Chris Christie Advocates For Election Rigging By Republicans Controlling The “Voting Mechanism”

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President Obama has said, on too many occasions, that Republicans are really patriotic and truly love America; they just have a different philosophy about how the country should be governed. The only truth in that remark is that Republicans have a different idea of governing in a democracy, because Republicans and their conservative cohort are not patriots and they certainly do not love America; especially its dying representative democracy. Maybe the President is expressing comity, that is courtesy and considerate behavior toward the opposition party, but he needs to stop trying to fool the American people and start identifying Republicans for what they truly are; anti-American enemies of this nation’s  once-storied democracy.

Despite the President being elected by the people twice, Republicans have spent nearly six years overtly subverting the people’s will, and electoral voices, by obstructing governance because voters did not elect a Republican president. In fact, to make sure voters elect the “right” candidates for political office, Republicans and their very substantial anti-American army have done every and anything in their power to restrict voting rights to white Christian gun-fanatics. It is no coincidence that in Republican-controlled states across the country, various voter restriction and suppression laws specifically target students, African Americans and other minorities, and working-class Americans who are inclined to vote for Democrats.

It is true the Republican war on voting rights has not been very covert, but on Tuesday a corrupt Republican governor addressed a major business organization and all but admitted that the reason Republican governors are so crucial is becausethey’re the ones controlling voting mechanisms, particularly going into the next presidential election.” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was speaking at an event for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and stressed the importance of keeping Republicans in power to oversee their robust state-level voter suppression and obstruction regulations by controlling the voting mechanisms.

Christie cited Florida’s Rick Scott, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, and Ohio’s John Kasich’s as strong advocates for and supporters of harsh voting restrictions in their respective states. He asked the Chamber’s audience, “Would you rather have Rick Scott in Florida overseeing the voting mechanism, or Charlie Crist? Would you rather have Scott Walker in Wisconsin overseeing the voting mechanism, or would you rather have Mary Burke? Who would you rather have in Ohio, John Kasich or Ed FitzGerald?”

Christie may not have the anti-voter credentials of some of his Republican brethren, but he does not support the right to vote for all Americans. Last year Christie vetoed an early-voting bill, has been openly critical of same-day registration and voting, and played a “shameless political game” when he scheduled New Jersey’s U.S. Senate special election last year.

Christie’s call for Republican governors to “control the voting mechanism,” an overt call for increasing Republican voter disenfranchisement, comports with his outrage a couple of months ago over another Republican state, Illinois, because they simplified the voting process that Christie said was “shocking, underhanded, a dirty trick,” and “a major obstacle for the GOP’s’ gubernatorial candidates.” For the record, the Illinois law was enacted by a “bipartisan” election commission, and likely it contributed to Christie’s demand that Republican governors are given a freer hand to “control the voting mechanisms” in their states; particularly in preparation for the 2016 general election.

Christie’s blatant support for Republican governors overseeing voting restrictions is not unique among Republicans who have no qualms advertising their anti-democracy agenda. In Georgia, the Republican, ALEC, and Koch brother war on democracy through restricting working-class Americans’ opportunity to participate in democracy is also blatant. Last month a Georgia Republican boasted that he was working with another Republican to prevent African Americans from voting and unabashedly said he really “hopes it can be stoppedbecauseit means too many people are voting.”  Just for good measure he blew a dog whistle for Georgia’s racist voters and announced publicly that he “would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters.”

In North Carolina recently, the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity deliberately sent out tens-of-thousands of voter information letters with false information to keep voters likely to support Democrats away from the polls for the upcoming midterm elections. It is also noteworthy that the Koch brothers’ legislative arm, the American Legislative Exchange Council, openly advertises that their voter restriction legislation as a way to guarantee that democracy works in elections; even though ALEC has publicly refused to sign a pledge supporting democracy.

The Republicans openly campaigning against voting rights and, indeed, America’s storied democracy informs that their campaign to thwart democracy is now a major policy position. It means that Americans’ right to participate in the democratic process is under a concerted assault from ALEC, the Koch’s Americans for Prosperity, conservatives on the Supreme Court, and the Republican Party. The conservative cretins are not only anti-democracy, they are plainly anti-American. It also means that when President Obama says Republicans are patriotic and love America, he is not being forthright or honest with the American people. Of all Americans, President Obama knows, or at least should know that anyone openly fighting to restrict the right to vote is not a patriot and does not love America.

Over the past nearly-six years Republicans have demonstrated that not only do they hate President Obama, they truly hate America, its democracy, and its people. They openly campaign against the federal government, work to decimate the economy, keep Americans in poverty, and now are shamelessly campaigning against the democratic process by restricting voting rights to their white Christian base. Apparently, the entire conservative movement agrees with Chris Christie that “allowing” all Americans to participate in the constitutionally-protected electoral process is shocking and a dirty trick that ALEC, the Supreme Court, and the Kochs will make sure Republican governors put a screeching halt to by controlling state voting mechanisms.

