Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton To Storm Into Kentucky To Finish Off Mitch McConnell


elizabeth warren hillary clinton campaign for alison lundergan grimes

Democrats are sending in the big guns during the last week of the Kentucky Senate race as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will both take part in rallies for Alison Lundergan Grimes.

The Grimes campaign announced that Sen. Warren will rally with Grimes on Tuesday in Louisville, “Senator Elizabeth Warren will join Alison Lundergan Grimes to rally Kentuckians who are ready for a Senator who will put hardworking families before millionaires and billionaires – as Mitch McConnell has done for far too long.”


After Warren leaves the Bluegrass State, Hillary Clinton will be campaigning with Alison Lundergan Grimes in Northern Kentucky and Lexington on Saturday November 1.

Grimes campaign manager Jonathan Hurst said, “Just days before the election, Alison is honored to have Hillary Rodham Clinton join her for campaign stops in Northern Kentucky and Lexington. Her recent visit to Kentucky drew thousands of grassroots supporters to hear her endorse Alison’s plan to get Washington working for Kentucky. As she said in that speech, ‘more than any other race in the country, this election in Kentucky is a referendum on the future.’ It’s a privilege that she will be making the case for Alison on the final weekend of this campaign.”

Sen. Warren has been out to defeat McConnell since he blocked her student loan bill.

In June, Warren said,

Well, accountability is exactly the right word. I plan on fighting back on this, and I hope that everybody else does too. One way, I’m going to start fighting back is I’m going to go down to Kentucky and I’m going to campaign for Alison Lundergan Grimes, . She’s tough. She’s feisty. She endorsed the student loan bill, said she wanted to bring down interest rates for Kentuckians, and so my view is, I’m going to get out there and try to make this happen for her.

I hope lots of people give her money at alisonforkentucky.com. I hope people will support her, because it’s really a way to say Alison is a candidate who’s there for all of us. For trying to make sure that everybody gets a fighting chance. It’s one way to deal with this. I gotta tell you, given what Mitch McConnell’s has been doing in the United States Senate. The way it’s just block, block, block, no, no, no. We get Alison Lundergan Grimes, in there and I feel like she could almost single-handedly get rid of some of the gridlock here in Washington.

Sen. Warren has been true to her word. The Massachusetts Democrat has been actively campaigning for Alison Lundergan Grimes.

It is a brilliant strategic move for the Grimes campaign to feature both Warren and Clinton in the final week. Sen. Warren will help get the hardcore left out to support Grimes. Clinton will be able to target the moderate Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who could be learning towards supporting McConnell.

The contrast between the two campaigns is stunning. McConnell is paying people to attend his rallies, while Grimes is drawing thousands of Kentuckians who are craving change.

Democrats smell blood in the water. Mitch McConnell is limping towards the end of the campaign while Alison Lundergan Grimes has the momentum in Kentucky. As Election Day draws near, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton are heading to Kentucky in a push to seal the deal and send Mitch McConnell off into retirement.

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  1. I would certainly hate to see the turtle win this election. Americans have to start someplace in allowing our government to get back to normal, this is as good a place as any

  2. I hope that KY sends the Turtle off into the Rethug sunset never to be heard from again. My gf & her hubby are transplanted Kentuckians who hate the Turtle with a passion. Come on KY you have a Dem. gov. now get the Turtle out of office for good.

  3. I wish she would hit hard here in solid red south central. But you could never sway these maroons around here.

  4. Remember this. Project 17. The turtle and the teahadist plan to repeal the ACA

    Let me introduce you to The Project 2017, headed up by Bill Kristol and Dan Senor, among others, and presumably funded by the usual billionaire suspects. The Project 2017 has a comprehensive plan outlined on their website for how they propose to replace the ACA.

    First, we start with full repeal of the Affordable Care Act. That means pre-existing conditions are once again in play, no premium assistance, no co-pay assistance, no state exchanges, no minimum benefits, and annual and lifetime caps on what insurers must pay are reinstated. Also, premiums would not be limited for different age bands, so that 60-year olds could pay as much as 10 or 15 times what a 20-year old might pay.

    You have been warned

  5. Ed Schultz interviewed Governor Beshear, and he stated what I have been saying for months, and I quote: “I think she’s going to pull this off!” I don’t think, I know. McConnell has not done a damn thing for this state. I am going to try to attend tomorrow! GO ALISON!!

  6. It’s on!Liz & Hillary goin to flip the turtle & send him on back to his Kochmasters.GOTV
    Dear Kentucky..Time for *itch McConnell to go!

  7. McConnell is toast. Some powerful women want to do good things for this country and they are NOT going to let these corrupt rich, white “good ole boys” mow over them.

  8. You guys must not know much about Ky. They need to send a centrist, to coax away indies and angry righties. Maybe back the libertarian, whom may be alive unlike the Iowa one that died in that crash.

  9. Candidates that rely too much on out of state campaigning and endorsement risk being eclipsed by them, and need to stand on their own two feet. Grimes can handle herself imo, which is why it’s so close.

