Republican Senate Wave Is Disintegrating As Democrats Again Outraise Republicans

Obama and the Democrats Set a Wall Street Reform Trap for the GOP.

As we race toward the midterm elections that conventional wisdom had already handed to Republicans, things are not going according to plan for Republicans. There is no GOP wave. Republicans are under pressure in red states where they expected to be safe. Even Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in a tight race that will all come down to turnout, as he pays supporters to attend his rallies. And Democrats keep outraising Republicans.

Senate Democrats have outraised Republicans again, with the DSCC taking in $6.5 million to the NRSC’s $6 million in the first two weeks of October. That’s just a $500,000 lead in raising funds, and overall the Senate Democrats have raised $30 million more than the NRSC.

The DSCC also reports getting $1.5 million from the DNC as well as a $10 million loan.

The DSCC reported spending heavily in certain races including Kentucky and Georgia, “In early October the DSCC spent heavily on multi-million dollar ad buys in key states across the country, including new buys in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Colorado while continuing to build and expand investments in the Bannock Street Project, yet still ended the month with $7.8 million on hand.”

DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil thanked the Democrats’ grassroots supporters for giving them the fuel they needed to put up an unprecedented get out the vote fight, “As the campaign shifts to GOTV we’re grateful that our grassroots supporters have given us the resources we need to make unprecedented investments in turnout that will be crucial to holding the majority.”

Money raised by grassroots actual humans who vote can quickly be dominated by the vast dark money sources Republicans have access to, thanks to their corporate agenda that benefits only the top 2%.

But we are once again seeing that dark money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In 2012, it backfired a bit as negative ads went too far (there is an actual tipping point upon which the public says no more). Iowa Republicans Senatorial candidate Joni Ernst was hurt by association with the Koch brothers (and Sarah Palin, but the Tea Party is another brawl for another day).

And as Senator Mitch McConnell knows well, money can’t buy you love. It can bus in paid supporters, but it can’t buy you love.

We are watching the “GOP wave” disintegrate in front of our eyes. And there’s a man in the White House whose own campaign team successfully designed the emphasis on turnout that the Senate Democrats are following. He’s smiling somewhere, because he can see the Republican wave of obstruction disintegrating from his Oval Office window.

It is, shockingly, quite possible that Senate Democrats will barely keep hold of the Senate. And if that happens, smoking Joe Biden could be the tie breaker. Worse things have happened to our nation (see 2010). Goodbye GOP wave.

11 Replies to “Republican Senate Wave Is Disintegrating As Democrats Again Outraise Republicans”

  1. All this talk of the Republicans taking the Senate seems to me to be media hype and wishful thinking. If anything this election may prove to be a wash.

  2. The GOP were never going to win the Senate. They have angered far too many people. And having the most to spend does not always guarantee wins. Just talk about the issues people want to hear, which the GOP cannot do. They are campaigning on nothing!

  3. We as Democrats should not be using the money raised as a sign of strength like the Reich Wing. We should be instead gauge our success by the votes that are cast. We must do what ever possible to keep from lowering ourselves to the Republican mantra of money over mankind. They pulled us into this money fight but we must not let them drag us down to the gutter with them. Vote AMERICAN Vote DEMOCRAT!!

  4. Ok..where’s the Coward who will vote us down yet not have the courage to post a comment why? Come on, let’s hear your reasons, or are they so weak and factless that they will not retain water?

  5. If it takes that much money to inform people and get them to vote then those voters are whores and giving hard working prostitutes a bad rep.

  6. Add 5 or 6 state governors to it and ol Rover NutTwist will really be there right next to Karl in the meltdown

  7. I think this column is wishful thinking for liberals and I’m a liberal.

    I’d love to see nothing more than Republicans getting slapped by the voters for their behavior the last couple years, but I just don’t see it in the myriad of polling averages out there, which all give Republicans about a 60% shot at retaking the senate.

    Taking away the 10 closest senate races gives Democrats 45 seats. Of the 10 they have good chances of winning are Hagan, Shaheen and now Michelle Nunn. That’s 48 seats. Then there’s Landrieu, Begich and Udall in the fight of their political lives. A Democrat isn’t even beating that dingbat Joni Ernst in Iowa, even though the race is very close.

    48 is doable, but I just don’t see where those other 2 victories will come from. There is definitely a small Republican wave coming and it’s a matter of the Democrats being able to turn out and stem the tide.

  8. bs jason i think ur wrong, ur going by the polls and u can take this to the bank dems will rewin us senate gop will not get us senate, so jason u will learn to quit believing polls and pundits

  9. also there is no republican wave and i question whether ur a liberal u maybe a gop tp in disguise but if im wrong get off ur arse stop complaining and vote for dems and besides ur one opinion, we dems will keep the senate, but jason u just go ahead and believe the polls of a gop win, and when u wake up november 5th next month and realize democrats pulled it off and kept us senate realy close u will realize u were duped by koch brothers o yes i got this poll this week by democracy corps which is known to be a accurate polling group shows us senate tied by margin of error but still even with margin of error dems have a 3 to 4 point lead here it is >>>

  10. also read these more proof that dems will keep us senate and thank u for allowing me to school u jason……………

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