Forget Ebola The Only Thing That Americans Have To Fear Is Republican Fear Mongering

GOP Fear
In America’s National Anthem, the last line in the refrain claims this country is the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” but it does not apply to a large segment of the population suffocated by irrational fear robbing them of their freedom. There are millions of brave Americans whose courage makes them truly free, but only because they have not played into the hands of cowardly Republicans who are terrified voters will notice their gross incompetence. No American is free when fear causes a change in their brain function and behavior, particularly when it induces cognitive paralysis, but that is precisely what is occurring in America. One often wonders why and when Americans became so terrified of so many innocuous things such as who someone loves, how they worship, where they came from, when a woman gives birth, the government, foreign religious wars, or an African virus; all things Republicans use to incite irrational fear and hatred for other Americans.

Republicans certainly understand that the ignorance plaguing this nation allows them to fear-monger to great effect; particularly going into an important midterm election. Of course, the latest irrational fright is the death of one man from the African Ebola virus that Republicans have used to spread anxiety about a “deadly epidemic” and implicate President Obama for endangering Americans. Republicans have had a great measure of success portraying Ebola as clear proof the Obama Administration cannot prevent Americans from succumbing to the alleged Ebola epidemic. In fact, as noted in the New York Times earlier this month, Republicans parlayed the death of one man and infection of two nurses into a campaign theme that because of Obama and Democrats, conditions in America are “decidedly grim” and that “the Democratic Party runs a government so fundamentally broken it cannot offer its people the most basic protection from harm.”

Republicans have also spread fear among the population of immigrant children from Central America they claim are an existential threat to every white man, woman, and child in America. Since when have so many Americans been so terrified of children? Likely since Republicans claim they are infected with diseases like Ebola, or trained by ISIS to kill every white Christian man, woman, and child to destroy America for Islam. In fact, why are so many Americans so horrified of Islamic extremists waging a sectarian religious war on the other side of the world to establish an Islamic caliphate? It is simply because Republicans have convinced many Americans, mostly evangelical extremists, that Muslims from halfway around the world are intent on forcing them to convert to Islam or they will exterminate every Christian in America; precisely what evangelicals want to inflict on Muslims living halfway around the world.

There is no mystery about why Republicans are spreading fear; they desperately need to distract Americans’ attention away from their gross incompetence. Particularly because every so-called threat is due to either their obstructionism or anti-government policies; such as slashing NIH funding over the past ten years that prevented development of an Ebola vaccine that could have stopped the virus in its tracks in West Africa. They are also responsible for the rise of ISIS because Bush-Republicans invaded Iraq and assisted Shia Muslims to purge the country of Sunnis that became the dreaded ISIS. Republicans are also solely responsible for the Bush law that drove the influx of child immigrants from Central America who suddenly became an existential threat because an African American man is President.

There are millions of Americans who have a legitimate reason to be frightened, but it is not from ISIS, Ebola, or children emigrating from Central America and they are all due to Republican policies and obstructionism. Every day innocent Americans are shot dead due to the number of guns Republicans want in Americans’ hands to satisfy the NRA and repay gun manufacturers for their campaign donations. When President Obama and Democrats attempted to protect Americans, particularly after twenty innocent children were massacred, Republicans used fear of “Obama coming for Americans’ guns” to block simple and sane gun safety measures. Still, despite the spate of mass shootings claiming innocent lives since the Sandy Hook slaughter, something every American should be terrified of happening again, Republican fear-mongering prevails and innocent Americans perish.

Every American should be scared to death that their water and air is being poisoned by Republicans’ donors in the chemical, coal, and oil industries, as well as the GOP’s attempt to eliminate the one government agency attempting to protect them from environmental toxins. In California, several cities are either on the verge of being out of drinking water, or suffer from fracking-poisoned wells. All the while Republicans campaigning for Congress are fear-mongering that their water woes are due to environmental protections, and unbelievably they are succeeding because irrational fear of “environmental extremists” supersedes their fear of being poisoned or being without life-sustaining water.

The list of legitimate fears Republicans are responsible for, and never call attention to, are numerous and yet Americans never go into panic mode because the conservative corporate media focuses intently on whatever fright of the day Republicans need to keep Americans distracted. It is incredibly pathetic that such a large segment of the population seems to relish living in fear; fear of gays, women’s reproductive health, non-Christians, a Muslim sectarian war, Central American children, and an African virus that killed one man because a corporate hospital failed its mission.

The real epidemic in America, and there are many, is fear and it is driven by Republicans taking advantage of the overwhelming ignorance of an overwhelming number of Americans too stupid to understand the real threat to their existence is Republicans. The sad fact is that they are so distracted by irrational fear, they will dutifully vote for Republicans and hasten their own demise; something the Ebola virus, ISIS, or child immigrants can never achieve. As Franklin Delano Roosevelt said 81 years ago, the only thing Americans have to fear is fear itself, and with the level of fear in the population today, Americans should be very afraid.


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  1. “The truth will set you FREE.Fear and total ignorance is all the geopigs have to offer. Most faux cult members are white angry baby boomers. Sadly they are the boomers who were scared 45 years ago They hated and still do a huge part of this real world WHO SPEAK THE TRUTH.

