Small Group Of Open Carry Fanatics March Through St. Louis With Guns On Display

Photos by Justin Baragona
Photos by Justin Baragona

PoliticusUSA’s Justin Baragona was on the scene Saturday afternoon when a smaller than expected group of open carry enthusiasts descended on downtown St. Louis for a march. Per the group’s leader. Jeffry Smith, the march was supposed to be to raise awareness about Missouri Amendment 5. The law is supposed to strengthen the state’s gun laws. Per Smith’s view, he feels that Missouri’s law can be interpreted in that anyone is allowed to openly carry firearms anywhere in the state, whether or not they have a conceal carry permit. Smith and others that showed up Saturday afternoon wanted to engage people in conversation over Missouri’s law and the 2nd Amendment.

Prior to the march starting, protesters from Ferguson, representatives from Amnesty International and gun control advocates appeared on the scene. Chalk outlines of bodies were drawn on the pavement in front of the open carry group. Other protesters held up signs decrying open carry laws and gun deaths. St. Louis music artist and activist Tef Poe arrived and spoke to the protesters who had gathered. He also sent a tweet pointing out that there were children playing nearby while a group gathered with their guns on full display.


The march finally started around 1:30 PM local time, roughly a half-hour after it was supposed to begin. It was apparent at that point that the number of actual open carry supporters was far less than what was initially anticipated. Justin figured that there were about 25 actual marchers. There were far more counter-protesters and media covering the march.


The march went from CityGarden in downtown St. Louis to the St. Louis Arch. The mostly white gun carriers walked through the streets with nary a worry in the world. A handful of police were on the scene and followed the march. However, there was no confrontation. Also, police were dressed casually and treated the march as no big deal. This is in stark contrast to police reaction to demonstrations in Ferguson and the Shaw neighborhood recently.

Below are photos taken from Saturday’s march:



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  1. This is so gross to me. I feel like those few who attended are sending the message ‘white people can do this, blacks can’t”

    Change the Missouri Lege and change the law. The people must take matters into their own hands!

  2. How many deaths were there? Oh, none? Well, how many injuries? Threats? Anything?

    So what the hell is the problem?

    Few things are more amusing than the anguished bleating of cud-chewers with deeply offended “progressive” sensibilities.

  3. Help me out here. What’s the “racist” part?

    For that matter, what’s “intimidating” about it?

    Granted, it would hardly be surprising that I’m not nearly as easily intimidated as you, which makes comprehension on my part of your irrational fears difficult, so edify me.

  4. Never tried having sex with ammunition, and it really doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m a “judge not, lest ye be judged” kinda guy, so whatever makes you happy.

    And you want me to tell some parents in Washington that no one was hurt in a St. Louis open carry march? Do you think that’s relevant to them? If so, couldn’t they figure it out without my help?

  5. “Few things are more amusing than the anguished bleating of cud-chewers with deeply offended “progressive” sensibilities”

    One of those few things is the exhibition of ignorance by those who imagine their “conservative values” threatened.

  6. Wonder what would have happened if they had met up with a group of Black open carry enthusiasts?

    Leaking Bowels on main street…Bring the shovels

  7. And by the way, that bit in the article about the “mostly white gun carriers” indicates to me (and to anyone else whose intellectual capacity exceeds that of a tapeworm) that some of the march participants were not white. Against whom, then, is this notional “racism” directed?

  8. If you fail to see the absolute racist implications of the “Stars and Bars” there is no reasoning with you.

  9. Is that what’s displayed on the pistol’s grip panels? I’m on my small laptop, and my fine vision isn’t what it once was. My mistake. If that’s the pattern on her pistol grips, there is indeed a strong indication of racist implications.

    Please accept my apologies.

  10. No, no one was killed – this time – but those marchers have no idea how ridiculous they look to normal people – parading around with so many strapped on guns they looked like porcupine quills.

    Just what possible real-life situation are they supposed to be representing? Why would anyone do this except just to prove they can. Certainly doesn’t make ME feel safer.

  11. Apology accepted. Very seldom does a commenter here admit they were wrong not to mention offer an apology. It is refreshing to see one.

