McConnell Reeling After 2 Biggest Newspapers In Kentucky Endorse Alison Lundergan Grimes


In strong editorials, the two largest newspapers in Kentucky have both endorsed Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes over Sen. Mitch McConnell in the Kentucky Senate election.

The Lexington Herald-Leader’s editorial board wrote,

McConnell does have power. He commands a perpetual-motion money machine; dollars flow in, favors flow out.

The problem is how McConnell uses his power. He has repeatedly hurt the country to advance his political strategy.

McConnell has sabotaged jobs and transportation bills, even as Kentucky’s unemployment exceeds the nation’s and an Interstate 75 bridge crumbles over the Ohio River. He blocked tax credits for companies that move jobs back to this country while preserving breaks for those that move jobs overseas. He opposed extending unemployment benefits, while bemoaning the “jobless” recovery. He brags about resolving crises that he helped create.

The Senate may never recover from the bitter paralysis McConnell has inflicted through record filibusters that allow his minority to rule by obstruction.


Kentuckians can’t do much to stop a Supreme Court majority that’s enabling the corrosion of our democracy by unlimited, secret contributions, in court cases bearing McConnell’s stamp.

Kentuckians can send a powerful message on Nov. 4 and carve out a better future by retiring McConnell and making Grimes their senator.

The Courier-Journal editorial board’s endorsement of Grimes was significant, because that is where the “scandal” over her refusal to disclose who she voted for in 2012 blew up.

The C-J editorial board wrote,

More discouraging — and most important to voters — is that he appears lacking a vision for Kentucky or the country as a whole. Rather, his decades-long drive to increase his power and political standing has resulted in this campaign based on his boast that if he is re-elected and Republicans win a Senate majority, he would become Senate majority leader. Some voters believe Kentucky will benefit from keeping Mr. McConnell in such a national leadership position, but we believe that alone is not a reason for giving him another term.

Both candidates have failed the voters through limited access, rote talking points, slickly packaged appearances and a barrage of attack ads that at best are misleading and at worst, outright false.

But Ms. Grimes has laid out positions on a number of issues that matter to voters, ones that separate her from her opponent.


Kentucky needs a U.S. senator who sees a higher calling than personal ambition and a greater goal than self-aggrandizement. For those reasons and for her evident potential, we endorse Ms. Grimes for election on Nov. 4.

Both of the endorsements of Grimes are particularly stinging for McConnell because they represent a rejection of his strategy that was designed to make the Kentucky election all about President Obama. The editorial boards made it clear that in their view, this contest is a referendum on Sen. McConnell. The incumbent’s naked lust for personal political power has been the motivating force behind his campaign.

McConnell has no agenda for Kentucky. The thirty-year incumbent has no plans to do anything for the state. Kentucky is nothing more than the vehicle that Mitch McConnell is using in his quest to become Senate Majority Leader. The two endorsements cut right to the heart of the matter. Kentucky has a chance to elect a candidate who has a vision for the future of her state. At age 72, Sen. McConnell’s only visions are of himself as Majority Leader.

Sen. McConnell has amassed a huge amount of political power. He could have used that power to help Kentuckians. What he chose to do with that power speaks volumes about his priorities. Instead of working with Democrats to help the people back home, McConnell put every ounce of his energy and effort into turning the once formidable Senate into a machine of dysfunction that is nearly incapable of working in the manner that the Founders intended.

The national political media have been blinded by McConnell’s power and longevity. They are refusing to see what is happening on the ground in Kentucky. McConnell’s money and influence may be enough to keep him hanging on, but both editorials echoed the feelings of millions of voters in the state who are ready for a change.

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  1. Wow, this is huge! You can always depend on local papers to tell you the truth! They are not likely to be influenced and corrupt by big money and greed like our MSM.
    We all need to support our local newspapers with a print/electronic subscription!

  2. Is this significant? Does the Lexington Herald Leader tend to be the liberal voice in Kentucky? I don’t know and this article doesn’t say. I do not see what the second the second paper is. What is it and same question — does it tend to hold on to a liberal stand?

  3. I don’t even live in Kentucky. But I will be dancing a jig if Ms. Grimes beats Mitch McConnell. He’s like a nasty fart that lingers. It’s time for someone to open the door and let the stink out.

  4. Both papers carry a lot of weight in the state. They’ve both endorsed McConnell in the past. Not endorsing him in the biggest and most important election of his career is huge in the state and may be the straw that breaks the turtle’s back! Independents and undecideds will use these endorsements as a big part of their decision. They are usually who are the least partisan and often the most likely to sit out if the candidates are too far out there. They have a decision to make this time around, and they know it’s a very important one.

