Ted Cruz Has Disqualified Himself from Public Office

Last Sunday, Ted Cruz wrote an op-ed for USA Today about “ten critical priorities for the 2015 Congress,” that clearly disqualifies him from public office. In his op-ed, he claims Republicans need to repeal Obamacare, abolish the IRS, pass a balanced budget amendment, repeal Common Core, go to war with Iran, etc. You get the idea. Business as usual.

Cruz closed his op-ed by saying:

We should lead boldly. No Washington games. We will either pass a serious agenda to address the real priorities of the American people — protecting our constitutional rights and pulling us back from the fiscal and economic cliff — or the Democrats will filibuster or veto these bills. And, if they do so, we will have transparency and accountability for the very next election.

John Feehery wrote yesterday in the Christian Science Monitor of Cruz’s “Ten Points,” saying that while he is a conservative himself, he believes the Texas Republican is “not being straight with voters.”

And this while Cruz is claiming he is all about transparency.

A good idea is to go to USA Today and read Cruz’s op-ed. Then go to CSMonitor and read Feehery’s critique. I’ll settle here for a quick recap here of Feehery’s high points:

Ted Cruz says Republicans should be bold, should be fully transparent, shouldn’t play any games, and should pass a serious agenda that resonates with the American people.

I am all for that. But the agenda he lays out is not serious, not transparent, won’t necessarily resonate with the everyday concerns of voters, and on many levels, is completely disingenuous.

The intent here of Cruz is to fire up the base, to stoke fears of the federal government, and of Obama in particular. These are Fox News-style talking points he is putting forward in USA Today, not realistic (or even helpful) proposals.

Feehery makes this latter point rather well:

Republicans aren’t going to get rid of the IRS. They aren’t going to pass term limits. They aren’t going to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. They aren’t going (nor should they) pass a life-time ban on lobbying for members of Congress. They aren’t going to repeal Common Core. They aren’t going to mess with the judicial branch. There’s no such thing as illegal amnesty. They aren’t going to prod the president into declaring war on Iran. They aren’t going to get rid of Export-Import Bank.

How do you take seriously a politician who proposes to repeal something (Common Core) that is not even a federal, but rather a state, program? Surely Cruz knows he can’t repeal Common Core. But he is counting on the voters – kept deliberately ignorant by Fox News – to not know this.

But this isn’t all. A couple of other Cruz-related events went down this week which go further to show that Cruz is not fit to hold public office. Let’s take these in reverse order:

His senior advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff, Nick Muzin, tweeted Thursday that Obamacare was to blame for Ebola’s presence in the United States:

“Before Obamacare, there had never been a confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S.”


Muzin later deleted the tweet and called it a “bad joke.” But it wasn’t a bad joke. It was much worse than that.

I could have easily have written here that before Bush was elected, a hurricane had never destroyed New Orleans. But I wouldn’t. Because the two have nothing to do with each other. Bush didn’t cause Katrina; Obama did not cause Ebola.

What Muzin said is just more of this:


And surely, at this point, you understand the reason for that.

The second event I’d like to cite came last Sunday, in an interview on CNN, where Ted Cruz said,

Look, of course we should have a surgeon general in place. And we don’t have one because President Obama, instead of nominating a health professional, he nominated someone who is an anti-gun activist (for surgeon general).

The problem here is that Obama’s nominee for surgeon general is a doctor. Dr. Vivek Murthy was nominated way back in November 2013 – an entire year ago.

CNN’s Candy Crowley got Cruz to admit Murthy is a doctor but even then Cruz seemed to think being a gun-control advocate somehow made his medical background irrelevant:

“He is a doctor, but where he’s made his name is as a crusader against Second Amendment rights.”

Politifact was not having any of this, saying Thursday – the same day Muzin upped the dishonesty with his tweet,

But it’s bogus for Cruz to imply that Murthy — a graduate of Yale School of Medicine — is not primarily a health professional. It’s also a bit of a stretch to call Murthy an “anti-gun activist.”

