Bernie Sanders Explains Why No Middle Class American Should Vote Republican


While shooting down rumors that he might stop caucusing with Senate Democrats if Republicans take over the Senate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) also made a great argument for why no one who isn’t a millionaire or billionaire should vote Republican.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders explained why he will continue to caucus with the Democrats,

I intend to caucus with that party that will most likely support a major federal jobs program putting millions of Americans back to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure; supports overturning the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision; supports raising the minimum wage to a living wage; supports pay equity for women workers; supports a single-payer national health care program; ends our disastrous trade policies; addresses the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality; and is prepared to aggressively address the international crisis of global warming.

“I could be wrong,” Sanders added, “but my guess is that will not be the Republican Party.”

Sen. Sanders’ explanation for why he won’t be leaving the Democratic caucus also works as a great shorthand list of reasons why to not vote Republican.

If you a voter who is interested in a party with a plan for creating jobs besides giving your money to rich people and hoping that they use it to create jobs, the Republican Party isn’t your choice.

If you want to drive on a bridge without wondering if it will collapse before you get to the other side, the Republican Party isn’t the choice for you. Do you think millionaires and billionaires should be able to buy the government? If you don’t, you probably shouldn’t vote Republican. If you think that a woman should be paid as much as a man, the Republican Party isn’t the place for you. Concerned about income inequality? The Republican Party is pursuing policies that will give more to the rich at the expense of everyone else. If you think that anyone who doubts climate science is insane, you really don’t want to consider voting Republican.

All of the reasons why Bernie Sanders is staying with the Democratic Senate caucus are also reasons why voting Republican is a bad idea. The country has seen the Republican plan for America over the past four years, and it isn’t pretty.

Sen. Sanders knows that the Republican Party is not a viable choice for him, but millions of Americans need to understand that voting Republican isn’t a good choice for them either.

39 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Explains Why No Middle Class American Should Vote Republican”

  1. Anyone in the military or a veteran that votes for GOP is voting against their own best interests and that of their own families as well.

  2. Bernie is spot on. I am not voting Republican. But I still don’t understand why voting for Begich, for example, is any different.

  3. So a teabagger Sullivan who looked the other way in a National guard scandal would be your choice? OY
    Did Dan Sullivan know about Alaska National Guard sexual assault scandal?

    National Guard documents detail chronic misconduct among recruiting leaders

    Sweet baby flying spaghetti monster!!!!! What is wrong with you people? The choice is obvious. Unless you want republicans to win so you can whine how f*cked-up things are

  4. Hope Bernie Sanders is taking this to the Red States. If not, and it is just on PoliticusUsa here, he is preaching to the choir more or less.

    He is absolutely right, but the ones that need to hear it mostly are not on this website.

  5. I wish there were more Independent politicians like Bernie Sanders. I wonder how he makes it year after year without being financed by one of the major parties. Leaves him free to speak his mind.

  6. The Republicans want more restrictions on your ability to vote than your ability to buy a gun. That shows which one they feel is more dangerous to them.

  7. All of the things Bernie listed are reasons to move to the left of the Democratic party and vote for people like him, because Democrats have proven themselves to be a) too far right and don’t actually want those things or b) too weak or unwilling to put up a good fight in Congress and get something effective done.

  8. I intend to hold my nose and vote for Quinn in Illinois. No way I want a republican screwing things up more. He’s already talked about lowering or doing away with minimum wage. Tax breaks for corporations, all the Repub ‘Cures’.

  9. Anyone who “isn’t” white,Christian,rich, and a straight male and votes for the TPublicans, has something terribly wrong with them. Can someone who supports the TP’ers name one thing that they have either proposed or accomplished, that benefits ALL of us, since being elected?
    Everyone needs to get out and vote on Nov.4..way too much is at risk.

  10. I can remember a time when people were proud to call themselves Republicans, but ever since the tea party came along the once proud Republican party is now nothing more than a bad joke that’s far from funny.

    If you vote Republican, your slowly voting away our rights and freedom.

  11. Dan Sullivan is not an Alaskan, he does not have Alaskans residents and Alaska’s needs in mind when he makes decisions that involve Alaska. Mark was born and raised in Alaska, and his loyalty lies with Alaska and it’s residents.