  5. Rita, Mitch McConnel is not good for Ky or the Nation… Does not matter what party he belongs to, he is just a bad representative… If you vote conservative no matter how much damage a candidate has done, I pitty the state and the country… The gvt shutdown alone which he orchistrated cost the taxpayers billions at a time of financial recovery… I am happy that the newspapers have endorsed Grimes, as KY and Kansas deserve far better… When you have to supress votes to win, you don’t deserve office. There is not much in Ky thats Liberal, so the fact that these papers are endorsing her, speaks volumes about the failures of Mitch… The man who filobustered his own bill..

  6. That’s right, go after McConnell! The only job he’s interested in keeping is his own! That’s right, use his own words and actions against him! It takes a lot of gall to obstruct others from gainful employment, while at the same time, campaigning to keep your own!

  7. I don’t believe there is any such thing as an “intelligent undecided”. Your statement reminds me of Adlai Stevenson when told, “Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!” Stevenson relied, “That’s not enough, madam, we need a majority!”

  8. I find it disturbing that a person who is undecided this far along in the campaign is called intelligent. It is even harder to understand how a person can be undecided at any time during an election. For Petes sake, there only two parties. If you don’t know one is the Democratic Party and the TBagger/Neocon/Republican Party. Vote for America is a vote for a Democrat and a vote against America is vote for the TBagger/Neocon/Republican Party.

  9. Rita, the other paper is the Courier Journal and does tend to be more liberal leaning. That said, they have endorsed McConnell in the past, but everyone around here knows the editorial board is holding their noses while doing so. McConnell did get one endorsement today from the Cincinnati Enquirer, but it was hardly glowing. It said it was a “despiriting campaign”, ” unclear whether Kentucky residents benefit from having their own senator serve as minority leader–or potentially majority leader.” SNAP!!

  10. Please, to all Kentuckians- Mitch McConnell is a virus that must be eradicated. He has single-handedly done more harm to our nation than any other politician. He is the opposite of why people run for political office. His goal is to serve himself- thirty years is long enough!

    Help yourselves and help your country! Vote McConnell out on Election Day!

  11. Wow. The Courier-Journal is usually pretty conservative, so when they endorse a Democrat, it is a big deal.

  12. It’s all gonna come down to
    Voter turnout.
    If WE Vote,
    WE WIN!
    It’s really just that simple.
    I Voted Friday in the Great State
    of Nevada, were they make Voting EASY!
    I brought a neighbor along as well!
    If you are lucky enuf to have Early
    Voting as an option, I encourage you
    to do it! Grab a friend too!!
    We Can Do This My Friends!

  13. Having lived in Lexington for 30 years this comes as no surprise. Neither one of these papers have ever endorsed McConnell in a seriously contested race, and their endorsements of Grimes actually help McConnell with the Libertarian crowd as both are seen as left wing shills for the Democratic party in Kentucky. All they did is replace the name Grimes where Huddleston, Sloane, or Beshear used to be. This means nothing to most Kentucky voters outside of Lexington and Louisville which will probably both go to Grimes anyway.

  14. What part of libertarians are nothing more than rethuglicans who want to smoke weed you don’t understand? If you idiots had any values you would support your own knucklehead But you don’t so talk to the hand

  15. Why have citizens and newspapers in KY endorsed and voted for McConnell for so long? The man is part of the corrupt Republican Political machine for decades but yet they kept him in office? Hope the voters wake up and do what is right this election if not they will be hurting themselves once again.

  16. People who vote republican always vote against their own best interests. They’re so wrapped up in their un American ideology, and ignorance that they refuse to understand who their real enemy is.

  17. Mitch McConnell is seen as left wing shill for the Democratic party in KY? MY GAWD! You libertarians ARE nuts!

  18. Why not listen and learn about both candidates and then vote for the one you think is best for your state and our country? And forget about FREAKIN’ LABELS!

  19. I believe both newspapers endorsed Obama in 2008 and 2012. That did not seem to do him too much good in Kentucky.

  20. No, I do not have a link, however I do subscribe to both papers. They both are liberal and only endorse a conservative if they believe it is a sure thing. You can always look it up.

  21. I can see McConnell and his campaign staff, calling Reince Priebus and other RW bigwigs like Christie. They’re calling for help. McConnell never imagined the state’s two largest newspapers would endorse ALG. I read both newspapers online, and I’ve noticed that the LJL is usually more truthful about McConnell’s record than the CJ. I’ve also noticed that whenever either newspaper criticizes McConnell for anything, his supporters swarm the sites to defend him and blame his failures on Pres. Obama. David Perdue, Michelle Nunn’s opponent for the Senate is doing the same thing here in GA, and it’s not going as well as he and his campaign thought it would. Ms. Nunn stuck the “outsourcer” label on Perdue early. I’ve been reading that GOPTPers are surprised at how many dems are turning out to vote in several states. A NC political science prof said the NC election doesn’t look like a midterm election but looks like the 2012 election. Ignore pollsters and the MSM and VOTE!!!