So apparently, Murthy is not a doctor because he supports Obama, like climate scientists aren’t really scientists because they support science, and this despite his credentials, which Politifact gleaned from Murthy’s handy LinkedIn profile:

Sounds like a doctor to me. Politifiact agreed, and rated Cruz’s claim “false.”

What we need from holders of public office are people who want to serve the voters, not just piss them off by rattling off lists of lies and then following them up with lists of agenda-items you aren’t serious about implementing.

When Obama ran for office in 2008, he had a list of things he wanted to do. Some of them he was able to do, some he was not. But they were at least realistic goals. Even Republicans see that Cruz can’t do most of the things he has put on his agenda for 2015.

So rather than being a list of things he seriously thinks Republicans can do in 2015, Cruz’s op-ed is a list of things he thinks can get Republicans elected in 2014. There is a difference.

Cruz’s op-ed is not a serious agenda, and because Cruz has lied about that, he has also made a mockery of his own claim to transparency.

Cruz is not a reformer. You can’t be a reformer when you are a champion of the status quo. Cruz isn’t even really a politician, but an anarchist demagogue. He doesn’t want to create, but rather to destroy.

He has, like McCarthy in the 1950s, created an enemy – Obama – and turned himself into the “remedy” to the problem he created, casting himself as the ultimate anti-Obama crusader.

But to cite the Monty Python critique of Arthurian government, if “strange women lyin’ in ponds distributin’ swords is no basis for a system of government!” neither is making a straw-man list of fake problems to oppose that you’re not really serious about opposing, the basis of a political platform.

In the end, Ted Cruz isn’t serious about trying to help anybody but himself – to power. And his unscrupulous abuse of facts is the ultimate proof of that agenda.

America can do better. America must do better.

48 Replies to “Ted Cruz Has Disqualified Himself from Public Office”

  1. Cruz and the rest of the other supposedly bright people wouldn’t know what we the people want, if we wrote it on toilet paper.

  2. “No Washington games”. This from the guy who works the Tea Party wing of both the Senate and the House like a chess grandmaster. Vote for Ted Cruz and see what a theocracy is.

  3. ~
    I am confused. First quote, Cruz wrote “Democrats will filibuster or veto these bills. And, if they do so, we will have transparency and accountability for the very next election.”

    Is that a bad thing “transparency and accountability”?

  4. Ted Cruz’s office’s tortured logic about Obamacare being responsible for Ebola in the US, because before O-care there had not been a single case of Ebola in the US, can also be used to blame Ted Cruz for Ebola in the US, since, before he became a Senator, there had not been any cases of Ebola in the US. The GOP has a logic, often tortured, often intended to deceive, all their own!

  5. TREASON! The hateful attempts to undermine our government at all legislative and judicial levels is treasonous. Paying taxes should be praised not condemned. Don’t parade around calling yourself a patriot while you are screwing the system from a position of responsibility to it.

  6. Don’t confuse education and intelligence, they’re not mutually inclusive. He appears to have been pre-programmed by his father’s teachings, and he uses his high-dollar education to bolster the twisted logic of the Dominionists to further his own agenda, but it is only viable amongst the ignorant, upon whom he preys – and there does appear to be a plentiful amount of the ignorant in Texas……..

  7. Cruz himself must not have faith in the value of a Harvard and Yale education. He claims that Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy, President Obama’s choice for Surgeon General, is not a medical professional. Dr. Murthy is a Harvard- and Yale-trained physician. What does that make Cruz?

  8. Its not just Cruz, its Michelle Bachman, and Mitch McConnel, John Boehner, Paul Ryan and a host of others.. What their constituancy does not understand it that these people are not out to help them… I don’t understand how anyone who does even the slightest research could elect any of these people.. They vote against their own best interests, and hurt a nation… What we need is more Moderate Rep’s if there is such a thing, people who can and are willing to negotiate without hurting the American people in the process… Gvt Shutdowns, 50 or so Repeal attempts, Impeaching the President, spewing outright lies to scare people… This is irrisponsible and treasonous, just as yelling fire in a crowded movie theatre… Considering that Sarah Palin was a breath away from the Presidency is just appauling… The TP has taken the GOP to far right and has made them unwanted by The Majority and that won’t change anytime soon.. They are looking to Romney again? How utterly sad is that?

