Won’t Get Fooled Again: Rick Snyder Won’t Con Michigan Twice With “Moderate Nerd” Persona

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If there’s one thing Michiganders need to keep in mind about who they should trust as their next Governor or, more specifically, why they should absolutely not trust Gov. Rick Snyder, it is the fact that this is the man who ignored the demonstrated will of his own constituents when they didn’t vote the way he wanted them to. Snyder essentially hijacked their voting rights in November of 2012 rather than respect the fact that the majority of those constituents voted to repeal the controversial beefed-up  Emergency Manager law that Snyder signed into law the previous year in 2011.

If the person who you elected to represent you only listens to you when you are saying what he wants to hear, then perhaps it’s time to choose someone else to represent you.

Yes, this is what it comes down to. Because remember this is the same man who managed to smooth himself into a first term by portraying himself as a moderate “nerd” who could be trusted to be conservative, sure, but in a reasonable and comfortable way that would make sense to all reasonable people. Engler wanted to make sure that Michigan residents did not confuse him with those  crazy Tea Party types who were all the rage back then. Gov. Engler was certainly not one of those types of Republicans. Heavens no. Back in 2011, Snyder was happily on record as saying he would nehhhhhhhver never never consider anything like pursuing a right-to-work law for Michigan. There were just so many more important and less divisive issues. Let’s listen in to what  Jonathan Oosting reported on the issue in a December 2011 issue of MLive.:

“I don’t think it’s an appropriate subject for us to be dealing with today,” Snyder said this morning in an extended interview on WJR-AM 760. “Because we have higher priorities that need to be addressed in our state.”

House Republicans reportedly are working on legislation that would prohibit employers and labor from making union membership and dues a requirement of employment. 

More than 20 other states have right-to-work laws in place, but pointing to ongoing controversy in Ohio and Wisconsin, Snyder warned that introducing similar legislation would cause divisiveness the state does not need.

“We need to come together as Michiganders and show some solid results on things we can agree on first before we have any discussion along those lines,” he said. “As a practical matter, the other things I’d mention to you is that we do have to be more competitive, we do have to be more proactive, but I want to see how we can worth together. So I’d just as soon work with labor on being proactive.”

Almost exactly one year later in  2012 Gov. Snyder feigned amnesia and did a 180-degree hard pivot to the right as he slapped labor in the face and joined his rightwing colleagues in the Michigan Legislature to implement Right To Work. He praised what a wonderful thing this would be for the business climate in Michigan, and said workers should be given the choice whether or not to join a union and pay union dues, completely ignoring the fact that all the benefits currently enjoyed by those same workers are enjoyed whether they pay dues or not. Even the once-upon-a-time liberal Detroit Free Press, which happily supported Snyder’s decision to anoint an emergency manager and ignore voting rights and democracy that same year,  chastised Snyder for so blatantly reversing his decision in an appropriately titled editorial, “A failure of leadership: Snyder’s about-face on right-to-work betrays voters”.

But then here we are two years later in 2014 and the Free Press is once again endorsing Snyder despite it all – even though they say it was a tough call and that they still have concerns. Gee. Well, at least they’re concerned, right?

And so by the narrowest of margins, with keen reservations, the Free Press endorses RICK SNYDER for a second, four-year term as Michigan’s governor.

If Snyder’s economic reform isn’t an unqualified success, nor is it an unmitigated disaster. Michigan’s not adding jobs in record numbers, but it has stopped losing ground. State government is fiscally sound.

And it’s impossible to overstate Snyder’s role in Detroit’s nascent financial recovery. There’s a palpable sense of optimism about the city these days, a marked change from the pervasive sense of impending financial ruin that has characterized Detroit for the last decade or more.

The decision to guide Detroit into municipal bankruptcy was a rare instance of strong, decisive leadership from our self-described nerd governor, and — because of the strong, historic relationship between the Democratic Party and labor unions — it’s the kind of necessary decision-making that we cannot imagine a Democratic governor offering.