  12. I am with you Leish. The last thing we need in Illinois is a Romney-type moron. Even if he does win Mike Madagin will rip him a new asshole.

  13. Republicans can’t win unless they limit the amount of voters they know will not vote for them. Senior Citizens usually vote for the party that will protect medicare and social security. The party that puts people to work usually gets the unemployed persons votes and they are the ones being locked out or cutoff before their bus gets to the polls. They don’t know they can vote early Republicans can’t win unless they cheat and the Koch Brothers are paying for super negative lies about the other guys. They don’t care about the truth. They don’t want us to know the truth. My question for all you guys that want to build pipelines; When you pollute the Ogallala Aquifer so it is undrinkable, where are you going to get your fresh drinking water and irrigation water? How many people will you kill for money?

  14. Is it my imagination, or has Bernie Sanders become more outspoken? I believe what he says is true. I just don’t know how he gets away with it considering the methods of the GOP. Chris Christie talks about the republicans using their “voting mechanism.” The ping-pong game between the courts in North Carolina. The republicans know they can’t win an election based on their values so they try everything else to be elected. VOTE BLUE for mr and for YOU.

  15. Everyone just has to get out and vote – whether it is mail in or getting in line (I prefer to get in line).

    There has never been a Congress, Senate or House that has done so little because people aren’t reaching out to come to a compromise. No one can afford for the total government to come to a stop but it seems like the Republicans have had no problem. I have an issue w/politicians spending my money giving corps and rich tax breaks. Where are the friggin jobs? We have crumbling infrastructure. I see in SF, we are asked to pay more for services that no longer seem to function – there is a demand so why are these jobs not be created? We have job demand, but no politician w/the balls to take that demand and make productive as it used to be … before all the damn obstruction.

    Politicians – GET BACK TO WORK. Everyone else – VOTE in NOV Democratic because Republicans only work for the 1%

  16. The Democratic leadership just doesn’t get it. You want me and my family to continue to support the Democratic Party? STOP THE FLIGHTS FROM ENTERING THE UNITED STATES WITH PEOPLE TRAVELING FROM WEST AFRICA. This is the type of threat that when reviewed by history, extracts comments like, “What was the government thinking by allowing infected persons with a deadly, communicable disease, to mingle among the general population? It is tanamount to Europe during the Black Plague allowing rat merchants to import fleas. Time is running short for the Democratic leadership in the Senante and Executive Office to act decisively as the mid-terms are upon us. We can only deal with the Republican Party in future elections if we survive to vote another day.

  17. Do you ever use that brain matter? But I get your point. Every country that has Ebola cases should have travel bans place on them including the United States.

  18. I support Bernie. As an American and one who served my country for 20 years. I have this to say. We fought a war to free ourselves from British rule only now to be ruled by the 1%. I wish we had better choices other than what the two major parties come up with. There are some really good 3rd party candidates but don’t stand a chance of being elected because of party line voters. I would love to see one day a congress made up of enough 3rd party reps. that neither repubs or demos have a majority.

  19. I’m with you. I’d still much rather have a few more years of Quinn than Romneys much more evil clone. If Rauner wins, we might as well touch our ankles.

  20. Repeal Obamacare and 25 Million People Lose Health Insurance. Period.

    From the beginning, the magnitude of Republicans’ lies about Obamacare has been directly proportional to their fears it would succeed. First it was “death panels,” which Politifact cited as its 2009 Lie of the Year. In 2010, it was the Affordable Care Act’s mythical “government takeover of health care,” a fraud that earned the GOP Politifact’s 2010 award. Now, Senate Minority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Ohio Governor John Kasich, abetted by Forbes’ health care fabulist Avik Roy, are pretending that Obamacare can repealed “root and branch” without any of their constituents losing the coverage they obtained this year. And this new Republican hoax is the most cynical and cruel lie of all: if Obamacare is repealed, over half a million Ohioans, 520,000 Kentuckians and over 25 million people across America will lose their health insurance. As a result, thousands of them will needlessly die every year.


  21. There are no direct flights from the countries affected with Ebola in West Africa to the US. You would have to ban all flights from the entire African continent……. difficult that one.