  9. The entire core of fake representatives to the congress are not politicians. They all have an agenda of either religious rule or fighting for the 1% rule. Cruz and his presidential candidate father are both. Neither cares about the American people. Neither is honest to any degree, nor would they be if in the Whitehouse. The idea that Cruz has created an enemy and termed himself the hero of the situation is typical of a dictator wannabe

  10. What does that make Cruz? An immigrant who took full advantage of the US education system (probably got full tuition as a minority) and then took his father’s twisted evil worldview for his own, managed to get elected in Texas, and now thinks he’s about to become King of the Universe, with all the wealth and power that would mean. He is a creepy, slimy, liar, and he will never get past the US Senate. Can you imagine him at a conference of world leaders? “Christianity or die!” and they would laugh him out of the room.

  11. Looking to Romney?….please proceed GOP. Maybe when he loses fro the third time, he and Queen Ann will realize that America does not want (to be) their help.

  12. Like Palin, Cruz just throws crap at the wall. Doesn’t matter if it makes sense. The followers will take the four words they want, make bumper stickers and yell, “Cruz for President!” I’m not sure who’s crazier.: the people who still find drunken brawling Palin a viable POTUS candidate, or those who think Cruz is not in this for himself and his bank account.

  13. Guess he doesn’t know the IRS writes his paychecks, either. Yeah, Ted, shut it down why don’t you? The GOP is all about wrecking things, not building them up. The President was dead on when he said, “You didn’t build that.” The GOP stopped building and starting scavenging decades ago, and now they do it in the name of God. They are sick, all of them.

  14. “America can do better. America must do better.”

    You know who else must do better? The Press. USA Today allowed that science fiction to be published. I realize newspaper subscriptions are down and internet clicks are a way to make up the lost revenue, but at what point do supposedly reputable publications like USA Today refuse to give charlatans like Sen Cruz a platform to spread his nonsense? They shoulder a lot of the blame here as well.

  15. Cruz, like many of the Right Wing grifters, is smart enough to know he’s unelectable. He doesn’t care. He’s not even serious about being elected president. There are millions to be made scamming the hate filled ignoramuses that follow him. It’s an investment, a career move. Screech loudly about nonsense, rile up the old white base, even sacrifice your credibility and reputation and you will become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Palin knows it. Limbaugh, Hannity, Barton et al know it. It’s a great job…if you’re a sociopath.

  16. If it were not for my deep respect and admiration for our neighbors to the north, I would be calling for Cruz’ deportation back to Canada. Come to think of it, maybe we should give him back to Cuba. Ted Cruz has less respect for the Constitution than Fidel Castro, so they’d probably get along really well.

  17. You give Cruz far too much credit.

    Plus you’re forgetting — he’s a Dominionist. He’s not in this for the money, although I’m sure he sees that as a side benefit. No, he’s in it for the power.

    Cruz won’t be satisfied until he’s turned America into a theocracy with himself crowned king.

  18. And using the Cruz aide’s logic, Reagan is responsible for AIDS since it never landed on U.S. soil before him.

  19. Ted Cruz is an embarrassment to the Senate. He is a libility to both parties, mostly the Republican. And let me, recap by saying truthfully as TC, Before Ted Cruz was elected , no one died in US from that Ebola.

  20. Why do the tea bag/repubs defund/destroy things and then run campaigns on restoring them only to be (hopefully not) elected only to defund/destroy things again?

    Kashkari (who doesn’t stand a chance to be governor) in California is running a TV ad about how Governor Brown betrayed kids but doesn’t exactly say how. However BLUE Californa, under democrat Brown, has added $10 BILLION to the schools because ARNOLD and the repubs before him and prop 13 CUT SCHOOL FUNDING…do the tea bag/repubs think we’re stupid??



  21. He’s the perfect “Manchurian Candidate”; molded by his Dominionist father, groomed to be the next McCarthy, planted in Texas to make him appear all-American.

