Warning Signs Grow That Mitch McConnell Is Losing In Kentucky Senate Race


grimes leads mcconnell in new kentucky poll

Mitch McConnell is so desperate to get people to attend his campaign rallies that he is paying people from Ohio in order to make it appear that he has supporters. This is another sign that McConnell’s campaign may be losing in Kentucky.

According to The Independent Online in Ashland, KY,

With a backdrop of two gargantuan dump trucks displaying banners which read “Protect Coal Jobs” and “Support Coal or live in the Dark,” McConnell addressed about 100 supporters.

They included some of the same young people decked out in red “TeamMitch” t-shirts on hand at stops in the area Tuesday and a few Whayne Supply employees, at least one of which said he lives in Ohio and can’t vote in Kentucky’s senate election. The online publication, The Hill, reported the Republican Party of Kentucky solicited volunteers to go on the trip to show support, offering to pick up the cost of their meals and lodging. McConnell would only say he has “enthusiastic supporters” when asked about the story.

McConnell is refusing to answer questions about the supporters that his campaign paid to be on the bus tour, but reporting from the scene suggests that if the paid supporters, campaign staffers, and those who are ineligible to vote in the Senate election are subtracted, Sen. McConnell could probably comfortably fit all of his organic supporters into a few tables at Denny’s.


Candidates, Democratic or Republican, who can’t generate crowds at rallies usually don’t win. The absence of a crowd is direct indicator of a lack of enthusiasm for McConnell’s reelection bid.

People who show up at rallies are a candidate’s most dedicated supporters. These individuals can be counted on to vote on Election Day. Mitch McConnell continues to be one of the least popular senators in the United States Senate. His only chance of winning is to make the election about voting against his Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes. It appears that voters won’t be showing up to enthusiastically vote for Sen. McConnell.

McConnell campaign is sharing many traits with losing efforts. The Kentucky incumbent has low approval ratings, is struggling to draw a crowd, most of his fundraising has been from big out of state donors and PACs, is being criticized for forgetting about the folks back home, and he has no clear campaign message.

The mainstream media is trying to give this election to Mitch McConnell, but the reality is that there are warning signs all over this campaign that Sen. McConnell is losing in Kentucky.

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  1. After 2010, shoot 2004 I am not confident about predicting white people’s behavior.

    They’ll vote against themselves in a heartbeat to keep brown people and women from power.

    I hope McConnell loses, but don’t discount the emotion driven feeling of “safety” causing scared white folks to vote for the devil they know, Uncle Mitch.

    At least they know he’ll try to stop the brown people, and women from competing against the good old boys.

    Voting is emotion, unfortunately and the Republicans know it all too well.

    Finally, anyone who still believes the “free market” and corporations will correct our very serious problems are incapable of rational thought, or even basic observation.

    We’re in a tough, tough situation and then of course we have to battle money in D.C.

    Need a drink.

  2. Since KY doesn’t have early voting, it’s basically going to come down to: who had the best ground game to get out the vote! It’s going to be close….but I think she’ll inch it out!

  3. I sure hope Kentuckians throw this king of gridlock out of office. Put someone in who actually cares about Kentucky and America instead of their Koch benefactors.

  4. Hope someone makes sure the voting machines are acurate and not rigged. The repubs will steal elections if they can.

  5. It must be a real bummer when after 30 years in office you can’t pay enough people to make your rally look respectable. I’m starting to get a better feeling about this race. The GOTV, is what will win this one.

  6. Some reports even said there were people from Ohio attending the rally even though they cant vote. I guess this is the turtles idea of economic stimulus

  7. This makes me wonder if those same people from Ohio will vote for McConnell in Kentucky. Republican criminals will stop at nothing to steal elections.

  8. C. Exactly what I have been thinking all along. GOPT will rig whatever they can to win. If they do win in races so close, I really think that it will be because they have cheated.

    I am an optimist as a rule, but there is just too much dark money, too much BS being said by GOP’ers before an election, (unlike others who would be afraid that their toxic revelations would be held against them, and they will lose the vote).

    That is why I think they have it rigged to win the Senate. Otherwise, they would not be as careless and hateful with their speech if losing votes was the consequence.

    Hope I am 100% wrong, but they are nasty.

  9. The real loser here if McConnell loses is Jon Stewart, he’ll have almost no use for his turtle impression. However that is one impression I would celebrate in no longer seeing.