  22. I know its not the uninformed screamers on TV that you probably get your hysteria from but try reading this and then R.E.L.A.X
    Beyond Screening for Ebola
    The new monitoring rules to be placed on travelers coming into the United States from three Ebola-affected countries in West Africa form a smart and workable response to a complex public health question. The measures should be more effective than a misguided ban on all travelers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, which many in Congress have been demanding.
    Read More


    You wouldn’t vote for a Democrat under any condition. This outbreak just gives you an excuse.

    Not ONE person with whom Duncan lived, like in the same rooms, has come down with any symptoms. In fact it has been well over 21 days and no sign of it. Nor has anyone he associated with on the plane or at the airports exhibited any signs. If Ebola was so easy to catch, shouldn’t at least one member of his family have come down with the symptoms?

    Use your damn head.

    I’m voting straight blue. I don’t want someone that is about nothing but panic making ANY laws for me and mine.

  24. On the pipe line: even if this line did not endanger the water, the oil refined will not be sold or used here. all is to be shipped out and only about 50 perm, jobs will be made.
    When the aquifer is damaged, I suppose, the next item on the list will be, pipe water from the great lakes to feed their greed.

  25. So you would rather vote for Republicans, because you fear Ebola, but you don’t fear the epidemic of gun violence that’s all ready in America, you don’t fear not having affordable health care, or fear a woman right to birth control or equal pay…

  26. 26yr vet, life long republican, will notvote for any GOP canidate. my vote in the mail now. You have to love Bernie.

  27. Bernie’s message has to be heard in the Southern Red States, Red States in the Mid-West and Red States all over. As a matter of fact Bernie’s message should be heard by ALL voters: Independents, Democrats, and Republicans. Especially Republicans to open their eyes. We may get some who will walk over to the Democrats side and vote Democrat (the sane vote). Fired Up! Let’s vote DEMOCRATS. Rid ourselves of the Republican scourge in the Fall.

  28. How about Social security. The democrats are giving away the money we had earned when we worked. They’re using it to fund the Affordable Care Act as well as funding for illegal immigrants The miserable pittance that we’re getting for a Social Security raise for 2015 should embarrass the gov’t. There isn’t any respect for the citizens of this country. I’m an independent,but things have gotten worse for my husband & me,so we’re voting Republican.

  29. LIAR LIAR LIAR. Post a link where SS money was used to fund the ACA? Again you are a liar. But being a kochsucking teabagger lying comes naturally for liars like you.

    For the raise in SS benefits that are using the same formula they have been using for decades so not only are you a liar but you are also ignorant

  30. “the repugs will privitize it and medicare.”

    Only if we let them. May every young woman man and child in any red state wake up open their eyes and see them for what they not care about actual American lives…greedy..liars all the way to top! Please you folks on the right so the rest of us don’t suffer anymore, babies don’t starve, more become homeless, more lose jobs, I beg of you to forget the party itself and ask what have done for me? NOTHING is what you will come up with. Justify to yourself why you are voting reopublican without LYING to yourself okay? Please for the sake of our future children. They’re getting killed with your guns. The only terrorist are the RW ones. I fear not Ebola or Isis. I fear the repubalican party selling off our country and killing black young men. All the time. You people need to stop before it comes to your door.

  31. I agree that everyone needs to get out and vote on election day. The only wasted vote is the one you don’t use. I support no party. I believe people should vote their conscience. It does no good to boycott one party or the other because nothing ever gets better. Always vote the person you feel in your heart is the right candidate. Parties are nothing but labels, listen to the message then make your decision.

  32. “Anyone in the military or a veteran that votes for GOP is voting against their own best interests and that of their own families as well.”

    Your saying that because of Iraq and Afghanistan?

    The military is currently under a draw down. Funding and equipment is being curtailed, but deployments are still happening to places to “help” the world, except units are under strength and are short the required gear to safely execute the mission. I will grant that we have been engaged in 2 conflicts, which had both Democrat and Republican support, but historically the GOP increases funding for the military and their families. More investment in Military family support was initiated under the Bush administration. Those same programs are on the chopping block under the current administration. So how is it the militaries best interest to vote democrat?

  33. And yet the gop has lowered military pay raises, chopped aid to wounded vets and have voted for war and against soldiers every step of the way.

    There was partisan support for Afghanistan, there wasnt for Iraq. DOnt get carried away

    None of what you say about the current administration is true, they have tried to raise the support for vets and soldiers. There are cuts to the military for non essential things yes, and there should be.

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