Press again ! I have never missed the show and yes I live in Kentucky . When Cuck Todd said that Alison Grimes disqualified herself because she didn’t disclose who she voted for is pure Bull Shit !! I knew it was an awful choice for the Meet the Press program to start with ! That bastard needs to be on Fox news, that’s where they talk about Democrat’s in this way !You wait and see if he don’t end up at Fox , I guarantee it !!Alison Grimes is tied in the Senator’s race in Kentucky with no thanks to Cock Todd for his negative comments about Alison !

  5. Perhaps I am under-medicated. What does this say?:
    TODD: And I understand. Like I said, I was shorthanding it, and I — what I — that, to me — I think a lot of voters are going to say that that was a — like, this is ridiculous, and now you’re just trying to pull the wool over my eyes. This is kind of silly. And to voters, that’s a — there’s different — look, voters disqualify candidates for various reasons. I was — you can accuse me of being sloppy, of putting the words in my mouth and I should have put the words in the — in how this will impact, impact voters and impact the race. And, you know, that’s where I was sloppy. I don’t take back the analysis. I mean, I think it’s — I think that — you know, I think it was — I think she had run — she’s been running a poor campaign. I don’t understand how she’s not made this about Mitch McConnell. Like, I’m still — for the life of me, I don’t get how this is not a referendum on him. Right? And you…

  6. Yes, he’ll be toast but MTP will keep for a while. He’ll have to get a lot of bad mail and then if the ratings just suck, then he’ll be gone. It is all about money with these networks.

  7. MTP is done. Now the only people who’ll watch are media watchdogs, waiting to pounce on his next stupid attempt to show that he’s isn’t just a hack, in the bag for the GOP. I predicted he’d get the hook by Christmas, now it looks like Thanksgiving. Joe Scarborough’s lapdog soiled the NBC carpet, and they have no choice but to journalistically euthanize this little puppy.

  8. I had to read through Todd’s response twice before accepting that he was spouting nonsense.

    And the guy is on tee-vee and being paid.

  9. Hey Chuck
    It is nobody’s business who anyone else votes for.
    How is she disqualified because she won’t say who she voted for?
    It is not required

  10. I live in Ky and have been a resident for longer than Mitch has been in office. I can’t think of 30 things that Mitch has done for the Commonwealth of Ky while he has been Senator but one thing I do know about him is he runs a dirty campaign. We only see him in the eastern part of the state every 6 years. If you even watched the debate you’d see Mitch looking worn out & Alison looking energetic which was reminiscent of JFK- Nixon debate. I’m tired of gridlock in Washington of which Mitch is the mastermind. I’m disappointed in Chuck Todd and his remarks about Alison’s not answering who she voted for. My mom doesn’t tell me who she votes for and she answers hard questions when it matters besides that is a stupid question to ask anyone. It doesn’t matter to me who Alison voted for but for Chuck to even think it does shows his lack of political savvy. Chuck FYI – Alison was 2 pts ahead in the last Bluegrass poll. I miss Tim Russert!

  11. Well Maximum, let’s put it this way. Mitch has demonstrated I’m sure, that the little guy holding the lamp on his mega-mansion lawn, is not discriminated against, nor is the little guy not working enough hours for the 42+ years he’s been standing there with the lamp. He never walks off the lawn. Even though he’s probably still making the 1969 minimum wage. He still faithfully holds up the lamp, without fail.

  12. I have no idea what he was trying to say either. As far as I can figure out, he used a bunch of words to say absolutely nothing…

  13. Been watching Chuck for years. He’s not a conservative hack. However he’s gotten way too cozy with Mr Morning Joe. He’s messed up big time by getting lazy and sloppy with his commentary and now will pay dearly for his ego getting in the way.

  14. I believe you might find Mr. Todd’s meanderings it a reference books somewhere as an illustration of a perfect example of “word salad.”

  15. Todd’s response to being a political shill for the gop is undoubtedly the worse ‘word salad’ I have ever read/heard! Journalist? Not so much.

