It Gets Worse For Republicans As Mitch McConnell Busted For Using Non-Kentucky Woman in Ad


Mitch McConnell has done it again. The fading Kentucky Republican has gone beyond paying people to attend his rallies to having a non-Kentucky woman appear in his ad touting female support for Sen. McConnell in Kentucky.

Here is the new McConnell ad:

One of the four young women starring in a new McConnell ad criticizing Alison Lundergan Grimes isn’t from Kentucky.

The New York Times reported, “That woman, Dallas Knierman, who criticizes Ms. Grimes in the ad because “she wants me to believe that strong women and strong values are incompatible,” is registered in Mercer County, Pa., according to both states’ voter databases. On a personal blog, Ms. Knierman says she is student at the University of Louisville “hailing from Pennsyltucky.'”

Here’s the thing. Pennsyltucky isn’t a real place. It doesn’t exist in Pennsylvania, or Kentucky. People who live in the central more rural and conservative part of the state like to refer to themselves as being from Pennsyltucky. It’s almost unbelievable that on the same week that McConnell managed to get busted for having to buy supporters to come to his rallies, his campaign also got caught using a non-Kentucky voter in his new political ad.

This isn’t difficult. If a campaign is going to make an ad about Kentucky women, all of the women featured in the ad should be from Kentucky. It is not a high standard to reach considering that Mitch McConnell is one of the two senators from Kentucky. When will Republicans learn that they can’t get away with this stuff? The Internet will catch them every time.

The ironic thing is that the ad is titled, “Represents me,” which is exactly what Mitch McConnell doesn’t do for the Pennsylvania voter starring in his ad. Things are going from bad to worse for Sen. McConnell. Alison Lundergan Grimes is gaining momentum while the Republicans has to buy supporters to attend his rallies, and pass off non-Kentuckians in political ads.

McConnell is stumbling to the finish line, as his days as a United States senator may be numbered.

24 Replies to “It Gets Worse For Republicans As Mitch McConnell Busted For Using Non-Kentucky Woman in Ad”

  1. I’m from Kentucky. I never have voted for McConnell. He doesn’t represent the things I believe in. He couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Louisville. And even though it’s true, there are two senators from Kentucky, neither were born here. Both carpetbaggers and teabaggers. Only thing worse would be to live in Texas!

  2. It’s amazing how much this seasoned veteran campaigner seems to be screwing up this bad. Every day a new revelation of his ineptitude pops up. Gotta love that karma.

  3. I love how as we reach the home stretch, McConnell is making it easier for Alison to defeat him. I’ve seen the ad, it doesn’t make sense. Alison has been an advocate for women, and is a strong woman herself. I’m not sure where McConnell is going with it.
    He’s drowning. It would appear the ad about why Alison wouldn’t state who she voted for wasn’t working. It shouldn’t have. I don’t think Kentuckians are twiddling their thumbs, worried about how she voted. It’s a non issue.

  4. Is there a reason this guy thinks that the election is in the bag? What are these “voting mechanisms” that Christie talks about? Is the grinch getting ready to steal elections? VOTE BLUE for me and for YOU.

  5. A few years ago another politician running for governor, did exactly the same thing. He used an actor from Pennsylvania, to pose as a coal miner. They crucified him. Can only hope McConnell is held to the same standards.

  6. It makes perfect Sense.

    They tried to find a Woman from Kentucky but they ALL REFUSED.

    I’m sure that those Kentucky Women will tell Mitch exactly what they think on November 4.

  7. So these women apparently are minimizing themselves, AG is not minimizing them. This commercial makes zero sense.

    This group of women must like to receive less pay for doing the same job as men

    This is so lame! but laughable!

  8. What can you expect from a candidate that doesn’t know the difference between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Duke Blue Devils. To Mitch, blue is blue and a woman is just another girl to marginalize.

  9. This happens to the gop every election year. Ladies, men in flannel shirts, you name it the gop has failed at it.

    The story of McConnell’s career. Fail for the people, win for the koch

  10. I am a Republican and I can’t stand this guy. What an idiot. Whats the matter? Could he not find enough women for the ad in Kentucky? I am as sick of dumba$$ Republicans as I am dumba$$ Democrats. I really wish these guys would get their acts together.

  11. In the ad, these women actually claim to READ THE MIND of Alison Grimes, by saying “SHE THINKS…”this and “SHE THINKS…”that.
    Unless speakers can cite actual quotes from Grimes saying what she thinks, they have no right to speak for what she thinks in her head.

    I can say what I think, and I can quote what you actually say; but I cannot say what you think. There are no mind readers.

  12. I want to see McConnell defeated and a Democratic majority in the Senate, but really this is small potatoes.

    Does it really matter whether every one of the actors in McConnell’s adverts are actual Kentuckians?

    This is the same category of fuss the right-whingers make when Obama makes some minute flub. There are real reasons to kick McConnell out of office, but this is not one of them.

  13. None of this matters, it’s getting no coverage here in Kentucky. Turdhole Man will win by 5 to 7 percent. ALG had it until she wouldn’t answer the obvious…

  14. Anyone, who votes for any Republican, deserves the devastation that the Party of Jesus-Riding Dinosaurs brings.

  15. When you Google Kentucky Senate race all you see are the articles supporting McConnell. It’s not just in Kentucky, I’m in California.

  16. I’m glad to hear that, as a Republican, you dislike McConnell. Clearly, you are intelligent and discerning in your political views. However, that begs the question of why you identify as a Republican at all? What policy, what part of their platform keeps you in their camp? I’m being totally serious here. IMHO, unless you’re very wealthy, it’s literally impossible to make a factual argument that the GOP furthers the interest of this country. I’m not trolling you here, I commend you for commenting on such a liberal site. Just curious. [BTW, I identified as a Republican until about 15 years ago. Still repenting]

  17. I knew it! Those tinfoil hats have government lie detector chips in them. There’ll be an investigation.

  18. I am also from Pennsyltucky and I can’t wait until Kentucky DITCHES MITCH!!!

    HEY woman, STOP embarrassing MY STATE!!!!

  19. Send the Turtle packing out of the Gridlock for better government. Our government deserves better, someone who’ll work for Kentucky and the nation.Vote for Alison Grimes, she’ll get things done.

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