Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Tries To Obstruct Camera Taping Him Signing A Woman’s Hip

David Perdue signing hip/torso of young woman
David Perdue signing hip/torso of young woman

Down in the polls and disgraced as a proud outsourcer, Republican David Perdue decided the best course of action was to sign a young woman’s hip/torso at a rally on Thursday.

On the heels of more bad polls for the “proud jobs outsourcer” David Perdue, the Republican running for a Georgia Senate seat who is currently trailing the Democrat, Michelle Nunn, the thing to do is sign a woman’s torso. His campaign disagreed, though, as they tried to block cameras from taping it.

Watch here:

David Perdue joked as he signed a woman’s torso, “No pictures on this.” Meanwhile, his campaign workers tried to keep it from being taped, holding signs up to obstruct the view as the young woman looked over her shoulder like a kid sneaking a cigarette behind the gym at school.

According to Evan McMorris-Santoro of Buzzfeed reported , the tape was made by a Democratic tracker at a Perdue rally in Jonesboro, Georgia on Thursday. It was uploaded to Youtube by American Bridge 21st Century.

This is Perdue’s attempt to shake the Romney off of himself, after announcing he was proud to have spent his life outsourcing jobs, oh, and also, has as much as a million dollars invested in an exclusive fund managed by a private Swiss bank. This fund invests mostly in companies that operate outside of the USA! USA! USA! Totally just another Georgian, though.

A new CNN poll released Friday shows Nunn in the lead again, and even “more importantly, the CNN poll shows that Nunn would win a runoff between the two candidates.”

If Perdue didn’t want to be caught on tape signing a young woman’s hip like a Hollywood celeb, here’s a novel (navel?) clue: He shouldn’t have done it at a rally where media is bound to be present. He might want to ask Romney how easy it is to hide things caught on tape.

18 Replies to “Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Tries To Obstruct Camera Taping Him Signing A Woman’s Hip”

  1. My stars and garters…these Rethuglicans just cannot help but be total morons as well as completely clueless.

  2. First of all how do you know it was an insulin pump unless you have some enhance audio program from the planet of webullshititis and second you baggers can come up with some excuses that even I could never think of

  3. If you don’t want a picture of you taken doing something that will not be a great visual with voters, DON’T DO IT!! Hello!! Is anybody at home?? Hello!!

  4. Still a phenomenally tone deaf thing to do. As soon as you’ve got a young woman pulling up her shirt for you, the candidate, you’ve got a problem. Even if the truth of the insulin pump is revealed the optics of that video makes any explanation seem dubious at best.

  5. With the Republican War Against Women, this is probably the closest this guy will get to a woman’s ***** for a LONG time.

  6. In the audio you can hear her say something about her insulin pump and that’s where the pumps are usually located. Doesn’t matter though because it was still an incredibly dumb thing to do and the blocking by supporters only makes it sketchier.

    This clown is down by a huge margin with women voters. This isn’t going to help. Yay!

    She’s going to win the runoff. He’s past the comeback point.

  7. Another great opportunity for an outside (as in, not specifically done by the Nunn campaign) political ad, to frame Perdue as someone with something to hide. Show a caricature of him signing a “special interest tax dollar siphon,” with campaign aides frantically obscuring the act at the last second with “Perdue For Senate” campaign signs.

  8. Buzzfeed issued a correction—it was an insulin pump. Are you going to continue exploiting a girl with juvenile diabetes?

  9. So Perdue is ashamed of diabetics and that’s why he said he didn’t want a picture and why his campaign hide him.

  10. What you should be worried about is your boy exploiting American workers by sending their jobs overseas so he can get richer. But I know in baggerland we must have our priorities

  11. First, what female would ask ANYONE to autograph any item of such a personal nature in such a personal place? Second, what sort of brain damage would have to be in place for a politician to accede to such a request? It has nothing to do with an insulin pump. One look at the context of the request and Perdue’s actions spells ICKY.

    Hey Mr. Perdue, would you autograph my G string? Sure, why not?

  12. w/ the money he’s made outsourcing jobs, he’s probably keeping one segment of the economy going.. thanks to referrals past the front door from David Vitter…

  13. I wonder what would have happened if someone asked him to sign their colostomy bag or catheter….BLECH! It is a pretty weird and creepy thing to request and do IMO.
    I think her diabetic condition is probably covered under Obamacare so why support a party that wants to take it away…stranger even. Maybe, she hates Obamacare because of the medical device tax and so she’s for him?… hmmm. I don’t get it but then absolutely nothing repubelickans do makes any sense to me.

  14. It was an audition. Van Nuys, she’s on her way! The insulin pump was a lead in. Oh hell. I forgot, that job has been outsourced.

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