Senator Ted Cruz’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Says Obamacare Is To Blame For Ebola


After it had been confirmed that a doctor in New York City had tested positive for Ebola, conservatives reignited their fear mongering and Obama-blaming over the disease. Craig Spencer, an emergency room physician in New York, had recently returned from a trip in West Africa where he was working with Doctors Without Borders treating Ebola patients. Spencer was placed into isolation when he reported a fever of 103 Thursday morning. The night before he spent the evening bowling and took a taxi home. Mainstream media covered the story breathlessly and without interruption Thursday evening.

Spencer is the first new confirmed case of Ebola in the United States in nearly two weeks. The potential spread of the disease in Dallas and Ohio looks to be fully contained. Dallas-area nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, who contracted the disease while caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, are both improving as they are being cared for in isolation. Vinson is now clear of the disease but it still being held for further monitoring. Duncan, a Liberian resident who traveled to Dallas last month, died from the disease. No one else who was in contact with Duncan, Pham or Vinson has shown signs of infection.

For a while, it looked like the panic over Ebola was finally going to die down. President Obama placated Republicans by naming an Ebola czar. The calls for travel bans to and from West Africa had died down. (There are some restrictions concerning destinations now in place.) With no new cases popping up in the States, the media had moved on to other stories. However, the NYC infection brought the crazies back out of the woodwork. Among them was Nick Muzin, Deputy Chief of Staff for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). On Thursday evening, Muzin sent a tweet blaming Obamacare for the spread of Ebola. Muzin quickly deleted the tweet. However, others had already saved it for posterity.


Muniz later claimed that he was try trying to be sarcastic and that it didn’t come across well in the tweet.

Considering that Muzin works for Cruz, who has been on a crusade to blame Obamacare for all of society’s ills since entering the Senate, I doubt seriously this was just a bad joke gone awry. More likely, Muzin was catching so much flak that he was told to delete it and offer an ‘explanation’ immediately. Muzin probably thought he was just following Cruz’s lead when it comes to Cruz’s Obamacare message and tried to impress his boss.

While Muniz just wanted to smear Obamacare by using Ebola, professional troll and wannabe president Donald Trump said that President Obama needs to resign immediately because of this latest Ebola case.


Mind you, it has already been stated to Republicans calling for travel bans to and from West Africa that there are no direct flights between the countries experiencing outbreaks of Ebola and the United States. Experts have also pointed out that placing restrictions on travel to and from those countries make it more likely that the disease will rage further within those borders and potentially spread quicker into surrounding countries and the world. However, nobody wants to hear that while they are busy spreading fear and panic.

Republicans want the narrative to be that Obama and Democrats are bringing Ebola into this country. We need to vote out Democrats and force Obama to resign. With this new case, they’ve been given a new chance to drive the crazy train into Election Day.

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27 Replies to “Senator Ted Cruz’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Says Obamacare Is To Blame For Ebola”

  1. Now the media is front lining every idiot who can run to a camera.. Expect to see, hear from every know-nothing politician flood the airwaves..

  2. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump should take a hike. They are nothing but jerks. You can polish a TURD, but that doesn’t take out the smell. Get a life (in another country).

  3. I loved some of the comments in response to that tweet, someone said ‘before Ted Cruz was elected to the senate we did not have ebola’
    I think it was due to the responses that he
    came back and ‘sort of’ retracted his joke.

  4. They just can’t help themselves. And they wonder why we refer to them as RWNJ’S. They say the first thing that comes to their hradse, no matter how ridiculous. Only a Republican would blame a disease on health insurance.

  5. This report is false. There are direct flights from Africa to the US. I can book a flight on Delta to and from Nigeria LOS to Atlanta as we speak.

  6. GOP and Trump always plumbing the depth of stupidity in the American people. They are encouraged by the fact that there are republicans currently holding elected office. Hopefully, that changes.

  7. Ted Cruz, his goofy staffer and Donald Duck Trump are chumps! Idiots! Trump’s childish tweets are a clear indication that he’s got The Obama derrangement syndrome. His Birther spots are still on his body (Not cured from that disease yet). Again, I repeat, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are clowns. Not to be taken seriously on NOTHING. Trump says Obama is incompetent….Really? How about HIM and his failed Casinos in Atlantic City and elsewhere. They are taking his name off. And his bankrupt companies are a sign of HIS incompetence! So the Donald should: STFU!

  8. Something I always wondered about. How do you lose money owning a casino? And still be thought of as a business genius!!!

  9. I never said there were no direct flights from Africa to the US. I said there are no direct flights between the countries experiencing outbreaks of Ebola in West Africa and the US.

    “Mind you, it has already been stated to Republicans calling for travel bans to and from West Africa that there are no direct flights between the countries experiencing outbreaks of Ebola and the United States.”

    Nigeria is not one of those countries.

  10. A very good reminder on dem underground today, that Obama was warning the rethugs at the beginning of September about a possible Ebola outbreak to perhaps reach here, he gave them the request for the needed funds to fight it and they gave him less than half of what he needed.
    How many of the media outlets have bothered to tell that!

  11. Is your last name Palin by any chance Tom? Africa is a continent and inside that continent are the countries of Liberia and Nigeria. Plus Sierra Leone. So you see how stupid you sound?

  12. I believe you are the one sounding stupid. Nigeria is one of the Countries considered the “West African Ebola countries”. It just so happens to have been declared ebola free in the last week. Next week may be a different story.

  13. No, its you. There are no bans on flying, the article says that. Nigeria is ebolla free. Are you killing your own arguement?

  14. Saw Darryl Issa questioning a doctor testifing before his committee. He seemed lost as to what disease he was even asking about (eboli, ecoli), or something like that. He wanted this guy to say you could get it from ridding on the subway. Trump, Cruz, Issa, all idiots with the same agenda.

  15. “when he reported a fever of 103”
    I believe this has been corrected – he had a fever of 100.3, not 103. If it were 103, he would have been a lot sicker than he was.

    THAT said, people who do not understand the disease (i.e., most of Congress) should shut up – they are doing more harm than good.

    All this fear-mongering is childish and the political hay being made over it is insulting to the thousands of people who have died of the virus.

    Read the facts about Ebola and stop buying the fear the GOP is trying to sell you.

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