Iowa GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Runs And Hides From Local Media As Election Day Nears


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As we approach the home stretch of the 2014 midterm elections, Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst is locked in a super-tight battle for Iowa’s open Senate seat with Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley. Recent polls show that the race is pretty much a toss-up, with Ernst holding a slight lead that is well within the margin of error. However, as Iowa has already started early voting, Braley has a 21-point lead with those who have already cast a vote. While Democrats in Iowa have typically run up  decent leads in the past when it comes to early voting, it appears that this number, along with recent stories exposing Ernst’s potential corruption and extremist ideology, has the Ernst campaign freaked.

On Thursday, Rekha Basu, a columnist for the Des Moines Register took to her Facebook page to openly complain about Ernst canceling a scheduled meeting with the newspaper’s editorial board. Ernst’s campaign not only canceled the meeting with the Register, but also with two other Iowa newspapers. Typically, candidates make sure to meet with prominent local newspapers and TV stations prior to Election Day to answer questions and present their message to the voters. It also is potentially helpful when it comes to receiving endorsements and showing that they’re willing to engage the press.

Below is Basu’s Facebook post:



Basu wasn’t the only one from the Register to file a complaint. The paper’s opinion editor, Randy Evans, took to Twitter to register his complaint.

Her decision to run and hide could be partially based on recent reports questioning Ernst’s ethics when she was Montgomery County auditor. It’s been discovered that her father’s construction company received over $200,000 in public contracts from the county during her tenure. However, it seems more likely that her sudden decision to back out of these meetings centers on a new story revealing statements she made in 2012 that compare unfavorably to those made by Tea Party Senate candidate Sharron Angle during her failed 2010 campaign. In a video unearthed Wednesday evening, Ernst is seen making the following statement at an NRA rally in 2012:

“I have a beautiful little Smith & Wesson, 9 millimeter, and it goes with me virtually everywhere. But I do believe in the right to carry, and I believe in the right to defend myself and my family — whether it’s from an intruder, or whether it’s from the government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important.”

Below is video of Ernst’s comments, courtesy of FastNews:


Those comments are eerily reminiscent of Angle’s “Second Amendment remedies” statement that eventually sunk her campaign and helped Democrats hold on to the Senate during the Tea Party wave of 2010. With that video floating out there and national media outlets running with it on Thursday morning, Ernst’s campaign decided to lock the Tea Party darling and Sarah Palin away and ride it out until Election Day. Their hope is that campaign ads and an energized conservative base will be enough to carry Ernst to a close victory. At this point, they just need to keep Ernst away from any microphones or reporters where she will invariably say something that will hurt her even further.

Ernst’s campaign is now planning on a super close race that may be decided by hundreds of votes. They’ve already contacted a number of counties in Iowa asking for materials related to recount procedures, as well as the names of ballot counters and any communications sent to Braley’s campaign. One county auditor said it seemed obvious the campaign was “gearing up for a recount.” Another county official said the amount of information Ernst’s campaign has demanded is taking previous time away from staff that they need to get ready for the upcoming election. He was unsure if his office could meet Ernst’s request prior to Election Day.


26 Replies to “Iowa GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Runs And Hides From Local Media As Election Day Nears”

  1. It’s sounding like the writing is on the wall for her. The fact that balked on meeting with the Register (the single biggest newspaper in Iowa) tells me that she is afraid of anyone trying to find out the truth about her.

    That truth? She’s a damn scam artist that is using the same crap that has wounded fellow Republicans for the last few years.

  2. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me one bit. I knew she was virulently anti-woman, and anti-government, but now she’s preparing to stall the count so that she wins? Yet another Republican cheat, I say.

  3. I just read where this idiot stated that if she sees the government taking away her rights, she will use her gun. Really? She IS the government. It’s fine with me if she wants to blow out what little brains she possesses.
    She stands for NOTHING!!! The GOP stand for NOTHING!!! They were delusions enough to think attacking Obama was all that was needed to win. Now they see how wrong they were and they run for the hills!
    My backside is more qualified than Ernst to be a sitting politician. Less than two weeks and this cow is running! Let her keep running!

