Bill Maher Shreds Chuck Todd and Meet The Press For Lacking Integrity

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Bill Maher took a moment during his New Rules segment to call out the media for lacking integrity. Maher specifically pointed a finger at Chuck Todd and Meet The Press.


Maher’s topic was how Republicans in Kansas are using the bogus strip club “scandal” to distract voters from the fact that Sam Brownback has destroyed the state’s economy with trickle down economics. Maher also took a moment to shred Meet The Press and Chuck Todd for dignifying the story.

The Real Time host said,

Brownback’s experiment was such a colossal failure that in a state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic senator since the outhouse moved indoors that over one hundred former Republican officials in Kansas endorsed the Democrat, Paul Davis, who a month ago was a shoo-in to take over.

But then something horrible happened, it was revealed that sixteen years ago, when Paul Davis was an unmarried twenty six year old man, one night he went to a strip club, and now good people all across this once great nation are asking themselves what do we tell the children?

But of course it worked, Davis started to lose ground in the polls so he apologized saying he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yeah, Kansas. No wait, I like Kansas. I actually go there. This is not just about Kansas. This is a national disease. An unholy alliance of easily distracted voters, and a shameful pandering media, which used to have the integrity to filter out sh*t like this.

But today what happens is, the story ran in the local press, within hours Politico picked it up, and a day later, Meet The Press, yes, Meet The Press further dignified the story by allowing Grover Norquist to talk about it. To say about Paul Davis that he is, “Not the kind of person you could ask your sister to vote for.”

Maher was right. It is a widespread problem within the mainstream media, and Meet The Press used to be one of those filters that used to weed out baseless and tasteless nonsense like the Kansas strip club story.

Meet The Press used to hold a special place in the media. Chuck Todd is continuing David Gregory’s practice of chasing the shiny Republican talking point. The problem with Chuck Todd, Meet The Press, and the mainstream press in general is a lack of integrity. Chuck Todd believes that it is not his job to challenge Republican lies.

Meet The Press didn’t need a new host or a new set. The show needed a dose of the kind of integrity that died with Tim Russert. Chuck Todd’s refusal to allow the show fulfil its purpose is one reason that he isn’t the right choice to lead Meet The Press.

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  1. Heaven help us if we are all held accountable for mistakes we made when young and stupid! Brownback has gotta go, NOW!! They prefer to re-elect a man who has destroyed their economy over a man who committed indiscretions in his youth? Really? Then we’re all screwed. Brownback isn’t in his youth, yet he has made major indiscretions regarding Kansas, punish him, not Davis!

  2. Meet The Press didn’t need a new host or a new set. The show needed a dose of the kind of integrity that died with Tim Russert. Chuck Todd’s refusal to allow the show fulfil its purpose is one reason that he isn’t the right choice to lead Meet The Press.

    Forgetting for a moment that Russert was death Chaney whore when will people realize these shows are not there to inform you on how rotten our country has become.

    The reason is they don’t want an inform public because if the public was better inform then the next step would be the guillotines for the 1% and they know it.

  3. Just one question: Where have all the adults gone? Death notwithstanding! When immature, egocentric baby boomers (and younger) are given jobs formerly held by responsible, intelligent and logical adults then “Meet The Press”, the present version results!
    As the TV audience gets ever-younger it is not a mystery as to why “kids” today are so damned uninformed!

  4. If mtp and other shows like it don’t challenged the guests it’s no more than a debate.

    Why wouldn’t mtp and other shows challenge the guests? Why? Because the gop would be caught in many, many lies. And be caught in making weird, off the wall statement. They would refuse to stand by their convictions.

    They would lie like they do in other media. They would fiend foul on the simplest questions. They would whine it’s a set up. They would only be guests on their own propaganda media.

    Truth, honesty and integrity would be lacking from the gop.

    The hosts of these shows also need to follow up and do corrections as soon as possible.

    Also, Todd it isn’t about you.

  5. We have a habit of elevating the dearly departed to mythical levels. I never could stand Tim Russert–he was a jerk cut from the same cloth as Tweety Bird.

  6. Austerity doesn’t work either.

    We need to give President Obama the Congress we need. Let’s get the work done.

    Let the right keep on reading “Green Eggs and Ham.”

    Vote Dem and watch the economy get much better.

  7. As always, the satirical news and talk shows have a better handle on what’s going on than the actual news media.

  8. MTP is so for gone, there isn’t any coming back. Can you imagine if Chuckie grew a spine and actually challenged one one of these gop asshats? McCain, Graham,, McConnell, one of them would have coronary! Please let it be McConnell, oh wait he’s not doing Sunday shows until after the election.