  16. Moderators MUST REMAIN NEUTRAL.
    Chuck Todd should lose his job YESTERDAY!!!
    lt’s either that or MTP and MSNBC will lose every shred of professionalism they ever thought of having.

  17. Isn’t that the certainly is not about quality that is for sure. Money rules.

    The media needs a good overhauling, if it ever hopes to produce quality journalism for the viewers.

  18. Maxim, too bad AG couldn’t make a commercial using that brochure of Mitch’s and what you said following. That would be perfect.

  19. I watched the Grimes / McConnell debate. She walked all over McConnell. Nothing disqualified about Grimes. Todd is wrong. [ Who did you vote for Chuck ? Tell us or go away. Go away anyway. ]

  20. In over his head he’s one stupid person ; compounded the problem by saying I stand by what I said and then continues to say he didn’t mean what he said. He got his programs confused and thought he was on the hit job show with joe the schmo in the morning; I think “20 attaboys is worth one oh shit “applies here; fire the mook unceremoniously.

  21. I had a very hard time reading what Chuck was trying to say too. Reading what he said was much harder than listening to him. It was actually irritating to read. And I still don’t know what he was trying to say. Sheesh is he learning how to talk like a politician.

  22. MSNBC is tanking along with MTP,3rd behind CNN. Look DEMS want to hear GOP bullshit challenged. Like Maddow, or O’Donnell do.
    One of my gripes with Todd is that he is obviously right leaning, this is not hard to comprehend just listen to him, when he asks a DEM politician a question & while he or she tries to deliver an answer to him he consistently interrupts them with right wing talking points.
    Come to the point that I can no longer listen to his negativity, so I don’t watch any of the MSNBC lineup any longer because he is often on all of their shows.
    If we support MSNBC we deserve a staunch Democrat not a right wing shill that attacks Democrat politicians. Alison Grimes isn’t the first one, because she is well liked & in an important race Todd has been called out, but he should have been on the hot seat well before MTP.
    He never supports liberal values he’s negative, or has no opinion & he never calls out GOP politicians when they lie & when asked he sai…

  23. Awww… Am I supposed to feel bad for you after you basically tried to commit political blackmail on Grimes?

    HA! I don’t. Todd is a total and complete sellout. Hell, I bet he’d sell his soul for a handjob from any Republican.

  24. The most absurd part is that her campaign has indeed been a referendum on Turtle, over and over and over, ad after ad after ad.

  25. Todd has been around far too long for this to have been “sloppy.” He’s already admitted to his GOP ties in the past, so he may as well own this — it was intentional and no amount of backtracking will make me believe otherwise.

    Just another GOP tool / hack that doesn’t think it’s his job to make sure politicians tell the truth to the voters, any more than he thinks it’s his job to inform them.

  26. Keith Olbermann lost his job for donating to a campaign. Martin Bashir is gone for calling Sarah Palin a dumb bitch. Why is Chuck Todd still employed? He was more partisan than both of them.

  27. You can’t …I mean you shouldn’t or won’t and maybe if you did, I could say that I would never ever…because what I meant to convey was..BENGHAZI!IRS!EBOLA! FAST AND FURIOUS! +

  28. Another republican shill. I have no interest in anything he does or says. He is a disgusting person and has no credibility or ethics at all.

  29. How to tell Chuck Todd is an actual neutral political scientist: Conservatives call him a liberal hack, liberals call him a conservative hack.

  30. I think they’re all crooked. The whole process is messed up. If they can tell a very serious candidate that he can’t participate in debates because he doesn’t have enough money, their true agenda should be pretty damn obvious. It has nothing to do with what’s right or wrong but everything to do with who can help them line their pockets with more money and favors!

  31. Sounds as if Chuck is showing preference on the candidates. I think Keith Oberman got fired for showing preference by donating to his favorite party.

