Top Republican Official Calls Wisconsin Voters Stupid While Campaigning For Scott Walker

Scott Walker
The Republican Party has shot itself in the foot again as RNC co-chair Sharon Day campaigned for Scott Walker by calling Wisconsin voters stupid.

Day said, “It’s not going to be an easy election, it’s a close election. Like I said, much closer than I can even understand why. I don’t want to say anything about your Wisconsin voters but, some of them might not be as sharp as a knife.

The left has been arguing for years that Republicans have been treating voters like they are stupid. Here is confirmation that the co-chair of the RNC really does believe that “some” voters are stupid, and by some she means anyone who isn’t voting for Scott Walker.

Gov. Walker has been struggling in his bid for reelection all year. The last thing he needed was one of his surrogates trying to rally voters by insulting them. Walker promised that his Koch backed agenda would create 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term. Instead, Wisconsin has seen job growth plummet while much of the country has been in the midst of a recovery from the Great Recession.

Walker has been cherry picking economic numbers for nearly two years to try to defend his failed economic record. Gov. Walker is in danger of losing his bid for reelection. After he had bombed in the first gubernatorial debate, Walker lost five points in the polls.

Democratic Mary Burke has relentlessly hammered Walker’s failed economic record while simultaneously playing up her business experience. The result has been a strong campaign from the first-time statewide candidate. Walker is teetering on the brink of defeat, and the Republican National Committee coming to his aid by calling voters stupid is not going to help.

The stupid people aren’t the voters who are supporting Mary Burke. The voters who are going to vote for Scott Walker are the ones who aren’t bright. Anyone who would vote to send Walker back to Madison after the damage that he has done to the state should have their head examined.

Voting for more failure by reelecting Scott Walker would be the dumbest decision Wisconsin voters could make.

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  1. The really “stupid” thing is that the guy can’t even get the idiom right while he’s putting his foot in his mouth. It goes: “Chuck isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer,” dude, not “Chuck isn’t as sharp as a knife.”

  2. Soon to be proven right when Walker retains his governorship. Look, he called them stupid. They heard it. Now they’ll vote Walker in because “he wasn’t talking about me”

  3. Depending on their electorate not looking too closely is the republican way. How else could Walker get elected in the first place, let alone, get past a recall.

  4. I don’t think he’s really campaigning for Walker at all. He’s actually a Burk supporter, disguised as a Walker supporter.

  5. hey republicans if you continue to insult voter .. you will no longer more a party .. but, a joke)i guess they already area joke)

  6. She just may have insulted the Republican voters who ARE going to VOTE for Walker. Get it? If Dracula (Modern) was on the ballot with an “R-” before his name, Republicans would vote for him. I’m not kidding!

  7. That’s the oldest tactic for Republicans. They are liars, cheaters and hypocrites. Then, in their campaign ads, Democrats become the same. Yeah. Definitely projection.

  8. Pssst… Sharon Day isn’t a guy or a dude. Careful with that “sharpest knife” metaphor. ;) Maybe it’s her blonde hair causing her dyslexia.

  9. Abso-frickin-lutely. My neighbors who watch “Real Housewives” and “Duck Dynasty” and “Honey-Boo-Boo” HATE that Northerners think that they’re stupid, and watch those programs because “they’re just like us but at least we’re not THAT bad.”

  10. Stop an think about it! HOW many people/staff around Walker an Christie been arrested for Crimes now??? Back in my day you got rid of Governor/Senators who surrounded them selves with Criminals, not kept voting them in to hire more criminal to work for them to rip off the people of the State!

  11. You forgot FEAR Steve. as an almost 81 year old and have voted in, taken part in every election since I was able to vote, the one thing rethugs always use is FEAR!!!!Their old stand by is FEAR!!!!

  12. It doesn’t matter. Republican-lean voters still will vote for him out of their hatred of other party and their President. No question asked.

  13. I’m probably not the sharpest tack in the book…but as a first time reader here I sure sense a lot of bile and hate along with a feeling that the truth is not held in high regard here. As someone who is struggling to find information about who to vote for it is difficult for me to find a place that isn’t selling hate first in this election. Just saying….

  14. Just saying.. So pointing out the destructiveness of the Republican party is hateful? Here is a thought experiment for you. What has the republican party done for the average American over the past 34 years?
    Since 1929, the Democrats and Republicans have each held the Presidency for 40 years. During that time, the U.S. has had 14 recessions.

    10 of them began when a Republican was sitting in the Oval Office:
    Great Depression: 1929–1933 (Began under Hoover, Republican)

    Recession of 1937: 1937–1938 (Began under Roosevelt, Democrat)

    Recession of 1945: Feb-Oct 1945 (Began under Truman, Democrat)

    Recession of 1948: Nov 1948–Oct 1949 (Began under Truman, Democrat)

    Recession of 1953: July 1953–May 1954 (Began under Eisenhower, Republican)

    Recession of 1958: Aug 1957–April 1958 (Began under Eisenhower, Republican)

    Recession of 1960: April 1960–Feb 1961 (Began under Eisenhower, Republican)

    Recession of 1969-70: Dec 1969–Nov 1970 (Began under Nixon, Republican)

    Recession of 1973: Nov. 1973– March 1975 (Began under Nixon, Republican)

    Recession of 1980: Jan-July 1980 (Began under Carter, Democrat)

    Early 1980s recession: July 1981–Nov 1982 (Began under Reagan, Republican)

    Early 1990s recession: July 1990–March 1991 (Began under Bush I, Republican)

    Early 2000s recession: Mar-Nov 2001 (Began under Bush II, Republican)

    Late 2000s recession: Dec 2007-current (Began under Bush II, Republican)

  15. John…Walker got rid of Doyle’s $3.6 billion debt and also lowered taxes. Burke plagiarized her jobs plan, has never been able to keep a job, even in her Daddys company and hasn’t worked for seven years.

  16. Listen moron, she quit working to be with her family and work with non profit groups on education. Whoever is telling you she cant keep a job is making a fool of you. She has worked the entire time since she worked in her Dad’s company.

    Do you enjoy being made a fool of?

  17. Thank you Gov. Walker for moving Wisconsin forward! Wisconsin voters are hard to figure out but I stand with Walker!

  18. Don’t be a hater. I am a very informed voter. Not insane or even one bit delusional. Gov. Walker has saved Wisconsin! Go Scott Walker, all the way to victory.

  19. If the Journal Sentinel prints the numbers, maybe you folks should be reading it. Ignoring the truth doesn’t make it go away.

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