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Prominent Tea Partier Says Michael Brown’s Parents Received ‘Taxpayer-Funded Abortion’

Former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party Todd Kincannon sent out a tweet Wednesday evening saying Michael Brown’s parents shouldn’t be upset because they are pro-choice Democrats and “they got a taxpayer-funded abortion.” Kincannon, whose history of making outrageous statements on Twitter led to his account being suspended last year, has relentlessly tweeted out inappropriate and offensive comments related to Brown and Ferguson. Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9th.

Currently, the community of Ferguson is on edge as a decision from the St. Louis County grand jury is expected any day now. Based on strategic leaks to local and national media sources over the past few days, most are expecting Wilson to not be indicted at all in the shooting death of Brown. Due to this expectation, many in the area are preparing for an explosion of unrest from protesters. Recently, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon visited the area and announced the formation of the Ferguson Commission that will address the issues that have occurred in the aftermath of Brown’s death.

Due to the recent media leaks that seem to corroborate Wilson’s story regarding the shooting, a number of conservatives have essentially trolled Ferguson activists and anyone else who has called for justice for Michael Brown and change in Ferguson. With a number of protests occurring nationwide Wednesday in a show of solidarity with Ferguson, Kincannon decided to push the envelope and sent out the following tweet.


I would think that no matter which way you come down on the Darren Wilson-Michael Brown debate, you’d at least have to acknowledge that this is utterly disgusting. Of course, this is just how Kincannon rolls. There’s a reason why he was suspended from Twitter in the past. In fact, the account he is using now is not his original account, but a new one he opened after the old one was shut down. Earlier this year, he called Wendy Davis a “whore” and “soulless prostitute” who should have “been aborted.”  Therefore, it was not a shock when he combined Davis and Brown together for another ‘joke.’  


Obviously, Kincannon thinks of himself as a pot-stirrer, a button-pusher, a provocateur. He’s getting a rise out of people, specifically liberals, progressives and minorities, and entertaining the Tea Party-types that lap it up. And, it would be fine to easily dismiss him as just another attention-seeking jerk who is just saying outrageous things for the sake of saying them. He’s even claimed in the past that is all he is doing. However, this man actually led a state’s Republican Party. Of course, the South Carolina GOP wants nothing to do with him now as he is toxic. But, at one time, he held a prominent position with them.

Currently, it would appear that Kincannon’s job is seeing how many racist, sexist and all-around offensive tweets he can send in a given day and then engaging both his Twitter supporters and opponents. Whether it is saying anyone exposed to Ebola should be killed or insisting that transgender people be put into concentration camps, he will find something to say that will make normal people wretch. In the end, he’ll claim he’s just ‘joking,’ but I think we all know he is truly speaking his mind and giving angry, white, racist conservatives someone to look up to and retweet.

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