  2. It’s not just news/opinion media to blame. It’s also fictional TV shows that teach the lesson of fear. Last week’s BLACKLIST is a case in point. The show revolved around a cult of radical environmentalists, intent upon exterminating large sections of the populace, simply to protect other species from extermination, coupled with a super-virus that is crafted after Ebola. But that’s not the only one. The “Muslims want to kill us all” theme isn’t as graphically portrayed, but the similarities to other TV bad guys is unmistakable. Daleks want to “Exterminate!” all humans. Environment disasters that threaten mass extinctions, criminal gangs that can appear in a second, killing innocent bystanders, school shooters, meth-crazed individuals, acting out drug-fueled fantasies, the whole cornucopia of crazy that Americans are subjected to both in real life, and on dysfunctional television shows aimed at emotionally jaded audiences, that must seek ever more gruesomeness for rating…

  3. To me, the Republicans are acting like the bit Chris Rock did back in the day about Clinton:

    ‘Good, good. People aren’t talking about me. Ebola! Good, good. People aren’t talking about me. ISIS! Good, good. People aren’t talking about me’

    News flash: We are talking about you and your policies are hurting us. The fact that fear is the only thing they can use in this election means we, the people, must continue to expose them for what they are: Anti-American frauds who hate America for what it is and what it can be in the future.

  4. Saw that episode of the Blacklist, First time I saw the show because its on at the same time as MNF. I thought it was a pretty good show and all but since I am somewhat sane it was a show. Nothing more nothing less. Now if people based their fears on fiction it just goes to show their parents didn’t let them read Grimm Fairy tales

  5. If the repigs win the election, it just proves there is more stupid, crazed, chicken shit people in this country than anyone can imagine, and if this is so, this country will become none existence. Hoping Americans will prove we are the home of the brave, and these anti American repigs are delusional and need help dealing with reality.

  6. When you live in fear this is what happens to your rights and country

    Wisconsin Sheriff Sends Military Armored Vehicle To Collect Fines From 75-year-old Man

    BTW It should be noted that Marathon County Sheriff Scott Parks was just appointed to the job by Scott Walker as a reward for his part in a cover up at the Marathon County Jail.

  7. And people don’t base their fears on GOP-provided fiction? The point I was attempting to make was that they are preconditioned by escapist fiction, to swallow other tale that GOP fear-mongers create, to resemble the stuff they see on TV, complete with plot, storyline, bad guys, and an ending that always paints the GOP as the flint-hard, do-anything-to-win heroes, and democrats as the well-intentioned-but-ineffective appeasers. Yes, many see the fantasy for what it is, but many also do not.

  8. The repubes ‘live’ in constant fear of everything, which is why they trade in fearmongering. It works so well on them that they figure it must work on everyone.

  9. I am sick, tired, and completely disgusted with the continuous fear mongering from the corporate media. America is the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Not the land of the timid, and home of the cowards. All this fucking fear mongering is un American. Turn off the corporate media. Relearn critical thinking, and most of all return to being the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

  10. Quarantined Nurse

    Is she going to become the face of all the healthcare good samaritans? An attention- seeking, whiney-ass chick? What an embarrassment to the nursing profession. Whatever… I’ll be happy to play my tiny violin for her.

    There won’t be enough of a sympathy vote to change any polls.

  11. Hey I have idea for you dumbasses, revise the policy beginning Monday to include the ‘float’ test. If the nurse floats, she’s a witch.
    Crisis averted.

  12. They have her in a tent with no heat. The temp will drop to 40 degrees tonight and who the eff gave this fat bastard and the quisling the authority to quarantine people? They sure didn’t get it from any experts, they even admitted that. You people are stupid and if you think I give a rats ass on what a bunch of science illiterates think then you don’t know me

  13. They have her in a tent with no heat.
    The first EVER Ebola quarantine grievance industry.
    I’m sure she’ll get some warm milk and cookies and whatever else she might need.

    It is idiotic in the extreme that someone developing undisguised symptoms is the way in which this country is identifying potential Ebola vectors. Scrambling around after- the- fact and hoping for the best is not an infection PREVENTION system… in case nobody knew that.

    And how many people do you think will complain about Cuomo or Christie trying to apply an abundance of caution?

  14. It never cease to amaze me the very people who holler about their Constitutional rights are the first ones to use it to wipe their asses. Mean while back in what is reality at least 30.000 people will die from gunshot wounds, 10,322 people lost their lives in alcohol-impaired-driving crashes, each year an estimated 443,000 people die prematurely from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, how many people died from Ebola? ONE

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

    H. L. Mencken

  15. The majority of the U.S. population is concerned , but that doesn’t mean they’re being irrational. Ebola is new to this country…something people are just learning about and something many see as a potential threat.
    Give people a chance to process all of this.

    Hope you’re doing well dj.

  16. Our Founders and Framers must be turning over in their graves. Personally, I want to hear that they haunt the halls of Congress and every T-Republican legislature and governor’s mansion until these treasonous so-called leaders leave public office and our country never to be heard from ever again!

  17. As someone who has a loved one working at the CDC, your statement that there was slashed funding preventing the development of an Ebola vaccine is patently false. As a matter of fact, the government was first given the opportunity to manufacture the Zmapp formulation for fast moving viral infections in 2010, and the project researchers couldn’t get any funding or co-ordination to bring it to fruition. So, it sat for four years, a dormant project, despite being the only antiviral ready to finalize production.
    Sloppy research, this reads as a political screed instead of a summation of facts.

  18. So if it sat for these years as you claim and they didn’t get any funding who do you think was doing the research? I answer for you. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases a government agency under the United States Department of Health and Human Services and who provides their funding or lack of? Even you can put 2 and 2 together

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