  32. Todd was NOT prepared to be asked why he disqualified Ms. Grimes because she wouldn’t reveal for whom she’d voted in 2012. Remember, he’s a member of the ‘beltway media group” (BMG) and is not accustomed to being questioned about anything he says/writes. It was the BMG that predicted Romney would win in 2012 and whose members were stunned when he had to give a concession speech. Members of the BMG seem to think that everyone in the nation believes the same things they believe, which, imo, can be linked to the decline of the MSM. They’re no longer journalists, they’re GOPTP mouthpieces and stenographers who promote their own interests. They can’t afford to report the facts because it would negatively impact their income. Many members of Congress are the same. They won’t vote to reform the tax code so it would be more progressive because they’re among the nation’s top earners. In our congress-members, we have corruption at the highest level of government.

  33. I see we have another Rick commenting here. Welcome. It seems due to corporate takeovers of the media, they have turned into moderate versions of Faux News. They all seem to have that same rightwing tilt to their programming.


  35. Chuck is the male version of Sarah Palin. Same word salad.Notice even Fox doesn’t have her on any more, could be the same for chuckie!!!

  36. Again!!! Written in stone.. “it is no one damn business who one vote’s for”!!!. Once this stone written doctrine is broken, voting will become broken like our current political election system.. The better the negativity, the better the chance of being elected. One just have to see all the negative campaign ads to draw reasoning for a broken system. Chuckie is just a part of that negative system.

  37. Chuck Turdd is so obviously an Obama hater, that his hate and lies taint everything he says about Democrats, lets face it. Chuck Turdd sucks Koch, and that is what he takes his stand on while on his knees spewing his hate and lies, MTP is just another stop along the way to the big job and money at the Fox Hates & Lies TV station.

  38. What surprises me is that even in this day of corporate media and their slant to the right, even Chuck Todd…an experienced news guy should know that you should at least APPEAR to be neutral! The media backs rightwingers because they are not only owned by rightwing corporations but they also get millions in funds from the Koch bros, et. al. (the “liberal media” thing is such a ridiculous joke). What is funny is he got busted big time with Mitch using Todd’s journalistic stupidity in his campaign ads! His campaign should be contributing to Todd’s unemployment fund when he loses his job! Pathetic excuse for a moderater…which is supposed to moderate evenly, not campaign for!

  39. Chuck Todd needs to go back and finish his college education. His answers were gibberish.
    I am voting for Alison because I have disliked everything about Mitch McConnell since he was the Jefferson County Judge Executive.

  40. Aside for very poor judgment and dubious credentials as a journalist, Todd seems to be extraordinarily inarticulate when put under the slightest bit of pressure to explain himself. Another example of the Peter Principle in practice.

  41. I hated Dancin Dave and quit watching after the ass kissing got bad. I knew Todd would be worse because his other show, Daily Rundown and the following Andrea Mitchell looked like a Fox News lineup, nobody but John Sununu,John Bolton and Reince Prebus and the rest of the right wing Marsha Blackburn types every single morning.Hence, I have yet to watch MTP with Todd and Scarface running the show.

  42. It isn’t Chuck Todd business who Allison Grimes voted for. He is a strong Republican anyway. He had better watch is mouth he may be looking for another job.

  43. I have informed MSNBC that I will not be watching “Meet the Press” while Chuck Todd is the moderator. Todd used the show to be a campaigner for Mitch McConnell, which works well if he was on FOX News. I am a liberal California Republican, who stopped watching FOX news after years of believing their lies about MSNBC. In fact, the Aljazeera News station is far more fair and honest than FOX News has ever been.

  44. Tuck Chode possesses dubious credentials, and like many in the nepotist-chocked TV media, he got where he was/is right now through his marriage license. I was surprised to learn he hadn’t completed his college degree while employed as a political analyst. To portray oneself as a pundit in stuck-up and pedigree-obsessed D.C. without a bachelors degree approaches scandal. Tuck revealed himself when he cavalierly and arrogantly dismissed statements of then-Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich; he was unbearably smug towards Rep. Kucinich…embarrassingly so.

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