    Now if Washington (both sides) can learn something from this… Naw, that’ll never happen.

  12. Thank you, Uncajoe. We’re clearly not going to agree on much, particularly with regard to gun policy, but I’m grateful for your magnanimity on this.


  13. And black people can’t do this? If they even tried there would be a mass slaughter. Don’t tell me this isn’t racist. Just don’t tell me that BS.

  14. And so the bastardization of our constitution continues by a few small minded bullies who grasp the flawed decision of D.C.v Heller.The only way bullies like these can win is if good citizens stand by and do nothing.They are quite simply cowards hiding behind their hubris.False Patriots.

  15. As one of those “albino progressives” – the kind who can shoot a 3″ group at 15 yards and owns a metric buttton of firearms, I simply wish people could observe “the dick rule”. It’s okay to have one. It’s okay to like having one. But please – to the benefit of all involved – keep it in your pants and stop waving it around in public. The sight of one is distressing to most. There’s absolutely no reason to have it out on display. You want to carry a personal plan b? Cool. I’m good with that. In this day and age, you never know when you might need one. But again… please… keep your personal decisions personal.

  16. Wonder if someone had threw a 400 pack of black cats into that crowd, how many would have. A. Dove for the nearest cover. B. Shot up the kids that they brought with them, or C. Took each other out.Or D, Ted Nugented themselves.

  17. The average observer should see the differences of behavior toward the people of the St. Louis area. Unarmed minorities call for police in riot gear, while armed non minorities call for a relaxed and casual police force without any concern. Where was the tear gas and rubber bullets? This epitomizes the double standard and white privilege! A group of black men and women cannot peacefully protest in their own communities, or even observe from their own property without being threatened and assaulted by police, whereas white men and women can enter from outside the community, armed to the teeth, and not even a single eyebrow is raised by law enforcement!

  18. It’s amusing to see people make fools of themselves and not have a clue how totally dumbass they look. Making a spectacle of yourself marching around with a gun is such a low order way to earn the right to be called stupid.

  19. With all those guns around, there must have been a lot of shootings, robberies, rapes, and all that! Well, but, if there were, you certainly would have made the most of reporting it with all the gory details.

    So, gee whiz, there weren’t any crimes? Not one? Dang. I wonder why no criminals did any harm whatsoever when all of those people with guns were around?

  20. Why didn’t the police arrive and shoot every one of them down, in a barrage and hail of bullets, WTF. Oh, never mind, they were WHITE PEOPLE with loaded guns.

  21. These open-carry rabble-rousers seem to pick either African-American neighborhoods or areas of high racial tensions for their pointless exhibitions.
    They missed a chance to use the Tea Party’s Second Amendment poster child, Holly Fisher, though. It would be interesting to see the reaction to her carrying her shotgun in one hand and her Bible in the other.

  22. Gee I wonder if this person were to get shot if we would hear some victim blaiming by the conservative ( i.e. media conglomerates) press.
    Just like when a woman gets assaulted at a party its always because she had a drink, or was wearing the wrong clothes or just being female in a testatradon world.
    So something like wearing the toilet paper of a genocidal gangbangers colors on the tool of oppression while in a neighborhood of descendents of those who were murdered, enslaved and abused should be viewed as a reason to blaim the victim for anything that would happen to them.
    Fortunately for the idiots who do this sort of thing the people of St Louis have way more class and restraint then the fools with their murderous toys or the residents of the traitor states ( of which Missouri was one) who get outraged when faced with the truth of their traitorous ancestors, intellectually deficient capabilities, morally bankrupt beliefs and ethically absent life choices.

  23. From the photos, they all look like the kind of ignorant trailer trash who would do something like that.

  24. A person with an opinion? Give me a break! I have read a lot of posts on these pages, if you have an opposing opinion, you are immediately called a Troll.

    So, if someone shares your opinion, its ok, if not, they are called names.

  25. Between you and djchefron, all you do is protect anyone with your opinion, anyone with another opinion is “stupid”, “ammosexual” a “moron”

    Lets face it, you don’t give a rats a$$ about others opinions.

