Republican Heads Explode As Obama Uses Science To Beat Down Ebola Hysteria

Obama ebola hysteria science

The president is hitting Republicans, and the Ebola hysterical media with some hard science based Ebola truth.

The president said,

New travel measures are now directing all travelers from the three affected countries in West Africa into five U.S. airports where we’re conducting additional screening. Starting this week, these travelers will be required to report their temperatures and any symptoms on a daily basis—for 21 days until we’re confident they don’t have Ebola. Here at the White House, my new Ebola response coordinator is working to ensure a seamless response across the federal government. And we have been examining the protocols for protecting our brave health care workers, and, guided by the science, we’ll continue to work with state and local officials to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and health of the American people.

In closing, I want to leave you with some basic facts. First, you cannot get Ebola easily. You can’t get it through casual contact with someone. Remember, down in Dallas, even Mr. Duncan’s family—who lived with him and helped care for him—even they did not get Ebola. The only way you can get this disease is by coming into direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone with symptoms. That’s the science. Those are the facts.

Sadly, Mr. Duncan did not survive, and we continue to keep his family in our prayers. At the same time, it’s important to remember that of the seven Americans treated so far for Ebola—the five who contracted it in West Africa, plus the two nurses from Dallas—all seven have survived. Let me say that again—seven Americans treated; all seven survived. I’ve had two of them in the Oval Office. And now we’re focused on making sure the patient in New York receives the best care as well.

Here’s the bottom line. Patients can beat this disease. And we can beat this disease. But we have to stay vigilant. We have to work together at every level—federal, state and local. And we have to keep leading the global response, because the best way to stop this disease, the best way to keep Americans safe, is to stop it at its source—in West Africa.

And we have to be guided by the science—we have to be guided by the facts, not fear. Yesterday, New Yorkers showed us the way. They did what they do every day—jumping on buses, riding the subway, crowding into elevators, heading into work, gathering in parks. That spirit—that determination to carry on—is part of what makes New York one of the great cities in the world. And that’s the spirit all of us can draw upon, as Americans, as we meet this challenge together.

The president used the phrase guided by science repeatedly for a reason. Science tells us that Ebola poses very little threat to the American people. The fact is that the flu will kill more Americans this year than Ebola ever could.

More children died from the flu in one week last January (10) then there are Americans who have contracted Ebola in the United States (2). Both of the Ebola cases were healthcare professionals. The other people who have been treated for Ebola in the US acquired the virus while visiting West Africa.

Republicans are whipping up fear because they are trying to win an election. The media are spreading hysteria as a tactic to boost ratings and revenue. Cable news is trying to turn Ebola panic into a profitable cottage industry.

Republicans hate science. When the president mentions science, GOP heads begin to explode. The Republican Party is based on belief and values. There is no room for science in today’s Republican Party or with the majority of their supporters.

Republicans refuse to believe the science on climate change, so it is a small leap of illogic for these same people to think that Ebola is a threat to their lives.

The president is pushing back against a wave of cynical partisan exploitation and media hysteria. President Obama is smacking down the Republican generated Ebola hysteria with the powerful weapons of truth and science. Those who are spreading Ebola fears for profit or political gain should be ashamed of the panic that they are causing.

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  1. Sadly its just not the teahadist being stupid you got some Democratic Senators joining the club so I have to say the village media failed us again.

  2. Rabies, equally deadly as Ebola. Why are we not testing all the dogs in the neighborhood that bark? Science is knowledge, unfortunately for some folks it is not a substitute for encouraging chaos. The demonstration of ignorance by elected officials in this regard should be a shock to all of us that vote.

  3. If there’s one thing Republicans like, is practicing medicine without a license. If their heads explode, one of them can glue it back on, right?

  4. Calm down, folks. Republicans don’t hate science. It is the liberal media that is whipping up the hysteria. Please report some real news, please.

  5. Liberal media? Republicans dont hate science? Then why do they think the world is 6000 years old and that man walked with Dinos? Why do they contiunually try to pass laws to destroy the earth?

    Sorry Terrence, but the drugs they have you on arnt working

  6. Blame the liberal media. It’d sure be easier if Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes could control all media outlets and spread the “truth” according to the famous Doo-wop group, Teabagger Teddy Cruz and the Kochsuckers.