  22. The other paper in question is the Louisville Courier Journal. I suggest you look them up online before making an asinine comment about them being liberal leaning.

  23. Lee, I really miss the days when “The Curious Journal” (as my parents always called it) was considered a librul rag. Lately it has tracked more to the right, while news coverage has pretty much gone down the tubes. I still subscribe, but only to help make sure the folks who work there still have their jobs. And I’ve been voting against McTurtle since the ’70s. Thith time fer thure, quoth St. Bullwinkle!

  24. Mitch where are the jobs?

    Why hasn’t McConell legislated education and job training to get Kentucky working again?

    Alison is already helping create jobs for Kentucky in the healthcare field.

  25. I am not secure in a 72 year old person making decisions that will affect the lives of those of us between the ages of 1 year olds to 65 year olds. We are the ones losing jobs, medical care and I’m tired of people so out of touch making decisions that affect us all.

  26. IF that is true and I pray to God it is, then the Dems should be able to keep control of the Senate. If the voter turnout comes to a presidential election year turnout rate, then Dems have a better chance of getting re-elected. It’s funny how the “will of the people” leans conservative when there are LESS ppl voting and the “will of the people” leans more progressive when there are MORE ppl voting. Tells you exactly where the will of the people really goes towards huh?

  27. If you hang around here long enough you’ll realize UncaJoe is instantly read in sarcasm font. One of the best snarkers here. :)

  28. Ifin I has to splain I’s just pokin’ fun then I’s dun confounded the folks that need pokin’ fun at.[WINK]


  29. The charges leveled against McConnell by both newspapers are amusing, since they can be thrown against Obama (and thus Grimes, who would vote with him 99% of the time) with at least equal strength. Repeatedly hurt the country to advance his political strategy. Repeatedly created crises which still haven’t been solved. Created a “jobless recovery” [sic] with record numbers of people out of the work force. Sabotaged Republican jobs and transportation bills, and generally conspired with the Senate to refuse to vote on bills passed by the House. Lack of vision for the country, increasing attempts to increase his power at the expense of the US Constitution.

    If Kentucky wants more of the same bad government we’ve had for the past 6 years, all they have to do is vote for Grimes.

  30. What jobs and transportation bill Dr. Bombay? Name them or are you so stuck on stupid you never read one of them to see exactly what’s in the bills

  31. “…stuck on stupid” gets my vote!
    Go Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and Kansas!
    Vote the ReTeaThuglicans out!

  32. The libertarian crowd that supported Bevin in the primary HATES Mitch McConnell because they see him as a Rhino and a sellout due to his support for TARP and the bailouts. The non endorsement by the Herald Leader and the Courier Journal helps him with these voters. Whether you like it or not, Grimes’ key to victory is these voters voting for the libertarian in the race and pulling support from McConnell. Her ceiling is about 48 or 49 percent. Even the Democratic strategists will tell you that privately.

  33. Ooh the Bingrams supported equal rights for African Americans, public education and looking out for the poor white hillbillies of Appalachia.

    You know what that makes you? A sad excuse of human flesh

  34. Not really. Both Fayette and Jefferson counties are overwhelmingly Democratic and neither have gone for McConnell in any of his seriously contested races. Northern and Southern Kentucky are where all the Republicans are. It will be BIG news if McConnell were to win either Lexington or Louisville but that’s as likely as New York or Massachusetts going Republican in the next election. Obama is killing her in the coalfields of the southeast which is where this race will be decided. These are heavily Democratic counties by registration but vote Republican. Even Chuck Todd at MSNBC admitted Grimes would have to beat the Democratic Governors numbers in 2011 in Lexington and Louisville to have a chance to offset what is happing in other areas of the state. Pretty unlikely when you consider what a blowout win Beshear had in 2011.

  35. And you will still vote for the turtle because the only value you both share is greed. Other than that you are nothing more than a republican who wants to smoke weed

  36. “Most” are wising up in the coal fields and understand it’s cheaper natural gas that’s killing the jobs in the eastern ky coal fields. The easy coal is gone, leaving the more expensive, harder to get to coal! Different story in western KY. War on coal is a political buzz word at this point that only the naïve believe in…..that the rich and powerful use to get the poor man to vote for them!

  37. Sorry folks… From the Huff Post “CONFIDENCE OF WIN – The probability that McConnell will beat Grimes is 66%.”

  38. Perfect! I often joke about a “political font”: don’t need to read it, you know it’s all lies.

  39. folks, this is a fact that scares republicans to death- these races are tighter then righties ever thought possible and if democrats turnout in the 2014 midterms at just a 5% to 10% increase over the 2010 dem turnout numbers, dems win big. dems win really big. folks these races are tight and every vote helps. your vote is important. vote for dems on November 4th. one week away!!! dems are gonna keep the senate and then some…

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