Open Carry Enthusiasts Plan On Marching Through St. Louis Carrying Pistols And Rifles

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A gun rights activist from Ohio plans to lead a march through downtown St. Louis on Saturday afternoon. The walk through the heart of the downtown area will start at 1 PM local time and consist of other open carry enthusiasts. Smith has asked those joining him on Saturday to bring long rifles or pistols. He’s asking that those walking either have the long rifles slung or the pistols holstered. Smith is also requesting that those participating not bring ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flags, other political paraphernalia, camouflage or anything else that will make the group look like a militia.

Per Smith’s Facebook page, he has 159 saying they will attend with 90 maybes. That number will likely fluctuate by the start of the march, so it is hard to say how many will actually show up. The plan is to walk from the Gateway Mall down to the Arch and then back to the mall. It appears this is not an organized event with any permits from the city. Therefore, Smith is urging the participants to follow basic traffic laws and stay on the sidewalks. In fact, he is encouraging them to take their time on the walk so as to draw as much attention as possible. Smith claims that the march is to raise awareness of gun rights.

Recently, Missouri passed Amendment 5, which states that citizens have an unalienable right to bear arms. Like other red states, Missouri decided to appease gun owners and energize conservative voters by placing an unnecessary gun rights bill on the ballot. This law is apparently in place to fight any potential federal gun control laws that may be passed in the future. Essentially, it is just a way for gun rights ‘activists’ to claim that they have another roadblock in place in case the liberals come calling for their guns. However, while it supposedly strengthens the state’s gun laws, the language is so vague that one really can’t say what it truly means.

In Smith’s case, he wants to see just how strong the Missouri law really is. He told the Riverfront Times earlier in the week that his interpretation was that he did not need to have a Missouri conceal and carry permit to walk through St. Louis openly carrying his firearm. As Smith doesn’t have a Missouri CCW, he’s willing to be arrested so he can apparently expose the “intentional indifference” to Missouri’s strong gun laws by different municipalities. You can read Smith’s latest update on the walk here.

When looking at those who’ve responded that they are attending, you see a very homogeneous guest list. With a few exceptions, those who plan on attending are white. Ask yourself this question? If this were an organized march of activists and protesters from Ferguson who planned on walking through the downtown area strapped with AR-15s and Glocks, what kind of reaction do you think they’d get? Heck, less than 100 mostly black protesters chanting ‘Hands up! Don’t shoot’ can’t go anywhere in the St. Louis area without attracting dozens of cops in riot gear and a helicopter overhead. If they were all walking and chanting while carrying assault rifles, local residents would be requesting martial law to be enforced and the area to be locked down by the National Guard.

One also has to wonder if Smith and his cohorts are hoping to have some kind of confrontation with Ferguson protesters. It is obvious he is looking for as much attention as possible as he’s been making the local media rounds in advance of the Saturday march. Is there a hope that he can garner additional exposure and attract more (likely white) supporters to the cause by getting into an altercation with a mostly African-American group. It is not clear yet if there will be any counter-protests on the scene, whether by Ferguson protesters or gun control activists.


ETA: This march for gun rights and awareness will take place in the shadow of the nation’s 87th school shooting since the Sandy Hook tragedy. Washington high school student Jaylen Fryberg wounded four students and killed another one before turning the gun on himself Friday morning.

40 Replies to “Open Carry Enthusiasts Plan On Marching Through St. Louis Carrying Pistols And Rifles”

  1. I’m confused.

    In the picture, there are two men carrying weapons slung over their back. One’s weapon is pointing upwards and the other’s weapon is pointing down.

    Which is the correct way to handle a weapon? And, if they are both avid 2nd Amendment defenders- people who claim they are well trained in the use & maintenance of guns, should they not both be aware of the proper way to handle a weapon?

  2. I’ve been saying this for years, that blacks must assert the same rights that whites have been asserting for years. The police do NOT look for blacks to be armed because they know a lot of blacks have been convicted of felonies on purpose. But if the blacks that can legally carry a gun, carried openly in states that allow it like the whites did, I bet you the police would be a whole lot less likely to show up and just start shooting at people because armed people shoot back.

  3. That will definitely get rid of any possible other tourists to St. Louis, or Missouri for that matter.

  4. Didn’t you get the memo. White people do not commit terrorism. Did you ever hear anything about Eric Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh, Aryan nation, the Klan being called terrorist? And I wont even go into the teahadist caucus in Congress who tried to destroy the full faith and credit of the United States

  5. “… In fact, he is encouraging them to take their time on the walk so as to draw as much attention as possible. Smith claims that the march is to raise awareness of gun rights.”