  10. And that is where Mcconnell’s funding is coming from, outside sources. His campaign is not being funded by Republicans in Kentucky, which tells you how they feel about him. wink

  11. mitch McConnell is finished. so remember that lie about grimes 2 weeks ago saying dems gave up and pulled out funding??? well the truth was just the opposite. the race is a dead heat. righties will try anything to win elections. rightwing desperation is through the roof right now. don’t let them fool any of you good folks. the two largest news papers in Kentucky have just endorsed grimes. that is a major blow to McConnell. corbet of PA going down, waker in wisconsin is already making excuses for his impending loss. folks, the republicans are beginning to unwind one by one. 1 week from now americans will be voting for democrats on november 4th. get out there and vote!!!

  12. remember, I don’t think Hillary Clinton and Elisabeth warren would both be going to kentucky for grimes if things were not as close as they are- obviously!

  13. Would love it if these two put Chuck Todd and his little GOP fan club’s pitch on MTP to rest once and for all. I would love it if Grimes kicks his butt all over KY!

  14. Allison Grimes is going to win this election and KY and the United States are going to be a far better place for it. The disdain shown by GOPers for the very people they are supposed to represent is insulting and KY voters deserve better representation than they have been getting from the corrupt and bullying Mitch McConnell.

  15. And I certainly hope if Warren decides to run for president, that we don’t have a clown car show like we’ve seen with the repubs in 2008 and 2012. We don’t need that. We need both Warren and Hillary to bring forth our goals.

  16. I’ve been interested in politics since a young child (thanks to my parents) when my mother told me that repubs are just a bunch of lying bastards. It was true then and is certainly more true now. With every recent election I keep thinking is this the old white repubs last stand? I am white and I sure hope it is. They will not accept who we are as a country and just promote hate to win. I’ve personally been waiting since Reagan for their demise. It can’t come soon enough. They will change, because the money folks will eventually push them to do it.

  17. Very good to see girl power unleashed against Mitch. Allison is a great candidate and should win. I am thrilled for her. I never understood why the party pulled out of KY a few weeks ago. Oh well, she will just be that more independent when she gets to DC.

  18. “Storm into Kentucky”.. no question about it.. I can almost see the dark clouds gathering ahead of Hillary’s arrival from Texas. Maybe Hillary will explain how corporations don’t create jobs!

  19. Maybe you can explain since corporations are having record profits why are they not investing in America but would rather outsource jobs to other countries?

  20. Well Elizabeth your Party has had a war on families for over 50 years now. Continually driving up living costs and taxes and making minions out of people that should be doing for themselves. Millions and millions of people of Big Government assistance since War on Poverty began and no end in sight. Food Pantries everywhere, unemployment lines every where, war against women, war against success, war against marriage, war against Black Families, soon to be war against Hispanics and culminating into a huge Liberal Failure. Yes, look around, Obama and you have done nothing but Plunder and Rob from the Middle Classes and Lower for years and years now. Your Utopias you promise year after year never materialize and things keep getting worse and worse under your Party’s leadership. Our standing in the World keeps diminishing. You and your ilk are ruining this Country at every turn.

  21. Damn you really are a little stupid troll. I will not go through all your lies but I will go through a couple of them
    We are currently enjoying the longest period of private sector job creation in American history.
    … we have now had 54 straight months of private sector job creation. That is the longest period of job creation since the Department of Labor has been keeping statistics.

    Under President Obama, spending has increased only 1.4% annually, the lowest rate since Eisenhower was president.

    For 95% of American taxpayers, income taxes are lower now than just about any time in the previous 50 years.

    At least 7 million more Americans now have health insurance than before.
    Depending on whose numbers you use, between 7 and 10 million

    14 Facts About The Obama Presidency That Most People Don’t Know

  22. Then why have the Food Stamp roles, Food Pantry Roles and jobs disappeared?
    We have fewer people working than ever it seems. Liberal lies and failed policies everywhere.

  23. There is a reason why people in Republican states are among the lowest paid & highest in % of welfare recipients.Vote based on guns & religion & you are a pawn for the NRA & Republican party!

  24. your republican representatives voted to cut them.Checkout the representative from Tennesee.He cut welfare because he said people should not get something for free.then it came out that he received millions of dollars in farm subsidies to NOT GROW FOOD.Seems like something for nothing to me!
    if you do not believe this then read the link.http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2013/05/21/2042831/congressman-who-gets-millions-in-farm-subsidies-denounces-food-stamps-as-stealing-other-peoples-money/

  25. keep watching FOX news.You are clueless.Everything you have said is wrong.try checking the facts.spend 1 hour looking up what you have said & you will see that you have been fed a load of crap from the right.I am most likely waisting my time trying to enlighten you however it is worth the effort.Think about it.why does the republican party back big business & the millionaires then they vote to cut welfare for their voters ?Corporate welfare is ok yet the middle class can go to hell?The amount of white people on welfare is about even with minorities on welfare.Most coming from Republican states.They have fooled you into believing that the guns & religion platform is your biggest concern while they pick your pockets!Wise up.

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