Ted Cruz Says A Functioning Senate Subverts the Will of The People

Texas Ted Cruz

It would not be remotely unusual for a foreigner who was forced to leave their birth nation and relocate to America to have contempt for this nation, its government, or its people regardless of which country they were born in. In fact, it is not even unusual for foreigners who emigrate to America for whatever reason to hold the country in such contempt that they would go to extreme lengths to make it comport with what their worldview dictates is Utopia. For one man, those extreme lengths included attaining political office to tear apart the government simply because in its current form, it goes contrary to his ideological bent.

Republicans have been on an anti-government tear since Americans elected an African American as President; not necessarily because they hate the government, but because they cannot control the direction of the country. Oh, it is true there is a relatively large contingent of Republicans who would love nothing more than to see this government reduced to a size they could drown in a bathtub,but they are intelligent enough to keep their machinations limited to starving the government into bankruptcy under the guise of fiscal conservatism. Most Republicans refuse to countenance government they cannot control and it has been the driving force behind their crusade to obstruct governance for nearly six years including shutting it down to achieve their goals.

Ted Cruz hates America’s government nearly as much as the illegal immigrant’s son and former-Canadian hates America and its people; of this there is little doubt. In fact, there is very little that Ted Cruz even likes about this country, including the United States Constitution, that he would burn to the ground in a hot second if he were able. Cruz’s vision for America is a nation controlled by an evangelical version of ISIS made up of a supreme council of corporate-Christians; there would be no representatives of the people. In fact, last month Texas Ted said, openly and without hesitation, that following the Constitution and allowing the Senate to operate normally “subverts the will of the people and weakens government accountability.”

It is highly likely that after evangelical Senator Ted Cruz successfully seized control of the House majority from Speaker John Boehner and directed Republicans to shut down the government last October, he figured shutting down the Senate “he continues to oppose” for a couple of months would be an easy task. Last month teabagger Cruz tried to force Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to cancel the Senate because “it weakens accountability and subverts the will of the American people” if their elected representatives dared to work after November 4, Election Day.

Cruz circulated a letter among Republican Senators for support to demand that Reid not schedule a legislative session after November 3rd because as Cruz’s spokesperson said, “We continue to oppose it.” Cruz’s draft letter said, “We should commit to completing the Senate’s business by November 3, 2014,” and “all pledge to not convene the Senate on or between November 4, 2014, and January 2, 2015.” Cruz’s letter ignored Republican and Democratic leaders’ prior agreement to pass a stopgap measure to fund the government until December 11, that even the House passed to ensure some business would be finished during the lame duck session.

One of Cruz’s teabagger cohorts, Senator Mike Lee (TB-UT), agreed that the idea of the Senate using December to act on “stalled legislation” was an abomination and like Cruz, he “continues to oppose it.” Since their Republican colleagues panned the “shut down the Senate” ploy, Cruz and Lee changed the demand’s language and threatened to obstruct any Senate business if the lame duck session proceeded against their will. Although their effort to enlist Republican support to close the Senate for two months or obstruct any business officially failed, there is no doubt Republicans will block anything the President supports.

When Sen. Mike Lee was the only senator to sign on to his letter, Cruz slightly changed the demand that Reid cancel the Senate for two months and warned him Democrats would face a variety of overwhelming procedural hurdles to make sure nothing was accomplished that did not originate with Ted Cruz. Even after changing the demand for a Senate shutdown to a monumental obstruction threat, most Senate Republicans did not sign on to Cruz’s demand to stop Senate business.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had already laid out the lame-duck session agenda nearly two months ago and is not about to let important government business go unattended. The agenda includes an omnibus spending bill, a package of tax extenders, the annual Defense Department authorization, and the Marketplace Fairness Act; a bipartisan measure that gives states the right to collect tax from online retailers. Other important business was Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin’s announcement that the Foreign Relations Committee would hold hearings on a resolution authorizing military strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria with an aim of holding a floor vote in December. A hearing and vote Cruz already pledged to obstruct with a variety of procedural hurdles because he was unable to shut down the Senate for two months.

Cruz does not want anything passed in the lame duck session, particularly if it includes even a penny of government spending. In fact, he is anxious to fulfill Mitch McConnell’s pledge to “eviscerate the federal government, all of it” and Cruz’s first target is Social Security and Medicare. Cruz considers Social Security “a giant Ponzi scheme” and besides raising the retirement age to 70 and slashing retirees’ benefits, he lusts to hand the Trust’s trillions-of-dollars in reserves to Wall Street in a privatization scam.

