Democrats Surge As Michelle Nunn Leads Georgia Senate Race In Third Straight Poll

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While the eyes of the nation are on Kentucky, there is an upset brewing in the Georgia Senate contest. A new poll released today, became the third in a row that shows Democrat Michelle Nunn leading David Perdue.

A new poll that was done by SurveyUSA for 11Alive News shows that Republicans have a Georgia problem,

Democrat Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn holds 46 percent of the vote, while Republican David Perdue has 44 percent. SurveyUSA said support for Perdue has steadily, yet slightly declined over the past six weeks, while Nunn has gained ground, albeit not consistently.

Libertarian Senate candidate Amanda Swafford polled at 4 percent, not quite enough to determine if her presence in the race will force a runoff election. Seven percent of the 606 voters polled said they are still undecided.

Last week, the same polled showed Nunn with a 48%-45% lead. These results lineup with a WBRL poll that had Nunn leading 46%-45%. Republicans are deeply panicked in the state because Democrats have registered over 100,000 new African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and young voters. Research shows that people who register to vote are exponentially more likely to show up and vote in same year’s election.

With less than two weeks to go, Republicans are in real danger of losing in Georgia. The conventional wisdom that has been pushed by pundits in the media is that Republicans will keep the Senate seats in Kentucky and Georgia, but he polling data and evidence on the ground has not been sufficient to back up those claims.

It is looking more and more likely that Republicans could lose one or both of the Senate seats in Kentucky and Georgia. Should this happen, the Republican path to take over the Senate becomes much more difficult. If Democrats win in Kentucky or Georgia, plus a win in Iowa, or an Independent candidate in Kansas, would result in Republicans likely not winning a majority in the Senate.

David Perdue in Georgia has been deeply stung by revelations of his boasts about outsourcing jobs, while Nunn has run a solid campaign. The difference in what looks to be a very close election might be those hundred thousand new voters that Democrats and other groups have registered.

The mainstream media narrative about the 2014 election could end up being very wrong because Democrats are alive and well in the battle over control of the U.S. Senate.

13 Replies to “Democrats Surge As Michelle Nunn Leads Georgia Senate Race In Third Straight Poll”

  1. The Democrats have registered 100,000 new voters, while the GOP have not registered any new voters. They don’t know how, or, their voters are all illiterate!

  2. While not living in either state mentioned (Kentucky, Georgia)to see local political adds, it seems that the republicans in those states don’t seem too concerned. On the surface that tells me that a “fix” is in. It appears that the republicans have something planned that is not above board, and the outcomes of the elections are going to be contested long after the counts are in. So, the existing voter laws as exist should be administered as stringently as possible. Watch out for the “FIX.”

  3. Is it a ‘fix’, or, is it their resigning themselves to the difficulty of ‘fixing’ the Senate as easily as they accomplished ‘fixing’ the House with extreme gerrymandering? Give the Founding Fathers credit for anticipating the necessity of the craftiness in legislative division, which challenges those so far into the future seeking to deliberately usurp the legitimate power of the choosers.

  4. Or, they may simply be overconfident. I read some Republican sites and they’re pretty much back to where they were at this time in 2012 — believing only polls that show them ahead and dismissing others as “skewed” or whatever. Romney himself seemed convinced he would win despite the polls. I think they’re just back in the same frame of mind

  5. Have you noticed Maxie? The ebola madness is waning but, there’s no known cure for retarded Retardlicans? AKA:Roaches.

  6. Actually this is misleading. The poll is the same company that showed last week Nunn was up 48-45, now she is up 46-44. So not much change. GA requires 50% plus 1. to win. Neither will get that so there will be a runoff.

  7. Well maybe if the dirty tricks that the teahadist are using like losing voter registrations can be reversed then she may hit 50%

  8. Look who cares about the dark continent. You are a joke. How many new cases in the US and out of those how many deaths? You can count Duncan but the blame lies with Rick Perry and his refusal to expand Medicaid. If he had the insurance he might have lived.

  9. If you think votring for Michelle Nunn is not voting for Obama or that she wil change things, you are very wrong. Harry Reid has blocked the Senate from voting on anything right of “far left” for over 6 years. Leaving the Senate in the hands of the Democrats will change nothing, no matter how moderate your Democratic Senator is.

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