    Probably wants to make sure some of the more corpulent attendees don’t have a stroke or heart attack waddling from one end to the other. That would tend to make the event go a little off-message.

  6. Only thing to do is continually call the pigs, yell and laugh at them out of your windows, call them tiny penis people and make fun of them any way you can. The right to bear arms brings responsibility with it, and this is not showing responsibility.

    Other then that, shoot them from behind cars and claim stand your ground

  7. I don’t think so. Once again, blacks don’t have the same rights as blacks. Black people will be arrested or kill by the police if the open carry. Haven’t heard of any black people attempting to do this. And not every black person has a criminal record. There are blacks who don’t care to own and carry a gun. There are other rights besides the Second Amendment that black people are more interested in.

  8. The correct way to carry a shoulder rifle is with the Barrel of the gun pointing up! If the gun mis-fired or went off because of he person carrying is inexperienced if it is pointing down it could recashay off the side walk an hurt some one. If he trips an the Barrel is pointing down, it could cause damage to the Barrel or his/her body! A lot of these people who open carry are NOT experienced with rifle’s or guns of any kind an that alone makes them dangerous to our communities!

  9. I was raised in a farm family an we like our guns. My family an friends tend to hunt every season too. This is NOT what our Rights to bear arms was about! Back when this Right was given they had muskets not AR-15’s an repeaters that shoots up to 30 in a clip! Our fore Fathers gave us the constitutional right to bear arms in order for us to hunt for our food (necessary back then in low populated area’s), an to protect our property/families! NEVER in their wildest dreams would they believed back then that what they put in the Constitution as our Rights to Bear arms would be used for intimidation/Scare tactics! Way back when even in Tomb stone they to check their guns at the sheriff’s office before going into town! It was up to the Sheriff an his deputies to keep them all safe while inside the city limits an visiting. It wasn’t always like this in the U.S, an we use to know what Rights To Bear Arms really meant!

  10. These idiot racists really think they are intimidating and are billy bad asses.

    F’ing instigators.

  11. They want a reason to shoot black men boys women doesn’t matter. To every AA i say stay in your home. Keep your kids inside. They’re itching right along with the Tpartiers NRA & the GOP and every white racist. The first blink and they plan to shoot you and blame it on liberals. Let their coward asses walk with their teeny weeny peterweeters and their stupid guns and let kill each other. Let them walk your streets but give them no audience. Im not kidding.

  12. As a lifelong St Louis resident, I always feel compelled to point out that while Missouri may be a Red state (mainly due to the rural areas), St Louis is solidly Blue. It gets to be a drag to have people assume that everyone who lives in your state thinks like these right wingers.

  13. Why is this guy from Ohio not being called an ‘outside agitator?’ This is NOT what our city needs right now. You’re right, most people don’t realize that St. Louis itself is solidly blue. That’s one of the things I can’t stand about living in O’Fallon. Solid red all the way.

  14. This is another result of another SCOTUS misinterpretation and decision of the U.S. Constitution which brings out the impotence and insanity of gun worship by some.

  15. They have to hurry because they have to get to their Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) charity ride later on in the day.

  16. Right to bear arms have everything to do with the right to be uneducated and misinformed it seems these days. These days the uneducated and misinformed has a platform that for once they can really wrap their tiny mindsets around. May sound way off base, but, misinformation and lack of education surely seems to be the emotional fertilizer that drives most of these numb nuts with guns these days.

  17. Let’s see what the police response is to this protest march. Let’s see if the swat troopers are out in force in their armored vehicles.

  18. Conscript all those wannabe heroes and send them to the ISIS front. Then we’ll see how brave they really are.

    Just my point-of-view as a former VietNam medic.

  19. CNN:All Teas, brewed and instant, sold out in St. Louis area. Residents of English descent outraged! FOX:Assa demands inquiry. MSNBC:(Chuck) Says residents should have bought TEA on Friday. The Blaze:Prez Obama confiscated it for Ebola cure. Just sayin”.

  20. But Police have stated that people do get hurt when people shoot into the air when celebrating. So the safes way to carry a rifle in regards to the public is with the end pointed into your body.

  21. The 2nd Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting at all. It doesn’t even grant the right to keep and bear arms. Everything in the Bill of Rights states rights that we already have that the government is explicitly not allowed to interfere with. It is illegal for the government to pass laws that restrict freedom of speech. In the same way it is illegal for the government to enact laws that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.

  22. Does that include the types of arms you can have? Supreme court says that can be regulated as it doesnt infringe on the rights to own

  23. These dudes are the ones in high school that were weird then. You saw them but you really didn’t. And it wasn’t the people that didn’t see them fault. NOW they they have a way to be something in a bigger community. They buy their way in with a weapon. Wow ! What brave men.

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