Desperate Republicans Recycle Birtherism On a Fake News Site That Isn’t Fox News


When a political party’s base is so small that the party limits the meaning of “eligible voters” to its supporters, it’s obvious that political party is unclear on the concept of free and fair elections.

We already know the Republican Party relies on false memories of an American history that never existed.  The history they imagine is one where everyone survived by praying and pulling themselves up by the bootstraps.  Healthcare was available to those willing to part with a chicken.  Children were homeschooled on the Bible and spared the corruption of facts, rational thinking and that great evil: science.  All it took to make it in their America was a willingness to work hard, along with the unmentioned “qualification” of inheriting millions from parents who also pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.

It’s equally certain that said political party will resort to the sort of political strategies one might find in North Korea.  When turnout at political events is small, they bus people in to play the role of “supporters” and claim the paid crowd is a “sound crew.”  When they can’t find people from within their state to appear in their political ads, they’ll find someone willing to play the role for cash.  They’ll plant “news” stories with sympathizers in the mainstream media.  If it’s too out there to pass a sniff test by even the most dedicated partisans in the media, they set up pretend news sites to nurture the fears and speculation found in the lowest information voters.

Of course, no political campaign of illusion is complete without a boogeyman political opponent who is the perfect blend of everything the Republican Party fears.  For those who fear the prospect of a black man in the White House, who also doesn’t have a “real American” name like Boehner, Palin or McConnell, Barack Obama is the perfect phantom candidate.  The fact that President Obama isn’t on the ballot this year is immaterial.

We’re seeing this first hand as the Republican Party ventures into the final days of the 2014 election. Even with vote suppression, bussed in supporters, paid for constituents for political ads, Republicans are so desperate to take over the senate, they are recycling birtherism on at least one pretend news site.

That site is “reporting” that Kenya  released Obama’s “real” birth certificate.

Snopes  finds the origins of this version of birther rumors began with a satirical fake story published in May this year on a fake news and satire site World News Daily Report.  A site that presents itself as if it was a real news site, American News, republished it on Friday.

That article was largely dormant until 24 October 2014, when it was summarized on the disreputable, click-baiting American News web site under the title “Kenyan Government Releases Obama’s Real Birth Certificate.” Soon afterwards links and excerpts referencing the claims made in the original article were being circulated via social media, with many of those who encountered it mistaking it for a genuine news item.

World News Daily has a disclaimer that offers a subtle clue that the “real” birth certificate story is a hoax

World News Daily Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to politicians and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction.

After months of carefully fact checking the fake story that is bound to have birthers saying “I told ya so.” for years to come,  American News published the “story” on Friday.

Yes, the woman Barack knew as his mother was part of a conspiracy and he’s really a year older than we thought!  When the state of Hawaii produced his birth certificate and said he was born in the state, it was it was all part of Obama’s plan in the womb.  All the courts that examined birther claims and “real birth certificates” were either duped Obama’s hypnotic suggestions from the womb or they were part of this conspiracy.  Even the Roberts wing of the Supreme Court joined in this grand conspiracy that came to be in Kenya over 50 years ago.

Those determined to distance “their America” from Barack Obama continue to recycle and recirculate claims that were repeatedly debunked by the media and dismissed by numerous courts. Orly Taitz made it her mission to legitimize birtherism by way of the courts.

Aside from dismissing Taitz’s numerous birther based lawsuits, she was fined for filing frivolous lawsuits.  The Roberts Supreme Court upheld  that decision too.  Taitz’s claims were even too far out there for Justice Clarence Thomas,

As for American News, it is void of disclaimer.  Its “about us”  page contains nothing but a bunch of clickable ads. Its “privacy policy“  is more clickable ads. But you’ll be glad to know its “contact us” page does have a contact form surrounded by, you guessed it, more clickable ads.  And if you haven’t seen enough clickable ads yet, just move on to American News’ second “home page.”

A whois check reveals little about the site’s owners, other than they used everything conceivable to keep their identity a secret.

However, a quick check of their other “news” stories confirms this site was made for the news consumer who thinks Fox is veering toward those icky facts that Liberals like to use.

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12 Replies to “Desperate Republicans Recycle Birtherism On a Fake News Site That Isn’t Fox News”

  1. This is just sad. Sad and depressing that the GOP run on fear and not issues to appeal to their base. Nelson Mandela said to rely on hope, not fear. As usual, the GOP is backwards.

  2. So much fail in the GOP. So very much fail that the fail train’s brakes quit working, it rolled down hill, and ran into Sam Brownback’s ass and blew up Kansas, making Donald Trump’s toupee fly off, so he then had to find a new toupee from a West Virginia road kill.

  3. I’m sure I’ll see some e-mails from some of my right wing nut job friends and family bragging about this sudden revelation proving they were right all along. Lol. You gotta love em even while pitying them.

  4. this is what happens when a political party is based on hate, bankrupted on ideas and morality and it’s voters are too stupid to realize it!

  5. YAWN! The fake christians and geopigs are running scared. Once again in their delusional world the 1% will buy the election.

  6. The worst part of this is that so many uninformed and brainwashed voters think this is the truth. That is what is scary.

  7. Um…have any of these people remembered that President Obama isn’t running this year? Amazing they want to waste time on an issue that could come around and bite their very own Ted Cruz.


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