Editorial Cartoon: The Good Shepherd

Doing his job.


9 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: The Good Shepherd”

  1. Even though I am not Catholic I get good vibes from Pope Francis. I just hope he has food testers because he is pissing a lot of people off

  2. I hate the church but love this Pope. He cannot and will not be able to fix all things church and dogma, but he sure as hell is more Christ-like than I’ve seen in a long, long time. Go Francis!

  3. Sick stuff. The Poop lives in palaces filled with stolen treasures looted from civilizations destroyed by Catholics.

    Sheep get fleeced and slaughtered. No thanks.

  4. Damn Tom…what a Debbie Downer! Yes the Vatican is filled with the spoils of dogma, yes sheep are for some a delicacy but the POPE is doing the best he can in light of centuries of oppressive theocracy. I am a surviving Catholic, I left the church when logical thought and scientific proof destroyed the fantasy that I was taught as a youth. I was 7 years old when I said No More. This Pope makes me feel better about things in general.

  5. Damn, Joseph. The ‘Debbie Downer’ is the fact that Catholics have been raping, enslaving and murdering innocent people for 1700 years.

    Maybe this Poop should spend more time (actually, ANY time) making reparations to the victims of Catholicism instead of thinking of HUMANS as sheep.

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