Republican Gov. John Kasich Frantically Backtracks After Being Caught Praising Obamacare


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Ohio Governor John Kasich spent his Monday night calling up different media outlets after the Associated Press ran an article where he was quoted as heaping praise on the Affordable Care Act and stating that the law will not be repealed. The Republican, who is seen as a possible 2016 Presidential candidate, went into full damage control as he didn’t want Republican voters or big money donors to think he wasn’t for ‘repeal and replace.’ What first appeared to be a prominent Republican realizing that Obamacare is not only here to stay but helping millions of people turned into GOP politics as usual.

In the article that was published Monday by the AP, Kasich was quoted as saying that repeal of the ACA just wasn’t going to happen. He then elaborated on it by claiming that opponents of the law were against it for ideological or political reasons.

“The opposition to it was really either political or ideological. I don’t think that holds water against real flesh and blood, and real improvements in people’s lives.”


Apparently, when the article was finally published Kasich freaked out. Rather than embrace the candor he showed, which would let moderate and independent voters know that he is more concerned with the lives of millions of people than with partisan political standing, Kasich went into excuse-making mode. He insisted that he was misquoted by the AP and forced them to update their story. He also contacted other media outlets to reiterate that he hated Obamacare with a passion. He claims he was only talking about Medicaid expansion and never the ACA. He still supports a full ‘repeal and replace’ policy.

The AP has now added the following portion to its article:

Kasich called The Associated Press Monday night to clarify that he was speaking specifically about a repeal of Medicaid expansion and not of the entire Affordable Care Act __ although opponents in Washington don’t usually draw such distinctions.

He said he believes the ACA “can and should” be repealed, but that opposition to the Medicaid expansion “was really either political or ideological,” adding, “I don’t think that holds water against real flesh and blood and real improvements in people’s lives.”

Kasich made sure to contact the New York Times, Politico, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, among others, to ‘clarify’ his position. Or, in other words, convince conservatives that he supports their Quixotic quest to repeal a healthcare law that is fully implemented and entrenched on our society while helping millions of people receive quality healthcare at an affordable price. Obviously, you can’t be considered a possible White House candidate for the GOP if you are willing to concede that Obamacare is here to stay.

Governor Kasich told the Washington Post Monday night that it was like he was in “a Kafka novel” and that the AP reporter who interviewed him tried to twist his words around to make it appear he supported Obamacare.

“I support covering a population of people who are drug-addicted and mentally ill. I support eliminating preexisting conditions,” said Kasich. “But that doesn’t have anything to do with my feeling and support to the ACA. I have been opposed to it from Day One — on the record, off the record, any way you want to do it.”

“This is like a Kafka novel,” said Kasich. “Somebody was trying  say that I had changed my position on Obamacare. And then people were trying to say — and we went through out here, too — which is, ‘well, because you support Medicaid expansion, you support Obamacare.’ Well, you think Chris Christie supports Obamacare? You think Jan Brewer supports [it]? Of course we don’t.”

In case everyone didn’t quite get the message that Kasich hates the ACA with his Monday night media blitz, he also took to Twitter reiterate his position.




Just so everyone is perfectly clear on this point — Kasich hates Obamacare and wants it repealed. At least until he drops out of the 2016 GOP primary.

13 Replies to “Republican Gov. John Kasich Frantically Backtracks After Being Caught Praising Obamacare”

  1. According to other reports he wants to repeal Obamacare but keep the money from the ACA to expand medicare. Don’t think it works that way John.

  2. But, but, but without the ACA there would be no Medicaid expansion. Just like turtle who said Kentucky could keep Kynect and repealed the ACA. OY!!!!

    Hey Chuckie T does this disqualifies the two faced lying sum of bitches or is it birds of feather just sticks together?

  3. Are you listening, Ohio? Your Governor despises you having medical care unless you work for a major company (or the government.) He despises low wage workers, and will do nothing to help them. “Repeal and replace” means nothing. There IS no replacement, or the GOP would have been shouting their plan from the rooftops for a decade. They have nothing, because unlike owning military weapons, being healthy has nothing to do with your ‘general welfare.’ Maybe they hope you will just shoot yourself when you get sick, instead of paying for premiums and going to a doctor. Wake up, people. Time to get our nation back on track…vote out every GOPer you can…vote!

  4. These governors is just going to sink their own ship, the president don’t have to do a thing. Even the chicken democrats who won’t run with him or mention his name will still look stupid because in the end, it will be the president who will carry the ball across the goal post. The man came on board and shown them how to run a well organzied volunteer and paid campaign by having people going to door to door, holding fund raiser, getting people out to vote, helping people get the info they need to vote, encourage, stay in touch with the people etc, all those things led to to small donors amounts adding up to millions. While they laugh at him for being a community organizer but it paid off, he knew how to communicate to people and that is something that is lacking in both party. To be honest if the demos to learn anything from this president they will be lost until a new leader step forward and show them the way because truthful they are just to chicken to take a chance on anything.

  5. What is with the GOP, they act like children that just broke a window, not one dares to stand on their own two feet, grow a pair, and tell the truth about anything, tell the kock bros to f##k off. The want to be “Kings” money is going to ruin our country.

  6. Of course there is no replacement, Obamacare was the GOP plan ten years ago. The only difference was it was going to mandate health care for everybody, by law, but without the subsidies that many depend on to make it possible. It was more of a “mandatory care act” without the affordable part.

  7. Something I don’t think many GOPTP politicians realize is a winning strategy is to tell the truth and stick to it. They’re like weather-vanes, twisting and turning to and fro, being pushed around by their political ambitions and behind-the-scene- puppet-masters. It doesn’t speak well of their alleged Christian values when they cave because they get the least bit of push back when they tell the truth. They must live in some alternate reality because they seem to think no one will notice when they flip flop on the same issue within a few hours, or when they are too cowardly to stand up for what is right/true. Oh, well, Kasich and the others GOPTPers who want to be POTUS watched how Romney flipped and flopped in 2012 and they know how he ended up. If they want to do the same thing, I have only one thing to say to them: Please proceed, gentlemen.

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