  7. But in a way they do. How many ridiculous stories push by fox ended up in the so called liberal media? BTW I didn’t know Disney, Comcast and the CBS corporation whose Parent company Westinghouse were flaming hippies

  8. Well Rand Paul says you can get it from riding on the bus, and he’s a doctor! Of course his wife and inlaws founded the board that certified him. Poor Kentucky, this guy and the the one that doesn’t believe in climate change. Oh that’s right, he’s not a scientist.

  9. I go straight to the source, to the website that they promote so widely, find the story and the comments and publicly call them on it. CNN, for example, yesterday roared into town where the school shooting took place and somehow within an hour of the shooting was interviewing l4 year olds who were still in shock. I asked them what the hell they were doing interviewing minors who were still traumatized, some being within feet of the shooting. I have called them on their unbalanced reporting on the president, Ebola, and on and on and will continue to do so!

  10. Obama’s response has been very weak. It wasn’t until the one doctor decided he’d traipse around New York City that a quarantine of anyone in direct contact with ebola patients was instituted.

    This was done by the Democratic governor of New York and the Republican governor of New Jersey. The Democratic governor of Illinois has followed. Soon we’ll find out whether the Democratic governor of Virginia and the Republican governor of George will institute quarantines in their states.

    Obama sits on the sidelines while others have the fortitude to act to protect our country. By the way, I voted for Obama twice. What a joke.

  11. “By the way, I voted for Obama twice.”

    How many times have we seen this?

    The president instituted the quarantine and the checking temps deal himself through his ebolla head guy. You may now return to breitbarts brain.

  12. Hold the hysteria, Duncan was symptmatic and didn’t infect the woman he slept in the same bed with. Try reading up or listening to some of the responses from the doctors at the CDC or the NIH. The doctor in quarantine in NYC, called the CDC himself. It’s apparent that he was’t spewing copious ammounts of bodily fluids in the bowling alley or subway. Obama didn’t run around with his on fire crapping himself like retugliklan’s want him to. Too cool for you?

  13. Do you even know what Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done? Do you even know that in progressive circles he is person non grata? Who gives a rats ass what this quisling said? GTFO WITH YOUR BOVINE EXCREMENT

  14. Well, let’s look at the facts, shall we? The FACTS are that several Ebola-infected people waltzed into the U.S. after arriving from West Africa and infected several OTHER people in the U.S., as well as requiring dozens of others to be quarantined, as well as costing tens of millions of dollars disinfecting various building and transportation vehicles, including one Boeing 757 sitting parked until the CDC can decide what should be done with it.

    Should the U.S. just keep doing this? How many MORE Ebola-infected people from West Africa can we let in to keep doing this? Wouldn’t it be better to temporarily inconvenience a few people in order to keep the rest of us safe and to keep our economy from grinding to a halt?

    It’s also a fact that Ebola is a deadly and virulent disease, and more than a few dozen cases will quickly overwhelm our woefully unprepared medical system as well as causing economic chaos and actual panic.

    Besides, Obama can yammer about “facts” all he wants, …

  15. Bullshit. Its far harder to catch ebolla then it is the flu and vastly far more people die of the flu. The people who have caught it are now surviving. That must just kill ya. Move along, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  16. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, along with Illinois Gov. Patrick Quinn, both of them Democrats, have declared a mandatory 21-day quarantine for anyone who’s had direct contact with ebola patients in Africa.

    It’s not just Republicans who are lining up behind mandatory quarantines. The Obama administration’s weak response, which amounts to an honor system, is being rejected from the grass roots.

  17. All over Africa, countries are grounding flights and closing borders to contain ebola. The latest was just today, with Mauritania closing its border with Mali after Mali’s first ebola case.

    But, for some reason, we are supposed to maintain not only open borders, but not even quarantine people who’ve been in direct contact with people suffering and dying from the disease.

    I find the arguments for that policy wholly unpersuasive. It’s simply not true that the presence (or absence) of a fever is a reliable indicator. One in eight ebola sufferers never get a fever. And self monitoring has already failed.

    The CDC had six months to prepare, but they were unable to handle the very first case here. They’ve already changed their guidelines, yet the doctor who traipsed around New York while suffering the first symptom — fatigue — didn’t comply.

    I see no harm in a quarantine. In fact, it might be that 21 days isn’t enough. I’d rather be too cautious than not cautious enough.

  18. Bullshit, the CDC was prepared. The first patient had the misfortune of going to a for profit hospital in Texas. To prepare their staff with the essential equipment that was needed would have hurt their bottom line and administrative bonuses.

  19. The trouble with you baggers you always trying revise history. The CDC sent out the guidelines to follow. Period. Now since you want to assign blame to CYA lets start with not so great state of TEXASS.