Actually, it’s the kind of reckless, democracy-be-damned local imperialism that characterizes today’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder and many more in his derailed political party just perfectly.

12 Replies to “Won’t Get Fooled Again: Rick Snyder Won’t Con Michigan Twice With “Moderate Nerd” Persona”

  1. OMG. The Freep used to be my newspaper of choice, but I stopped subscribing years ago…I think the merger with the News was not a good thing at all.
    As for Snyder, it seems to me that lying about RTW, when he knew all along he would sign it, and then, having a bill all ready for when we the people voted OUT his emergency manager creeps, should disqualify this man from office..any office. And he’s all over TV with his Koch money portraying himself as the savior of MI. yeah right. The only reason unemployment to lower is because of the auto bailout..a federal program. Our roads are a mess; our schools are suffering (oh, not the charters, because he doesn’t think they should be accountable until ‘public schools show the same transparency.’ What a jerk.
    And who can forget the GOP legislature exposed by Maddow for shutting down the women who wanted to discuss closing health clinics. Oh, no, dearies, you don’t understand that we are helping you all, sit down and be silent.

  2. I don’t know what Michigan, Wisconsin, and New Jersey voters when they decided to go Red. All I can say is Welcome to Helldom! Now get the f**k O-U-T!!!!!! And I don’t want to hear any of this “Southerners vote against their own interest.” Apparently, Northerners are just as stupid!

  3. Maxie2014 you are right, people do vote against their own interests, I am just digesting the fact that there is excitement about Jeb Bush in 2016, good grief, we have just got over the last Bush and his recession and never ending war.


    We have a good people running on the Dem ticket and they won’t take away our Medicare, Social Security, or keep raising taxes on our SS and pensions, and destroying this state at every turn, one city/town at a time. He and his political hacks have raped and pillaged and cheated us enough. KICK THESE KOCH PUPPETS OUT!


  5. What’s most disgusting is our so called liberal newspaper (Detroit Free Press) came out yesterday for the nerd gov instead of Mark Schauers. Liberals/Dems here are disgusted big time.

  6. That pesky 2010 election did Michigan in. Folks here were desperate for jobs back then. The nerd ran on nothing and didn’t say what he would do. We tried to warn folks, but they didn’t want to hear it.

  7. All this happened, not only
    in MI but all over the Country,
    because WE sat home. I admit, I
    didn’t #Vote in the last mid-terms.
    Lesson learned………..
    I already Voted!
    In the Great State of Nevada
    where they make it EASY, not
    harder to Vote!!
    Get in line!
    Stay in line!

  8. How did Snyder get elected anyway? Grandholm was governor under Dubya’s failed administration and was not able to wave a magic wand and make Michigan’s problems go away. Many of which have been going on for decades.

    Sadly people forgot the state really began reeling under Engler (another republican) who even my father, a life-long republican hated.

    Any job gains in the state are thanks to Dems and Obama saving the auto industry and renewable energy jobs. Snyder has done NOTHING for regular folks in Michigan. Has protected and helped the wealthy – typical wingnut playbook governing.

    He’s never been a moderate. The first piece of legislation he signed as governor was to protect businesses. While he keeps his mouth shut unlike Christie and Walker his policies have been equally as damaging to the poor and middle class.

    Why this race is so close is stunning. The wingnut media has succeeded in their brainwashing campaign and the dumbing down of America is wildly successful.

  9. The Detroit Free Press’ disgusting endorsement of Gov. Rick Snyder is all about the unions. They plainly state that because of the Democrat’s strong ties with the labor movement, they will not endorse a Democrat for Governor. The Free Press cares more about siding against the unions than they do about the future of Michigan. We must make sure we vote for Rick Schauer and destroy the stranglehold the Republican’s have on Michigan. VOTE DEMOCRAT AND TAKE BACK OUR STATE! And if you read the Republican Detroit Free Press, do yourself a favor and stop.

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