Texas Voter Turnout Was Higher On Its First Day of Early Voting Than It Was In 2010

Say no to vote suppression

Wendy Davis with help from groups that support her is leading the way in the people’s fight against vote suppression.

While Greg Abbott dedicates his efforts to disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of eligible voters in Texas, Wendy Davis is encouraging voters to exercise their franchise and Davis’ efforts are paying off.

Monday was the first day of early voting in Texas and according to figures released by the Secretary of State, voter turnout in the six largest counties were higher than the first day of early voting in 2010.

This is a direct result of the hard work and dedication by groups who support Wendy Davis.   Led by Battleground Texas voter registration groups rolled up their sleeves and got to work registering millions of voters, many of whom are minorities.  While Greg Abbott decided it better served his interests to disenfranchise these voters, Texans with the help of voter registration groups had a different idea.

So far, there have been no reports of problems at the polls.

No doubt, supporters of vote suppression laws will argue this proves that the laws in question do not and never were intended to suppress the vote.  The fact is, people will be disenfranchised be it under the strictest voter ID law in the United States for reasons I and others have stated on numerous occasions.  While some states may offer “free voter ID” the costs involved in getting the documents needed to get that “free ID” still amount to an unaffordable poll tax.  Often Republicans will say the ID is “free” for people who can’t afford it, but fail to mention the costs that go with getting the ID needed to get the “free voter ID.”  Aside from the costs of those documents, it means taking time off work.  That means aside from the costs, voters are hit with the additional financial penalty of losing income.

The fact is, Republicans know it and some, are saying it.  Chris Christie said categorically that Republicans have to win gubernatorial elections so that they can control “voting mechanisms.”

Would you rather have Rick Scott in Florida overseeing the voting mechanism, or Charlie Crist? Would you rather have Scott Walker in Wisconsin overseeing the voting mechanism, or would you rather have Mary Burke? Who would you rather have in Ohio, John Kasich or Ed FitzGerald?

Rick Scott, Scott Walker and John Kasich have all been before the courts defending “laws” that amount to perpetrating a fraud on the public under the pretense that they care about stopping election fraud.

Republicans like to muddy the waters by suggesting that being a Republic and having honest, fair and open elections are mutually exclusive.  The truth is that Republicans they are willing to throw free and fair elections under the bus because they can’t win by honest means.

It’s up to us to send Republicans a loud and clear message that rigging elections has consequences.  Stealing people’s votes will not be tolerated.

The groups led by Battleground Texas are showing us how it’s done.

Image: The Nation

21 Replies to “Texas Voter Turnout Was Higher On Its First Day of Early Voting Than It Was In 2010”

  1. the funny thing is, republicans and righties are trying to claim this new trend is good for republicans, but in fact, it is the complete opposite! yep- good news for dems. i think this is just the beginning of an approaching democratic wave. these are all voters who would likely vote for dems. believe me, all the rightwing crazies in texas are all ready and rearin’ to go and vote and have registered and done whatever they needed to by now in order to vote on November 4th. get out and vote for dems on november 4th!!!

  2. It helped President Obama. See not only do the teahadist suppress the vote on election day they limit the number of voting machines and precincts in minority neighborhoods.

  3. I voted yesterday and was a study stream of people going to to poll. Some was having little trouble but they seem to work it out & it didn’t stop people from voting..
    GOTV 2014

  4. Since early voting allows working people (many of whom have multiple jobs, transportation or child-care issues) to vote when they are able to get to the polls. You can rest assured that anything that helps regular working people benefits Dems more than Republicans. If you aren’t convinced, just look at which party keeps trying to limit or eliminate early voting.

  5. Dear Republican’ts no weapons you form shall prosper and your evils will not prevail.
    GOTV! Vote BLUE for our Children.

  6. Republicans give corruption a new meaning. They lie, they cheat and they steal. They are the Very Last thing this Nation needs. Evil acts never move a Nation forward only backwards and down.

  7. Go to hell. You don’t care about life because if you did you would support life of the child not some zygote and when you become pregnant then you can talk till then STFU

  8. If you are going to question a theory, you need to provide the evidence that demonstrates the theory or statement or alleged fact is, in fact, incorrect.

    Do you have such evidence?

  9. Perhaps you mis-typed…one cannot abort children.

    Or perhaps you simply do not understand the fundamentals of the female reproductive system?

    Speaking of which, unless it is YOUR reproductive system, you really have no say in what is done or not done with it.

  10. You know what, you stick in the mud, you don’t have a truth about anything. What you need to do is take a look in the mirror, look at yourself, but don’t you look too close for you just might see
    the person that you hate the most.. Go away…

  11. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Humans may vote but God Almighty determines office holders. God is the judge. He puts down one and sets up another. He does according to His will in the armies of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth and none can stop His hand or say what are you doing? There are many devices in a man’s heart nevertheless the plan of the LORD that shall stand.

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