This is the second time in less than a year that Ted Cruz has displayed his twisted mindset that if he cannot control the government, he will not allow it to function. In fact, Mitch McConnell has embraced Cruz’s no-governance ideology and threatened to defund the government if Republicans win control of the Senate and President Obama does not join their crusade to decimate Social Security, the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, food stamps, and Medicaid; among many, many other social programs.

Ted Cruz is not unique in his attempt to bring the government to a screeching halt if his agenda is not enacted, because for the past five-and-a-half years Republicans have blocked and obstructed governance as a matter of course. Where Cruz is “special,” is that he has no qualms literally shutting the government down and in lieu of that action, actually attempted to shut down the United States Senate for two months. That he claimed allowing the Senate to function according to the U.S. Constitution “subverts the will of the American people” and “weakens government accountability” informs his twisted belief that anything out of his purview is inherently subversive and wrong. It is dangerously close to an evil dictator’s worldview, and yet, it is part-and-parcel of Republican policy since Americans elected an African American man as their President nearly six years ago.

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  1. Teddy…it will subvert the will of YOUR PEOPLE! Teddy! It will subvert the insane dogmatic brain dead dominionists corporate Christians like you! and keep America relatively free until we can rid ourselves of YOU!!

  2. So let me see if I understand this. A Senator wants to get paid but does not want to do the peoples business.

    Well Chuckie T and morning joke does this disqualifies him? Or is it only okay when a Taliban teahadist does it?

  3. I wish that the Senate ethics committee investigates this anti American, oath of office breaking traitor after the democrats not only retains control of the Senate, but expand their majority. This moron needs to be expelled.

  4. djchefron, I would pay to see the mental gymnastics that Mourning Joe would go through making up excuse for that moron Ted while blaming this on “liberals” or being just make believe.

  5. Come on now. We know this will never get discussed by the one who wont answer questions about interns who check in but don’t check out

  6. Do employees of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government receive their pay when the government shuts down or when, as Cruz proposes, Congress not work between the election in November 2014 and the beginning of the next Congress in 2015???? If Cruz’s proposal is accepted then we need to find some means through the electoral process to “fire” him and any other legislator who supports this action.
    Citizens cannot impeach but there must be found some electoral mechanism for citizens to “fire” elected official who harm the United States, its Constitution and its values. Citizens must demand a way to do this other than forever, as in the Judiciary, 4 years as in the Presidency, 6 years as in the Senate, and 2 years as in the House of Representatives.
    This country needs young leaders in government as they are the people who will live through 21st century. Diversity of all sorts including age is necessary for an equitable governance. Old Fogies have dissuaded …

  7. Cruz won’t be satisfied until he’s personally burned the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and has himself crowned king.

  8. Ted Cruz is more dangerous to this country than Ebola and ISIS combined. His ultimate goal is to destroy our democracy. Then he and the Kochs want to replace democracy with a very strict theocratic plutocracy. Our constitution won’t read “We the people” anymore. Instead it will read: “We the churches and corporations”. And if you don’t believe in the same ‘god’ he does, you will probably end up in jail. Might as well move to Iran.

  9. So if you are so upset about him “shredding the constitution” does that mean you are willing to leave the second amendment alone? If not then you are a hypocrite.

  10. Name one thing that was done to your precious bodily fluid known as the 2nd amendment? Typical ammosexual. The only amendment you know is the 2nd and you don’t even know that. Dummy

  11. “There is very little that Ted Cruz even likes about this country, including the United States Constitution, that he would burn to the ground in a hot second if he were able. ”

    “NOT burn to the ground” I assume the author meant.

  12. I don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone because I believe in Karma, but I wish somebody would shut this guy up.

  13. Raphael Cruz jr. suffers from
    delusions of grandeur. It’s pretty
    obvious the Sr. Cruz convinced young
    Raphael that he is destined for Greatness,
    the ‘Chosen One’. There is only 1 word
    that fits,
    having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

    “he’s arrogant and opinionated”

    synonyms:haughty, conceited, self-important, egotistic, full of oneself, superior;
    overbearing, pompous, bumptious, presumptuous, imperious, overweening;
    proud, immodest;
    informalhigh and mighty, too big for one’s britches, too big for one’s boots, big-headed, puffed up;
    rare hubristic

  14. The people who elected him are just as crazy. Why else would they vote for HIM ! ?????

  15. If we can ever really amend the constitution, think we should add some parliamentary ideas? E.G:

    – If the government can’t be funded, every single person in congress is booted and a new election called. Those former congress people (least those that wanted to not pay bills) can NOT get any of what they normally get, nor can be any future election (of any position, even president)
    – We the people can boot ANYONE from office at anytime: I think 60+% in 30+ states should be enough.
    – Term limits, I think the length of HOR, and the senate would be enough
    – I believe in the Canadian senate even though bills can be filibustered they must eventually still come to a vote. What of something similar here?