  10. Well he paid people to attend his rallys, he paid his ex campaign manager over 500,000 dollars after he resigned from his campaign over the Iowa scandal with the Ron Paul camp. Yeah, if old slick Mitch can find a way, he’s capable of paying for voters from Ohio to come across the river.

  11. If McConnell loses, how can the GOP frame this in a positive light? An Ernst loss, coupled with a McConnell and Pat Roberts defeat would end their Senate take-over bid, and democrats could easily portray it as a voting-boot rejection of GOP obstructionism, since Mitch is the symbol of conservative House/Senate inaction.

  12. They’re all paper ballets where you mark in the hole beside their name with a black or blue pen, then run it through a counting machine.
    NOBODY should use a electronic voting machine if asked to!

  13. folks remember my name. ive been calling this since the beginning of summer. grimes will win. In less than one week this nation will clearly say with one, definitive voice, we will not go back in time and we will not go to the right. dems will keep the senate. dems will pickup house seats. dems will defeat 3 or 4 incumbent republican governors this election cycle and shock the republicans and rightwing for years to come. be part of history and vote for democrats on November 4th. it is finally here. we have been waiting four long years for this opportunity to fix the mistake we clearly made in 2010. voters will humiliate republicans again!!! I guarantee it folks!!!

  14. Alison has a great ground game. The Democrats always do. Alison needs 80,000 more dems in Louisville to come out and vote for her. It’s feasible. All the larger cities are predominately Democratic leaning.

  15. Looking Forward..in this small village in NY where I live, I have voted 3 times and it was electronic..OMG…AND..some man came over and stood about 1-1/2 feet away from me while I voted on 1 occasion.

    No wonder—this village is total TP..agh..had I known..but didn’t really have a choice. Had to sell my own home because I couldn’t keep up with property taxes. My son and daughter-in-law bought a mother/daughter home, and I live on 1 side. We are liberals in a tea party village…what FUN! Thanks for alerting me about the electronic, and I will ask for a receipt DJ..didn’t even know there was one. Never voted electronically until I moved here.

    Thanks guys!

  16. I live in Barren County. I can say they never vote for Democrats here on a national scale. President Obama lost here real bad in 2012 and 2008, too much racial hate for one thing. However, they did vote for Clinton pretty good. I say all this because I have a lot of Barren folks on Facebook, and they are mostly Republicans. Even they are tired and want Mitch gone after 30 years of shit. So all I can say is that if he does win, it is rigged by voting Machines that Romney’s son owns that we vote on here.

  17. McConnell hasn’t campaigned in such a long time, he has forgotten how. All he has on his mind is that list of legislation he promised the Koch brothers he would force through when he got re-elected. Now, that he sees the writing on the bathroom wall, he’s starting to worry. What does an ugly middle-aged white man do to get a job? He’ll have a chance to find out. VOTE BLUE for me and for YOU. Come on, Kentucky. Don’t let your country down.

  18. This is why conservatism must be destroyed
    George Will says Alison Grimes was only nominated because she’s a woman

    Maybe George Will should just stop talking about gender issues. His latest rambling, from a column in which he bizarrely argues that the “restoration” of the U.S. Senate’s “dignity” depends on re-electing Mitch McConnell, is that Democrats only nominated McConnell’s opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes because she’s a woman who can “further their ‘Republicans loathe women’ fable.”

  19. If she wins, does that mean Chuck Todd is unqualified to report on any political news anywhere? Just curious.

  20. A receipt won’t do any good.

    One the “chain of custody” is broken, that receipt is useless for a recount.

    SOME of the electronic machines have internal “cash register” tapes, but YOU have to verify the machine recorded your vote correctly.

    Paper ballots can be hand-counted for verification; electronic systems are easy to hack by an expert insider and there’s no way to verify it.

  21. Anybody with a contact in Anonymous?

    They reported stopping the vote hacking in 2012 days before Karl Rove’s meltdown.

  22. must agree dear woman. Message to the people of KY. McConnell is lying. He says he will repeal Obamacare and it won’t hurt Kynect. LIE!! Kynect IS Obamacare. Let Droopy McConnell have his way,and you 400,000 Kentuckians who now have health care,many of you for the first time,will lose it.McConnells alternative? Back to the Emergency Room.

  23. Did not really care for the turtle thing. To me,McConnell looks more like Droopy(the cartoon dog?) Check it out they could be twins!

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