    If they expanded Medicaid the man would have had insurance. The hospital you know the for profit kind saw the man, didn’t read the guidelines and since he had no insurance sent him home with aspirin even though he told them he was in Liberia.

    You cannot get Ebola from someone feeing tired but I understand being spoon fed idiocy you would think that. The man in TEXASS who had Ebola stayed home with his family and they didn’t catch it. Again since Y O U- A R E- S L O W – T H E – O N L Y – W A Y- T O – G E T- E B O L A – I S – T O – C O M E – I N – C O N T A C T – W I T H – B O D I L Y – F L U I D S.

  20. “The FACTS are that several Ebola-infected people waltzed into the U.S. after arriving from West Africa and infected several OTHER people in the U.S…”

    This is incorrect and it negates everything you said afterward.

  21. Are you aware that there are NO direct flights between West Africa and the US? Damn, you baggers are the worst sniveling cowards I’ve ever seen!

    Even with that incredible screw-up in Texas NO ONE else actually caught Ebola! Go take your meds.

  22. Asus,

    Tell us, please, please, please, how many of these ‘SEVERAL’ have Ebola?

    Names, please. The only Ebola patients in the USA are people who have had DIRECT contact while treating Ebola patients.


  23. Do you neo cons have your on news wire that feds you all of your BS? Why was any of these things you are saying happened reported anywhere else?

  24. Hmm. Sarcasm challenged, you are? I was told to STFU because I agree with mandatory quarantines. My comment was my way of pointing out that other Democrats agree with me, including the governors of New York and Illinois who have ordered mandatory quarantines.

    So, if I’m to STFU, then maybe those Democratic governors ought to STFU as well.

  25. The lack of direct flights is a canard. What matters is whether or not someone has been in an ebola-infected country and come into direct contact with people who have the virus.

  26. You can ask your friendly neighborhood lawyer, ’cause I’m happy to say that I’m not an attorney. All I can really say, though, is that if the Democratic Party wants to become the Ebola Party, then I’m going to have to hold my nose and become a Republican.

    I’ve voted for the Democrat in 10 straight presidential elections — you really had to be a true believer to vote for some of the mutts, but I did it — and can count the number of Republicans I’ve voted for in lower offices on the fingers of one hand.

    But if “being a Democrat” winds up being “open the gates to ebola,” then I’m gone. I don’t think I’m the only one either.

  27. Stop the bullshit. Are you this stupid for real? Ebolla is curable, more people catch the flu, ebolla is not easy to catch and your constant going on about it simply days you are here to stir the shit. Move along

  28. Well, that’s fine. I mean, look, I’m just one commenter. I do think my views on ebola are widely shared, as evidenced by the Democratic governors of two states, and I suspect soon to be more states, implementing mandatory quarantines.

    I see that Obama is trying to get those quarantines reversed, but without any fingerprints on it. That’s not going to work; whatever the feds do will have presidential fingerprints on it. It’ll be pretty interesting to see what happens in the week before the mid-terms.

    I can tell you that ebola is on a lot of minds. I’m a moderate Democrat, which makes me a traitor to you, but I’d say about half of my most liberal friends also want a mandatory quarantine. The actions of that doctor who came back to New York City and went out on the town had a lot of people — including a lot of Democrats — shaking their heads in disbelief.

    I’m not telling you to STFU. I disagree with you, and quite firmly, but you’ve got the right to your opinion.

  29. This is what a think of Ebola and the politricksters that have the foolish fooled so you wont look at their records of governing
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  30. Why dont the family of that doctor have any symptoms?

    Ebolla is hardly a problem. It is not going viral, it is curable and you just keep going on and on about nothing. We are all moderates, but your not doing a good job of convincing us you are.

  31. I am about as liberal as one gets.

    Do try and re-read my post and put it in context with the post I was replying to.

    Thank you.

  32. Plague Ship

    But Cuomo and Christie could help themselves. They could help the nation. But they are ambitious cowards who have chosen to align themselves with the panic and, therefore, with the disease, and the only politically viable way they can do that is to make as many people as they can complicit in their ambition, their cowardice, and to make enough people accomplices to the disease and to the panic. And then there’s Kaci Hickox, who declined to play along.

  33. A person who is a demagogue, assumes no responsibility for his words or actions, goes golfing and fundraising while the world is going to hell is responsible. You need your head examined….

    As for science – well if you are practicing the Utopian science of make-belief and call that science….go ahead

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