Republicans: Women Problem? What Women Problem?

Tweeted photo from Minnesota Republican Randy Gilbert, far right. Where are the women?
Tweeted photo from Minnesota Republican Randy Gilbert, far right. Where are the women?

Oh how the Republicans like to lie. I’ve examined more than a few examples of this in the past few days. But it is not only you and I they like to lie to, but themselves. They exhibit a blind insistence on what “must” be true rather than what “is” true.

The photo above says it all. Contrast this with a tweet from the Republican base in response to my post yesterday:

But the Republican Party’s “women problem” and its war on women is very thoroughly attested, and has been examined by many, as The Washington Post pointed out recently. There, Melody Crowder-Meyer and Benjamin Lauderdale asked, among other questions, “Why do women compose only 8 percent of the Republican House caucus, compared to 29 percent of the Democratic caucus (a gap that holds in other offices as well)?”

Politico reported in August of this year:

A detailed report commissioned by two major Republican groups — including one backed by Karl Rove — paints a dismal picture for Republicans, concluding female voters view the party as “intolerant,” “lacking in compassion” and “stuck in the past.”

Women are “barely receptive” to Republicans’ policies, and the party does “especially poorly” with women in the Northeast and Midwest, according to an internal Crossroads GPS and American Action Network report obtained by POLITICO…The report is blunt about the party’s problems. It says 49 percent of women view Republicans unfavorably, while 39 percent view Democrats unfavorably.

Really, given the rhetoric, why would ANY woman vote Republican these days? And how can the GOP convince them they should? According to Politico,

The solutions offered include neutralizing Democratic attacks that the GOP doesn’t support “fairness” for women; “deal honestly with any disagreement on abortion, then move to other issues”; and “pursue policy innovations that inspire women voters to give the GOP a ‘fresh look.'”

Like Jindal’s claim that the GOP must stop being the party of stupid, it’s clear that Republicans are not following the report’s advice, whether it’s lying about rather than dealing honestly with the abortion issue, or taking policy stances that are anything but new or fresh. If your policies are carved in stone – and Republican policies are as unyielding as the Ten Commandments – it is absurd to even talk about “fresh looks.”

Some Republicans clearly remain in denial; they like to insist women love them, despite the gender-based attacks launched on Democratic candidates like Wendy Davis and Allison Lundergan Grimes.

If Republicans want to believe they have no gender problem, they must ask themselves a few questions:

Republicans think pretending to read women’s magazines proves they love themselves some women:


They come up with all sorts of interesting rationales to convince you – and themselves – that they can have diversity from a party that has few female candidates. Keep in mind (since the GOP will not) that as Jane Timm at MSNBC pointed out in May, “No women are polling in the top 10 for potential Republican presidential candidates two years after the party identified outreach to women as a weakness.”

Of the most prominent female leads in recent Republican history, one is now engaging in drunken brawls and the other is facing charges that could put her in prison. Not that this latter is all that different from the potential fate of some prominent Republican men, but let’s face it, there are more men to go around, so the impact is less.

Doug Grow wrote in the Minnesota Post this summer about the Minnesota Republican Party’s struggle with not only gender, but racial diversity:

Chris Fields, the party’s deputy director and an African-American, was more direct than Downey when asked if the lack of diversity on the GOP ticket would be a problem for the party.

“It would be if your view of diversity was the color of somebody’s face,” Fields said. “But I look at our ticket and I see real diversity. We’ve got a businessman (McFadden), a county commissioner (Johnson), a fighter pilot (Severson), a lawyer (Newman) and an auditor (Gilbert). Just because you have half men, half women, if they’re all saying the same thing, what difference does it make?”

Obviously, diversity is more than skin color. It is also gender, something Field ignored. Diversity is also a party that includes more than members of a single religion. Not to mention a party that does not eject those who fail to attain a certain level of ideological purity.

As Grow quipped, “It’s an interesting point. But, on the other hand, it seems unlikely that members of the GOP white male chorus will have diverse campaign themes.”

No indeed. And Republicans stubbornly resist seeing that their conservative policies are alienating women voters. As New Jersey Republican Jeff Bell said earlier this month, “Single mothers particularly are automatically Democratic because of the benefits. They need benefits to survive, and so that kind of weds them to the Democratic Party.”

So young women are just in it for the free stuff. You know, like black people. And Mexicans. The problem, the GOP is telling us, is the “liberal media elite,” or with women being “sluts” who want sex without consequence on the taxpayer’s dime. Nothing wrong with an exclusive and hate-filled Republican message. Just with the people who aren’t sufficiently white, male, and Christian.

A Quinnipiac University Poll showed Booker leading by 20 points among women. Only a Republican could think it has nothing to do with his misogynist rhetoric.

What can you do with, or say to, a party where self-examination is something “commies” do, and where myopia has been institutionalized?