  9. ‘While You’re At It’: Bill, can you please explain to me why the press/republicans are blaming President Obama for Ebola in the US, or is he being blamed for Ebola in Africa? According to my research, one person has died of Ebola in the US. And, there have been about 74 more school shootings with those ‘good ole boy’ guns since Sandy Hook. I haven’t heard a campaign word from the democrats blaming republicans running for office about gun violence and the numbers of dead children. Now there’s an epidemic of biblical proportions. Let’s see, did President Obama start that too? Someone, other than you Bill, must challenge the republicans. But, let’s face it, main stream media doesn’t have the balls for it. One must have balls to challenge lies, misrepresentations, lazy-do-nothings,and finger pointing absurdities. But, you aren’t going to see that on NBC, CBS, or ABC, maybe MSNBC. You know who would make the best host for MTP? Rachel Maddow.

  10. From: the desk of Phil Griffin
    To: all hosts and guests on MSNBC
    – Great work on making “Obviously” the new “So.”
    – Everyone on our network is now saying “Obviously,” if not in every sentence, at least in every paragraph.
    – It’s catching on, too. I heard Josh Ernest use it 5 times in a 10 minute Q & A with the White House Press the other day.
    – I also heard President Obama use it 5 times in his remarks recently that also lasted about 10 minutes. See, we do have an effect on the national stage–we’re making a difference!
    – Special mention to Ronan Farrow who uses “Obviously” at least twice as much as any other host, with honorable mention to Joy Reid who says “And obviously” all the time. You both have perfected the use of “Obviously,” and I have noticed you both going even further by using, what I like to call, “The Double Obviously,” where you use the word “Obviously” in back to back sentences. Who’s going to be the first to use a “Triple?”

  11. Visiting a strip club shouldn’t even be considered an indiscretion. If it is so wrong, why doesn’t Kansas outlaw it? This whole distraction is just sad, pathetic and demonstrated that idiotic voters outnumber the non-idiotic voters by too many.

  12. Those that challenge the gop talking points will surely be in the unemployment line. Media money talks, all the rest is walking, talking bs. Chuckie and the like have got the message from those that have tried in the pass. What is different with Chuckie and Gergory are that they were gop bser’s from the beginning.

  13. Actually, he is. The few people that control ALL the MSM HAVE no integrity and neither do the prostitutes that work for them. I can’t help but wonder why no one ever mentions the HUGE profits the MSM makes every election cycle. I am one of the old white uneducated southern women we see so much chat about. Half blind at that. But even I can see where such a huge part of the money that is moved around in elections go.

  14. And that my friend tells us the REAL story of politics. All politicians are for sale. And the Golden Rule is.. “Them with the most gold makes the rules”.

  15. Starving Rtist, of course Kansas could outlaw strip joints…but the men folk who live there would have no place to go.

    Typical GOPT..the rules only apply to others, no them.

  16. Why do Chuck Todd let the Gop come on Meet the Press and tell lies on the President, and he do not correct them when he know its a lie. Thats what gets me.

  17. We don’t need political interviewers ( and especially not comedians ) to tell us when they think someone is lying…we can get that kind of drool all day long in political ads. Chuck Todd is doing a good job of letting people reveal who they are on their own with a well thought out question. Tim Russert did this well, and Chuck Todd is new, but doing well in this regard.

  18. Chuck Todd and Grover Norquist are useless talking hats that lack any credibility. That’s why they are on TV. You wouldn’t want the truth telecast since that would hurt the ears of the nation.

  19. I’m trying to watch “Meet the Press” this morning – and it’s an abominable show. Chuck Todd is as partisan as Chuck Schumer. Tim Russert’s legacy is thoroughly ruined. Chuck Todd’s little bus tour was an embarrassment; watching him pump gas into a bus or pour himself coffee at a truck stop after he looks for the word “republican” on a bus? Yep, “If it’s Sunday, it’s what-a-waste-of-time”. Another diatribe against the Kock brothers. Democrats have raised $111 million while the republicans have raised $82 million. Did Chuck Todd address this? NO!!!!

  20. The local news paper in Louisville said this morning, the Chuck Todd effect could be hurting McConnell. Keep it up for a while longer Chuck, then just go away.

  21. A guy went to a strip club? My G-d and the sun still rises and shines on Kansas? Personally, I think they should close the whole state of Kansas down, because of that. Yes…yes indeed. It is just terrible, that a young, red blooded, male would do such a thing. Be interested in the beauty of women. For the shame of it all. Then again, maybe if he’d taken pictures, one just might see republican wives pictures. On second thought….”bar keep, get me another cold one and change the channel back to that tinee bikini channel, will you?”. Where does it end? People starving, out of work and it is not getting any better out there…and this is what Kansas has to worry about??

  22. To allow the very people who crashed the economy in 2008 and who spent the last 6 years doing absolutely nothing to help fix it, to give them control of both houses of congress, says more about the people of this country then anything else. A people so dumb and gullible will surely reap what it sows………

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