Republicans Amp Up The Fire and Brimstone By “Joking” That Wendy Davis Is Going To Hell

Greg Abbott
The Dallas Morning News is asking, “Hear the one about Wendy Davis going to hell?” At an event held at a Tex-Mex restaurant in Frisco, Greg Abbott was introduced by apparent jester-in-chief, state Rep. Pat Fallon.

Fallon didn’t have any desire to address the issues. Instead, he thought he’d just make fun of Abbott’s opponent in the upcoming elections, because she’s a woman and, you know, that’s how Republicans treat women, as objects of ridicule.

Here is the video:

As Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News describes it:

The first grader asks Davis how many people could fit in the stomach of the whale. Davis says none, the whale’s throat is too small. But the boy asks about Jonah, wasn’t he swallowed by a whale?

When Davis repeats that nobody could be swallowed by a whale, the boy declares that when he gets to heaven, he’ll ask Jonah personally.

Fallon then quoted Davis, “Well, what if Jonah went to hell?” drawing groans from the supporters at the rally.

“Then the little boy said, ‘Well, Ms. Davis, you can ask him,'” Fallon quipped.

As you can see, the joke went over well. Slater points out that, “Abbott, who was next to Fallon, laughed and the supporters clapped and cheered.”

Oh yeah, good times in Texas.

It is typical of Republican reactions to PR blunders like this that “Abbott campaign spokeswoman Amelia Chasse distanced the GOP nominee from the joke,” claiming, “While clearly intended to be humorous, the comment was inappropriate and should not have been made.”

That does not change the fact that your candidate laughed at that inappropriate joke. There are no backs. You can’t retroactively distance Abbott from something he clearly enjoyed.

Well…not in a world where reality matters. And there’s the rub, as we have seen from Republican candidates trying, belatedly, to pretend to be pro-choice.

The Republican Party loves to portray the choice between conservatives and liberals as a choice between heaven and hell, but if, as they claim, conservatives have a lock on the afterlife heaven, a worldly paradise under their governance escapes all but the wealthy.

They also know a thing or two about bringing hell to earth. The condition of citizens in Red States, where thousands are destined to die due to inadequate healthcare, where poverty rates are the highest in the nation, proves this, and everywhere Republican governance has been tried – Michigan, Kansas, Wisconsin, and other places – it has failed catastrophically. In fact, Texas and hell under the Republicans have become synonymous.

The so-called Texas Miracle is a myth concocted by a governor facing abuse of power charges who thinks he can pray away drought, and the state’s job growth is based on minimum wage jobs. The 1 percent have it great. The rest of the population? Not so much. Assuming you can feed your family – hardly guaranteed – If you want an education for your children, Texas is not the place for you.

Which only bestows great irony on the fact that the Greg Abbott thinks the idea of Wendy Davis going to hell is hilarious. With Perry as governor, she has already been living there, and if Abbott wins, she’ll still be living there, and so will millions of other Texans.

If Perry somehow escapes prison and gains the White House, all of us will be living in Republican hell. And we did not need to deal with an imaginary whale to get there.

25 Replies to “Republicans Amp Up The Fire and Brimstone By “Joking” That Wendy Davis Is Going To Hell”

  1. Hey, ever hear the one where Greg Abbott was a stupid shitsack with no morals and less brains?

    Yeah me too

  2. Davis wouldn’t be caught dead in Hell. Hell is, after all, the final resting place for GOPers and ChristoCreeps.

  3. Only the intelligent understand that the Republican party is the antithesis of Christianity. They do not follow the examples of Christ, nor does their ideology remotely represent the ten commandments or true Christianity.

  4. I like the one where Greg Abbott is going to jail for abuse of power, campaign finance violations and misuse of funds from The Texas Enterprise fund.

  5. Unfortunately, those camps were real and could be again. Back in ’85, Ollie North was planning them for people like us. Something happened to Ollie North, but you may be certain that if they take over…well, these people are a shining example of DARVO.

  6. These so called Christians are in for a rude awakening because there is no hell, or heaven, just dead. But if there was, my guess would be that most of those folks will be on the elevator, GOING DOWN.

  7. I’d rather spend eternity in hell with my family and friends than 5 minutes in heaven with self-righteous assholes like Abbott and his pals. Thank the gods for making me an atheist.

  8. Sadly, these louts actually believe that Ms. Davis is going to hell. That is the worst part of the story.

  9. What an embarrassment to live in this state. I swear this state has to be the most ignorant, uninformed place in the whole world. Greg Abbot is a lying, hypocritical piece of sh*t. He is just like all the other repugs about to be elected. I’m a proud democrat and I will continue to stand up to the republican assholes in this state.

  10. i always tell people the reason i am an atheist is because of the religious.
    they are their own worst enemy.

  11. The only ‘Hell” that Wendy Davis would even remotely possibly go to would be walking out of her door and stepping onto Texas soil governed by an AssWipe named Greg Abbot……Hey Abbiiiitt!!

  12. If I were one of the right wing extremists and if I believed in hell and if I believed in the teachings of Jesus Christ, I would be very worried about going to hell myself. The hypocritical spewings of this group make me sick and could not possibly be something for which they will be rewarded when they meet their Maker, so to speak. God knows what is in our hearts and that should make them very afraid — if they are truly Christians.

  13. If all republicans going to heaven then i prefer going to hell i can’t live with so much selfish and pervasive soul.

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