21 Replies to “Republicans: Women Problem? What Women Problem?”

  1. I don’t know who that basement troll that is “black tea party” is but I will bet dollars to donuts that he is white, fat and lives with his mom.

  2. “Black Tea Party???”

    Try saying “Jewish Nazi.”

    TP is nothing but a Confederate wing of the GOP.

    Just like the Dixiecrats brought shame and embarrassment to the Democratic Party.

  3. When Republican women are not in, or at least appended to, the upper crust, they belong to another demographic: the kind who were faithful to, but secretly resentful of, “their place”, and now they are seething with resentment at all those other women who have broken out of it without being punished. They are therefore willing to vote against the interests of themselves and their own families, so long as “those sluts” are controlled and punished.

  4. Karl Rove and the rest of the “good old white boy network” constantly underestimate how angry most women in this country are.In their delusional world they believe women are “dumb sluts”. They could not be more wrong.

  5. Presumably, everybody in that photo is a heterosexual, not a homosexual, male WASP. Women aren’t their only “problem.” They also have a black and brown problem, a young person problem, a poor person problem, a Veterans problem, a gay/lesbian problem, a Christianity proble., a Muslim problem…and these are just their voting demographic problems.
    They also have character problems, but that’s another issue. Their base is dying out. I read that they loose about 7% of their voting base every year, while the Democrats loose about 2%. The difference is, the Democrats have a ground game, and register new voters, whereas the GOP only try to suppress Democrat votes.
    It need not be that way. The Republicans could use the same energy they spend suppressing votes to register new voters. Somehow, that idea has not occurred to them. If they do not become more inclusive, they can forget about occupying the White House for at least another four elections.

  6. Every time a republican says someone is Dem because of xxxxx, they are admitting they have no policy for that instance. Obviously single mothers may look forward to starving, no drugs or care for their children and a myriad of other things. The republicans just haven’t figured that out yet.

    Its also the base is in a race to be more radical then the leaders. The base just cant contain themselves from bashing everyone

  7. As a woman who when at the age of 18, 1973, registered to vote for the first time, registered Republican, I thought woohoo gonna make a change. But time marches on and 1999 comes and it’s time to vote again. Light bulb moment. What was I thinking, REPUBLICAN, ARE YOU NUTS. Took me a few years to wake up but I did finally. And I know that both parties aren’t really what they should be, but at least with the Democrats I’m not afraid to be a women.

  8. Too bad that plane didn’t auger into the ground shortly after the photo was sent, but then why kill an innocent pilot.

  9. The tide is turning. The GOP has the white older male voter base left. They don’t go out registering voters because that would mean registering people that likely would not vote for them. It’s not that they haven’t thought of it. It’s just not in their best interests.

    Take those disappearing voter registration forms in Georgia, for example. The GOP knows a few of their own are swept up in that lot, but they also know the vast majority are Dem voters.

  10. Posed to close this week in Cincinnati Ohio, the last remaining abortion clinic serving the largest population in the country throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio! Republican Gov. Kasich put in place the same laws as Texas did! He’s successfully closed 8/14 clinics in one year. He’s winning his re- election campaign because he recently decided to implement the affordable care act! Ohioians benefited by the Presidents bailing out the auto industry in the northern part of the state and the recent gas boom! This has been under the radar….

  11. The Democrats need to put out some commercials aimed toward women that state: Take the power back, no one but you knows who you voted for.

  12. The answer is taking back the state houses. Which the democrats are doing. The democrats can not win campaigns when you talk about abortion, but can when you talk about personhood and denying women access to birth control which is the real goal of the RW.

  13. You know that if you pull the womens magazines out of there hands they have issues of Penthouse underneath them. Just like they did in high school. Pubescent morons!

  14. Penthouse might be a little upscale for them you know with all those liberal articles. My bet they was looking at JUGGS

  15. “So young women are just in it for the free stuff. You know, like black people. And Mexicans. The problem, the GOP is telling us, is the “liberal media elite,” or with women being “sluts” who want sex without consequence on the taxpayer’s dime. Nothing wrong with an exclusive and hate-filled Republican message. Just with the people who aren’t sufficiently white, male, and Christian.”


  16. Registering people to vote requires actually interacting with the black, brown, poor, gay, female-type person. Horrors!

  17. The good ol’ boys here in Texas were thoughtful enough to allow a few high-end abortion clinics, mostly in the Dallas area, to remain open. Besides, they have to have places where they can send their mistresses when they have an “OOPS!” moment.

  18. Women voting republican are the same whom enjoy domestic abuse anyone can tell them thats wrong but they dont get it

  19. this gop war on women is getting old and rather silly. it is not helping the progressive cause to use this campaign after campaign. We can win on real issues not silly nonsense .

  20. So equal rights for women are silly? I bet if you were old enough you would probably say the war on Jim Crow was silly

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