  4. Now if the Iowa papers and media want to impress me they would hammer her teabagging ass till the cows come home. They could start that she wants to end the corn subsidies that the farmers depend on. Even crazy ass Steve King wont end them

  5. This will bleed over into nightly-news coverage in most of the state. Not good for a supposed front-runner. I wouldn’t be surprised of Braley runs a last minute commercial whacking her for the sudden disappearing act. A milk-container ad, (this is Iowa, after all) with her picture, and the caption: “Have you seen this Senate Candidate? Last seen, just before her decision to hide from the Des Moines Register’s editorial board.”

  6. This must be why Ernst campaign requests recount procedures for several counties:

    After a big grassroot rally with the FL Michelle Obama & 2 excellent debate performances by Bradley, if I not mistaken, a rally with E. Warren & Gov. O’Malley (MD). & the dems. are getting their grassroot ppl. out, getting ppl. to the polls. Along w/ the dem. mail-in ballots keeping pace (if not over taken) repub. ballots, Bradley is in a pretty sweet spot.

    You can summarize, why Ernst is getting nervous. It’s not that cake walk the GOP/MSM told her.
    GOTV 2014!!! I voted. Did you?

  7. She is running away because she is starting to prove to people with brains that she is a ditto-head with nothing to really run on. She ignores the fact that Iowa is a purple state. She plays to the base. She does the repeal Obamacare thing constantly along with her 2nd amendment thing. She attacks Braley on chickens (proven false by both Braley and the CR Gazette) and the fact that he is supported by NexGen. Forgetting about the fact that she is supported by all of the Koch groups and one that is illegal as hell in scope. Priorities for Iowa is headed up by a former Ernst advisor and has been obnoxious as hell with their ads, especially the one featuring “Christina from Urbandale.” She thinks that the whole IA National Guard thing and riding Gov. Braindead’s coattails will place her in the senate. She is scary. However alienating all the major IA newspapers just proves how scary she really is. It is close but here is to hoping for dem turnout. IA and the US needs Braley!!

  8. My god…..why on earth would you elect a anti government loon to work in government? That’s like hiring a anti education teacher! It’s people like her that will take this country down! She must be stopped……She’s only there for one purpose, to carry out the Koch brothers agenda!

  9. The people who vote for them are not anti government they have just been programmed to think government is only for those others. When they say they will cut entitlements they are thinking , good no more black welfare queens. They are just too stupid too realize they are coming for their benefits. Racial hatred is a powerful thing.

  10. Hi Folks, I’m new to this so please take it easy on me for a while. I’m kinda old and not very smart. lol

  11. If Ernst wins, and there is a good chance that she’ll, what should the Democrats correct in their messaging for 2018? (They’ll regain the Senate in 2016)

  12. The message is good IMO. When the die hard whites wake up and their bank accounts get drain again like during the Bush years then they will wake up. Plus they are dying out and its a new day. Their children and grandchildren don’t believe what they believe in and their culture wars will turn into our class wars. The day of reckoning are a coming

  13. McCain’s endorsement for this nut is just as bad as endorsing Palin he sure knows how to pick them. Romney has endorsed JE too. That should be rubbed in his face if runs again. Way to go to show you don’t give a crap about the people it’s all about power and money.

  14. No wonder the Republican machine wants to keep the American people stupid and in fear! It furthers their greedy agenda!
    I wonder if these same voters correlate welfare with the farm bill?

  15. I believe the voters from Iowa will do the right thing and run this woman out of the state. I do not believe the polls for anything. The Dems will retain the Senate and might win some seats in Congress.

  16. This Ernst Sociopath scares me…… She’s another Robert Pickton……the hog farmer in Canada that enjoyed killing hogs a little to much then moved on to people!
    God or who ever you pray to help us from her!

  17. Donna, the fact that you logged on here with us instead of some Reich Wing hate site says your smarter than most of the Reich Wing-nuts out there…who are REALLY out there.. Welcome Donna.

  18. wrong Shripathi Kamath joni earnst will lose and dems will rewin the us senate, some advice to u stop listening to gop and tea party and the polls cuz half the time the pundits and polls are wrong

  19. joni earnst is in trouble, her campaign asking for that much materials this close to election, hint the only time a campaign asks for recount presedures if they the campaign thinks there gonna lose or close to losing, only the loser requests recounts most of the time, the winner does not most of the time it does not take a scientist to know this, so i see this and my gut feeling tells me joni earnst will lose otherwise is she wanting recount materials maybe im wrong, but i take this as a sign she knows she is losing

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