    What else?

  16. Ted would be comical if he wasn’t in a position to do damage to the people and constitution of the United States. Ted feeds at the trough of the Koch brothers and he has convinced others in his party to do the same. They have abandoned the people that elected them and now only do the bidding of the Koch.

  17. “Republicans have been on an anti-government tear since Americans elected an African American as President”

    Correction: Republicans have been on an anti-government tear since Reagan, and have added dog whistle racism politics to the mix since the election of the first African-American president.
    Fixed it!

  18. This man had not been here more than about 5 minutes when he thought he was the speaker of the house and when he cost us 24 billion dollars shutting down the government, like father like son, his father was a terrorist.

  19. I was going with megalomaniac. Or sociopath. Either way, he needs to be medicated, not only for his own good, but for the country. That also goes for the loons who thought it was a good idea to send him to Dizzy City.

  20. No other country wants this idiot.
    Lets create a TEA BAG LAND where the lying FAUX Snooze is the only form of televised entertainment allowed and the tea bags are free to frollic freely own filthy bigotry, racism and ignorance.

  21. I know more than just the second, but you are such a tough keyboard warrior that I am now paralyzed in fear of what you may do to me with your vicious rhetoric. I hope I never run into you in person mister… all your tough talking sure does make me nervous.

  22. Ted Cruz is a communist, nothing more and nothing less, the people in his district should be ashamed to have sent him to Washington, childishly thinking that he’d shake things up, its more like he wants to destroy the country in the name of communism, did you think he would do anything good for this country,did you send him because he indicated he was a racist, he was raised by a communist, thats what he is ….

  23. You still haven’t answered the question on what of your precious bodily fluid AKA guns rights have been taken away? And you still an ammosexual. Dummy

  24. They cant. They all are lunatics just look at their congressional delegation and their pick for LT. Governor

  25. Who the hell is Teddy boy to determine what “the will of the people” is? Is he such a megalomanic that he believes he can speak for all the people in the United States?

    If I were him I would be somewhat careful of taking on Harry Reid. Reid has been in the Senate for many years and I am fairly sure he is more aware of senate procedures than Cruz is and I would bet Reid is a LOT more stubborn. He won’t be the walkover that Boehner was.

    Why can’t the people running for a congressional seat have to take a psych test to prove they are sane enough to handle their responsibilities? This man is absolutely NOT sane.

  26. Cruz should be recalled and charged with treason. If found guilty he should be hanged until death. His father should be deported back to Cuba where they will take care of him.

  27. Whoever is Ted Cruz’s opponent in 2018 (whether it’s one of the Castro brothers or Maxey Scherr) has the 2018 election in the bag. I predict a mega-landslide victory for Calgary Cruz’s opponent in 2018 and I shall be one of the Texans that will be voting Calgary-Havana Cruz out of office.

  28. Dark Tetrad: Malignant narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism. The worst of the worst…

  29. If McConnell loses but the rethugs still get the Senate will Cruz anoint himself Senate majority leader?

    A very Scary thought.

    Let’s not let this happen. Vote on November to shut up this MFer. Texas please turn blue and vote this fox wannabe host out in 2016. Cruz gives me the creeps with his Mcarthesque way.

  30. Nope. We helpfully gave him a nice flea in his ear when he renounced his Canadian citizenship.

    He’s all yours.

  31. Ted Cruz has made a name for himself in just a short time. BUT it is not for good. His name will be an asterisk on the history book…Egotistical maniac. Shuts down the government, and laughs. Then tries to say that the other guys in the Democratic Party did it.

  32. Ted Cruz’ vision of an ideal government is that of totalitarian fundamentalist evangelical Christian theocracy run by himself, his father, and selected others of the same ideological worldview.

  33. No one has changed a word in the 2nd Amendment, and as far as I know, no one has even considered such a thing. It’s you gun-suckers that will have to change it, because at present the 2nd Amendment does NOT prevent guns from being regulated. Sorry about that.

  34. The fact he was elected says a lot about the people in Texas who voted for him. Some of whom rely on the very programs he want’s to mess with.

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