    He’s well trained in the art of blather and cognitive dissonance, but, not a worthy political opponent to engage or debate; he’s nothing more than a personified destructive political cult leader.

    He should be called out as one every time he opens his maw to spew.

  22. His father is in a state of delusion on about everything this country stands for and his son is showing signs of sever mental problems; it doesn’t help to be a republican in texas they encourage delusional thinking.

  23. I wonder if Chucky Todd will procliam Rafael Cruz to be unfit for office due to his hyperbolic lies?

  24. I’m sick and tired of phucktards like Cruz who blame everything on Obama. Thery are political stooges with only their own interests at heart.

  25. while it would surely be a dark and scary place..i would love to get in to ted cruz’s head to see for myself if indeed any of his insane outbursts are due to a true neurological disease. because, if one thing i do know to be certain, is the man is a lunatic!

  26. Only trouble with that, Joan, is that both places have too much sense to want to mess with the likes of Cruz…

  27. What President Obama should do is what Harry Truman did in 1948: call the GOP’s bluff. Tell them if they want to pass all this stuff, then bring these bills up for a vote on the floor of both houses of Congress and see where it goes. I’ll bet the debate over every one of them shoots them all down in flames.

  28. The one thing of which we can be absolutely certain – along with the fact that Ted Cruz is a pathological liar and egomaniac – is that our Revolutionary War generation was the ONLY ONE exempted from the requirement that any and all U.S. Presidents must be born on American soil. They were exempt for the good and sufficient reason that before they brought forth this nation on this continent, there was no American soil for them to be born on. So unless Ted Cruz can produce a certified birth certificate dated prior to July 4, 1776, and give a satisfactory medical explanation for his youthful looks, he can never qualify to even be a candidate for the Presidency of these United States. Thanks be to God. Amen!

  29. Look for the tea bags trying to get a constitutional amendment passed to set the constitution aside for one election

  30. Suppose Cruz is in Joyner’s “OAK Initiative” with Boykin and those guys? Seems these folks want the USA to be a theology or worse.

  31. You can’t play chess against someone with a checkers mind. Ted Cruz may or may not be a smart man but he is for sure a crooked politician and someone who would never do good for this country. I believe he would sell everyone out for a lot of money.

  32. Ted Cruz…get out of politics while you still can. You are an insult not only to the government, Texas and the American people, but to the Christian faith.

    Nick Muzin…Ebola is the result of deforestation!

  33. Texas is not part of the real world at this point so if TX wishes to have this creep representing them, that’s their business. But Cruz cannot be President of the United States because he was born if Canada of a Cuban father and a mystery mother no one has ever heard of. I heard once that she was married to another man at the time. He cannot qualify for the presidency, in any case.

  34. I am still waiting for any mention of his mother. Such a well kept secret by Cruz and the MSM. We do know his mother and father were married.. Just not to each other when he was conceived. We are not allowed to know if his mother was ever in his life. Did the man that claims to be his father raise him without his mother? He certainly gave him his “values”. Both men are so dishonest you can’t help but think the worst. And even with the what we have seen, he certainly is not a person to ever be President. Neither man is worthy to have been allowed to immigrate to America in my opinion.

  35. The God Damned hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, lying republican liar Ted Cruz is just what he is, a republican. This is what the GOP political party is, they are all God Damned hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, lying republican liars. I do not make up anything, just look, listen, and cringe at the maniacal hate and lies of the republican party. The GOP is a dangerous embarrassment to the United States of America, the entire world is disgusted with the despicable partisan hate and lies of republicans, there is nothing republican that is American any longer.

  36. Americans will never tire of rejecting Romney, he is not one of us, we don’t like him, we don’t want him, everything about him is Un-American. He has sold out the American worker of personal and corporate greed, Romney is everything that is wrong with America, he should be executed for treason to American working families. Plus we will never ever allow little queenie Annie the whiner, anywhere near our American White House, she will not do.

  37. Too bad the Democrats haven’t been able to do something about these immigrants becoming politicians like Cruz and having so much influence on the country.

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