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  1. Fat Bastard has a point. Remember in 2004 when Ken “Clayton Bigsby” Blackwell rigged the election in Ohio for Bush? The teahadist should never be allowed to be in charge of any election even for high school student president

  2. I’d love to see more ‘educated voters’ as well, because when you take time to study these creeps, you will vote for the Democrats every time. The low education South continues to elect idiots like Perry and Jindal, Scott and the rest because they are not intelligent enough to see through the rhetoric and pay attention to what the Kochs are doing to the nation. Here in MI, Snyder is trying to convince people he HELPED us with the emergency managers we voted against and he replaced three weeks later. He HELPED us by cutting teacher salaries and benefits to give business tax cuts (which have NIT resulted in those businesses hiring, of course) and that he’s HELPING us by taxing pensions, being against healthcare, and on an on. I am hoping the voters see through this nerd’s words and see what he has really done, which is pass ALEC bills the people do not want, and raise taxes on everyone but those at the top. Vote Democratic, or prepare to live in a GOP theocracy.

  3. I hope people understand that if they don’t vote this time, they may be signing away their right to vote ever.

  4. That picture is begging to have a hoagie photoshopped between his hands.

    Wrap the hoagie in the Bill of Rights to make it more accurate.

  5. Republicans have had six years to holler, whine about voter fraud and have laws change. Every time they do it backfires on them. They tried to rigged the machine during the election to say Romney when people picked the president and it didn’t worked, they seen long lines into way in the early morning just so people could cast their votes, so now they cut early voting days out to make it easier,go figure. They even closed polls again to make it easier, change voter id laws on what voter can use for id to in their mind make it easier. All the while guess who have been doing their homework while the republicans been complaining the demos, making sure the people have the correct info, a way to the polls, again encouraging them to vote, will again stay with them through the whole process, even if the lines is longer than before. Those of us who will vote and get it over with will just sit back and watch the republicans whine and cry voter fraud, and that the dead is voting.

  6. Remember when Christie was the great white hope of the republicans. What a loser he is, and scumbag.
    Perhaps the money he spent on his gastric bypass was wasted, he thought he would look more presidential – I don’t think it will ever happen.
    I think I read about his wife getting a part time job paying $500,000.00 per year, perhaps he should talk to her about the minimum wage!

  7. It almost sounds like Christie just publicly admitted that Republicans hack into voting machines. We all know they do it, but publicly stating it should raise some red flags I hope.

  8. In the words of Usul…”he who can destroy a thing controls a thing” The Reich Wing seeks to control the vote so they are always victorious and when the cannot they accuse and deny. I have said this before and I will say it again ad infinitum that the Republican party must be destroyed before they destroy America.

  9. Hmmmm…sounds like Christie is using or advocating a tactic right out of the Godfather’s play book: “Control everything in sight guyz. The numbers racket, the piers, the concrete, the buildings, the garbage, the liquor, the bars, the fish market, and heck yes…if we can, some politicians. If they don’t do as we say, break a leg or two, don’t let them disrespect us. Don’t let anybody get away with notin’ ok. So get out there and do what youze gotta do: Control dem voting machines, make sure our boyz win. “

  10. Christie is the expert in rigging. That’s how he runs NJ politics. That’s how he does business.

  11. What do you expect from the thug from New Jersey? This is nothing new, this is how this thug has always operated. The law means nothing to this thug and the people in Jersey continue to elect him.

  12. Yea disenfranchise citizens from their legitimate vote ; yea sure you didn’t shut down the bridge as a poitical payback.

  13. That shows there are no moderates left in the GOP anymore. Simply that any moderate, half way intelligent person, especially who claim Christianity would never go along with the lying and vote rigging they do. So next friend that says he is a moderate Republican is going to get bitch slapped, LOL.

  14. Please, don’t refer to all the people in the south as stupid enough to vote for these rethuglicans. I have never voted anything but Democrat all my life. I am not a low information voter as I am referred to by the rethugs around where I live. I feel sorry for them. They talk about their christian values and turn right around and say the worst things. I am one that is surrounded by this. I usually keep my mouth shut, but not always. No one wants to debate with me, they have nothing. They cannot prove any of the theories they believe. They will not admit to their bigotry and racism. But, then they don’t have to. I see it in their actions. So please, please don’t think that all of us are stupid down here!

  15. Feel sorry for you Audrey. a few years ago, I was in the local drug store, We are a popular tourist part of the state. I had on a t-shirt with some sort of democratic saying on the front. a Women Tourist looked at me and said” If I wore that in my town, I’d be run out of town “Looked at her with this reply “That’s why I’m glad I live here, we are free to say and do as we please” and walked away.
    Never would I live in such a restrictive locality. Have very little patience with bigotry.
    Stay strong audrey, these people love to wear you down.

  16. Look let’s NOT go over he cliff here, of course republican love their Country! They have just gotten so angry over not being able to take back he W.H an little prospect in 2016 that it has blinded them to fairness/an what democracy is all about these last couple of years! A lot of what this author says is right, but let’s NOT stoop to the Republicans playing field in dirty politics an say Republican don’t love their country. But tell they come back to their sense’s we need to keep as many out of Washington an in our Government as we can!

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