  26. That’s actually not the stars and bars, its the Navy Jack. And while i understand, it can be offensive to some, to others it is a sign of southern pride, not a racial statement. There is way too much “i’m offended by that” in this country! Whats next? we can’t say “under god” in the pledge of allegiance? (of wait, thats already happening).

  27. But then again, lets face it, you are the one who thinks he is surrounded by stupidity and fail to see your own

  28. Its flag of traitors. Your southern pride is based on the ownership of other human beings. Nothing more Nothing less

  29. I get bored with these gun-carrying lunatics parading around thinking they’re making some kind of reasonable point.

    If they’re anywhere near serious, they should consider marching through a neighbourhood that is having a street vegetable market…

  30. I thought the very same thing, Mike. Look how happy and smiling and relaxed the police were. Why it’s almost as if there was something “different” about these marchers this time around. Might it be race?

  31. They pick those areas to let the people that live there know that that neighborhood belongs to them also. It is common knowledge that you would be a fool to walk through North City or East St. Louis at night if you were white. That has to change. Are some of the protesters racist? Maybe. Are some of the people living in those black neighborhoods racist? Walk through one of those areas alone and white on a Saturday night and find out. This is not a third world country. There shouldnt be no-go areas for any race. People should be able to go anywhere they want in this country without fearing for their life. A Marine veteran of Afghan, and Iraq and his friend were just attack by a mob in Ferguson for being white. The marine is in an induced coma with serious brain injuries and his buddy is not in much better shape. White people walking through high crime neighborhoods with guns is not a racist act. Its a group of Americans letting everyone know that they are not afraid anymore

  32. Of course they are not afraid, they are carrying their ego’s and penis’s on their backs. It doesnt take much to walk around with a gun slung on your back, but these same people are doing it in stores and in other places. They are not saying they are not afraid, they are saying they are threatening people.

  33. Its not racist at all. Facts are facts. You don’t see white people shooting each other by the truck load regardless of whether they live in low income areas or not. Black people are shooting each other as we sit here. A mob of black people with guns is understandably more distressing to police that a mob of white people with guns for that reason. Aside from the occasional nutjob, white people use there guns for sport, to hunt, and to protect them and theirs. Many, many black people use guns to kill each other in large numbers everyday. Read the news. Its common knowledge. Whens the last time you heard about the white suburbia gangs blasting it out with each other with 15 homicides in one weekend? Now read up on the South side of Chicago.
    I disagree with open carry marches, but they are not racist.

  34. Wrong. Most people that are shot are white on white. You dont hear white on white simply beucase its not good news. Black killing black is always reported. Remember Blacks are only 17% of this country.

    ” Many, many black people use guns to kill each other in large numbers everyday.”


  35. Race, Crime and Statistical Malpractice: How the Right Manipulates White Fear With Bogus Data
    Whites are 6 times as likely to be murdered by another white person as by a black person; and overall, the percentage of white Americans who will be murdered by a black offender in a given year is only 2/10,000ths of 1 percent (0.0002). This means that only 1 in every 500,000 white people will be murdered by a black person in a given year. Although the numbers of black-on-white homicides are higher than the reverse (447 to 218 in 2010), the 218 black victims of white murderers is actually a higher percentage of the black population interracially killed than the 447 white victims of black murderers as a percentage of the white population. In fact, any given black person is 2.75 times as likely to be murdered by a white person as any given white person is to be murdered by an African American.

    Now for the full essay:

  36. I wonder what the reaction would be from all the gun-advocate confederates and the police be if: Two or Three resurgent BLACK PANTHERS were to walk down the streets in downtown St. Louis openly carrying their .45’s, shotguns, and Ak-47’s, pumping their fist in the air with the black power symbol? (back to the 70’s style). What do you supposed would be the scenario? Screaming whites, whites spiting, jeering, and showing off THEIR guns. Police in riot gear, armed to the teeth? Who knows….but I don’t think you are going to see that, unless some foolish extremists take things to the extreme.

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