A Sign Of Defeat? Mitch McConnell Forced To Loan His Reelection Campaign $1.8 Million


Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was forced to personally loan his sputtering reelection campaign $1.8 million. Needless to say, candidates with lots of supporters don’t have to loan themselves money.

The Hill reported,

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is giving his reelection campaign a $1.8 million personal loan to stave off a new round of attack ads from Democrats.

“Sen. McConnell has maintained a longstanding personal commitment to his members that he won’t draw any resources from the team. So he’s going to match Obama’s money men out of his own pocket,” said John Ashbrook, McConnell’s spokesman.

What McConnell’s spokesman was really saying in the quote above was they couldn’t afford to match the ads with campaign funds, or they wouldn’t have had enough money to get out the vote.

It was little more than a week ago when the media was claiming that Democrats had pulled their ads and were pulling out of the Kentucky Senate race. The report was a bit of Republican propaganda and wishful thinking that the media happily ran with.

Democrats never left Kentucky, and the pressure that they are putting on Sen. McConnell is forcing him to spend his own money in an attempt to save his seat.

The fact that Mitch McConnell has voted seventeen times against raising the minimum wage, but has the ability to reach into his own bank account and spend nearly two million dollars without blinking an eye, makes his opponent’s argument for her that McConnell is rich and out of touch with the needs of hard working Kentuckians.

Successful candidates who have lots of small individual donors don’t have to write themselves a check to match their opponents’ spending. McConnell is paying people to show up at his rallies. He couldn’t find enough Kentucky women to star in a new ad for his campaign, and now he loaned his own campaign personal cash.

The media are still assuming that Mitch McConnell is going to win, but his campaign resembles that of a loser.

25 Replies to “A Sign Of Defeat? Mitch McConnell Forced To Loan His Reelection Campaign $1.8 Million”

  1. Every day that I wake up in Kentucky realizing that porcine bastard is no longer representing me is going to be the best freaking day ever.

  2. As the father of 3 daughters, it pleases me to see the emergence of strong women in politics right now. Allison Grimes in Ky. Wendy Davis in TX. Liz Warren scaring the daylights out of Wall St. The potential run of HRC for the presidency.

    As for Mr Turtlehead, I called this one earlier this year and donated to Allison Grime’s campaign. He’s at that point where Wile E. Coyote has run off the cliff, just before he plummets into the canyon…

  3. Why do they say Obama’s money men? This is a state race, not an Obama race. Obama isnt the Democratic party, its made up of lots of people. That’s opposed to the republican party that’s made up of Adelson and koch

  4. Now this is some good news! The Republican biased media stuck their foot in their mouth in 2012 and I think it’s going to happen again this election. The media and the GOP are way out of touch with “We, The People.”

  5. I guess since Obama raised money from ordinary people and Grimes is using the same model we are Obama’s money men and women.

    Nothing but contempt for the REAL AMERICANS

  6. “Loaning” his campaign money that he will replace after the election, if he wins, with K Street lobbyist’s donations for more obstruction on programs that help middle-class Americans.

  7. Mcconnell has some ridiculous ads running right now. One new one has him attacking Grimes for being for minimum wage when her family owns a restaurant chain only pays minimum wage. And in that same ad, says she is a lawyer for her family. If I am not mistaken, Jonie Ernst and Terri Land are in similiar situations, but that’s ok. And, his wife has connection to coal companies that are anti coal.
    I find it amazing that these wealthy politicians think it is ok for them to ask for money to finance their campaigns, but are against their own voters for doing the same thing.

  8. Sen. McTurtle’s personal fortune has grown five-fold since he married Elaine Chao. He can afford it LMAO

  9. Source: theobamadiary.com, BobCesca.com, thinkprogress.org, crooksandliars.com, littlegreenfootball.com, rollingstone.com, esquire.com, huffingtonprost.com

  10. The dirty little secret about these loans is they are NEVER paid back by the candidate but LOBBYISTS.

    Yep that’s right these are not really loans but advances on BRIBES. Even if Bitch McConnell looses these loans will be repaid by the lobbying firm that hires him.

    Just one more reason to have limited publicly financed campaign s.

  11. Corruption, cheating, lying, treacherous, greedy, ugly, naked, bucknaked, scandalous, godly, cowardly, Republican, fake Republican, Teaparty associate, own children hate them, neighbors think you’re weird, gay bashing, go to church on Sunday, go to church on Wednesday,don’t answere the door for Jehovah’s witnesses. These are just a few of the reasons why I never want or desire to be rich or nunthin’. not to mention ending up in a high dollar rehab facility.

  12. You know when he looses this election he’s going to whish he had saved his money, so he could buy a chin and a perssonality.

  13. Tani, thanks for the links. I read every one of them..the info there is a far cry from what the media has been saying; the media is as big an enemy as the GOPT.

    Wow..I am feeling pretty good about this election for Dems now.

    Thanks again.

  14. Yes…..and remember in the early stages of his re-election campaign when Ashley Judd was thinking about running? Remember his secret recording, planning on using her rape and depression against her….. the very thought of women voting for him makes me sick!

  15. Let’s all send Allison Grimes a few bucks. Every little bit helps and just think of the joy in Mudsville when the mighty Mitch strikes out.

  16. Why would anybody spent that much of their own money for a job that pays a “pawtry” $178,000 a year? Talk about a bad return on your money

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