Even Joe Scarborough Is Hammering GOPer Joni Ernst For Skipping Iowa Newspaper Meetings

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During Monday morning’s broadcast of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough took Joni Ernst to task for canceling meetings with the editorial boards of Iowa newspapers and local news stations. Last week, the GOP candidate for Iowa’s open US Senate seat skipped out on planned meetings with the Des Moines Register and two other Iowa newspapers. Apparently, Ernst didn’t feel like defending her positions or dealing with tough questions from the papers’ editors. It seems that she was willing to deal with any negative fallout from the local media, which would likely come from critical articles and endorsements of her opponent, Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley. (The Des Moines Register endorsed Braley over the weekend.)

After discussing a number of tight Senate races with former White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod, Scarborough brought up Ernst’s decision to skip out on the meetings. While the former Republican Congressman and forever GOP apologist tried to provide ‘legitimate’ reasons, such as liberal bias and unfair coverage, why Ernst would want to avoid the Register in particular, he eventually concluded that there is “[n]ever a justification for not showing up at an editorial board meeting.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Per Scarborough, even if you think a newspaper is unfair to you, it is far better to show up in front of the editors and writers and defend yourself and your campaign. If you blow off a newspaper or other media outlet who can provide an editorial endorsement, you are inviting far more negative coverage. Scarborough, along with panelist Donnie Deutsch and others, formed the opinion that humanizing yourself as a candidate and sitting down with editors and columnists is always a positive, even if you know they won’t endorse or support you in the end.

This is a nearly-fatal mistake by Ernst and her campaign. This race is extremely close, and any flubs or hiccups down the stretch can make or break this election. By avoiding influential local papers and media, Ernst is revealing herself to be thin-skinned and lacking transparency. If she can’t deal with the Des Moines Register asking her some tough questions, whether it be about her father’s company getting public contracts or her going Sharron Angle regarding the Second Amendment, how is she going to deal with media once she is a US Senator? Essentially, she is showing everyone that unless you are Fox News or another conservative outlet that will provide softball interviews and positive coverage, she isn’t willing to talk to you.

Throughout her campaign, Ernst has been compared to Sarah Palin. Mostly, this is due to her cultivated ‘folksy’ image and extreme conservative ideology. Apparently, we can place avoidance of the ‘lamestream media’ on the list as well.

13 Replies to “Even Joe Scarborough Is Hammering GOPer Joni Ernst For Skipping Iowa Newspaper Meetings”

  1. Methinks morning joke is positioning himself to take over chuckles the clown spot on MTP.

    This past Sunday chuckles was fawning all over the taker of pigs balls and is getting reamed for it.

    I am quite sure Joe agrees with her positions but instead of questioning her on that he picked an easy target about not sitting down with the local papers.

  2. Her boots are covered with extremist hog shit, so she really had no option but to ignore the media, or risk voters hear her try to explain or deny those positions, each would hurt her chances of election. If she tried to deny, the conservative base would feel that she was only using those issues to fool them into voting for her. If she tried to explain, it would sound like equivocation, and turn off independents.

  3. I don’t give a shite about MoUrning JoKe or what he says the only thing he is worried about is that she might have missed that endorsement that he so wants this Koch Teahag to get.

  4. I’m reminded of the Simpsons episode where Homer blames Marge: “You weren’t there to keep me from doing something stupid!”

  5. What Scarborough has to say is irrelevant. He’s not a mover and shaker in the GOP. Ernst isn’t compared to Palin because she is “folksy.” They both have IQ’s that match their ring sizes.

  6. Even though she blew off some of Iowa’s largest newspaper editorial boards, she did find time to make an appearance on Fox, where she received softball questions. It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that she, like Palin, receives/ed the questions and talking points beforehand. Of course, anyone who is familiar with pols like Ernst know that Fox is where they run for refuge for protection from the cold, cruel world of the “lamestream media.” Ernst is a lily-livered coward. She didn’t want to face uncomfortable questions from Iowa newspapers’ editorial boards, and she knew her skipping out on them looked bad, so she decided to go to Fox News where she knew no one would ever ask her any question she didn’t want to answer. So much for her “I’m an American soldier and I’m so brave” persona.

  7. We don’t need another whacko congressman/woman. Please don’t do this to our country. Aren’t Gohmert, Bachman and King enough?

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