Scott Walker Is Already Making Excuses For His Potential Defeat In Wisconsin

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Republican Gov. Scott Walker is making excuses for his potential defeat in Wisconsin before the votes are even counted. Walker is falsely claiming that he is being outspent by Democrats.

Walker complained to Politico that the Chris Christie run Republican Governors Association isn’t spending enough on his reelection campaign,

It’s TV spending, Walker emphasized, where national Republicans can make the biggest difference. So far, he said, the out-of-state effort on his behalf “pales in comparison” to what his coalition of foes have spent on the other side.

“I’m hopeful that, just as they have in the past, at least some of the national governors associations have come in and helped,” Walker said. “We can’t coordinate [spending with outside groups] in this state, so we have to see it once it’s up on the air. But they did in 2010 and 2012 and I’m hopeful — I believe they will again this time.”

The Washington Post checked into Walker’s claim and found out the governor was not telling the truth, “The RGA has, in fact, spent a boatload of money on Walker’s behalf, including $5.2 million during his 2010 run for office, $8.9 million during his 2012 recall, and $8 million so far this year. In the last few weeks, the RGA has committed an additional $1.3 million to advertisements. And so far, Republicans are actually outspending, and out-advertising, Democrats on the air.”

Gov. Walker’s supporters are suggesting that their candidate is setting a storyline of underdog governor wins reelection in a blue state for his presidential campaign, but there is another possibility.

Scott Walker might be looking for something to blame his potential loss on. If Walker loses to Mary Burke, but still wants to run for president in 2016, he will need to explain away his defeat. What better way for a conservative to endear himself to the GOP’s voting masses than to play the martyr for the cause.

Walker can claim that all of the liberals that Republicans are so paranoid about teamed up and ran him out of office. Scott Walker is doing some serious spinning because he is a reelection contest that is a dead heat, and the Wisconsin governor wants to be president.

Candidates who are winning their elections don’t moan and groan about money. Candidates who are worried about losing begin to point fingers before election day. The blame game is also frequently utilized by candidates who are worried about turnout. The outcome of the Wisconsin governor’s election may hinge on small movements in turnout.

The fact that Scott Walker is making excuses is good news for Democrats.

24 Replies to “Scott Walker Is Already Making Excuses For His Potential Defeat In Wisconsin”

  1. Scott Walker is someone I’ve never liked since he passed that collective bargaining bill and the debacle that went with it.

    Simply put, he alone is his reason for being tossed out…why do you think he was so desperate to get that voterID law reinstated?

  2. desperate to get that voterID law reinstated?

    Shrink the pool of voters then you have enough kochsuckers for the win.

  3. What’s poor Scottie complaining about? He’s got Koch money backing him up!!! I’m sure the Koch money is far more than any money Christie can come up with. In fact, the Kochs are behind Christie, too, I’ve read.

  4. If he’s admitting defeat already, then I can say that for once, he and I agree on something. He will be defeated. Now, about that whining about funding his income, I have a suggestion: get your lazy, ornery ass up and get a job flipping burgers at McDonald’s! What do you think this is, a Socialist country? Are we just suppose to give you FREE money. It wil be alright, Mickie D’s pays minimum wage, I’m sure you can afford caviar, Moet, Filet Migon, Ralph Lauren socks…..what’s that you say? You can’t live off minimum wage!
    Get outta here!!! Really?!!Welcome to the club, buddy, nobody can!

  5. With a passion, I want Scott Walker and Rick Scott out! With the same Enthusiasm, I want Joni Ernst to lose and Mitch McConnell unemployed…….GOTV.

  6. Scott Walker still has the Koch Brothers propping him up. The Brothers will always prop up a sleaze bag.

  7. don’t worry good people of this country. all of these republicans scumbags and their unconstitutional voter id laws will only lead to one thing- record turnout for democrats. I cannot wait. I will be the first in line on November 4th and will be voting for a straight democratic ticket. we will send a clear message to these rightwing clowns!!!

  8. If he’s already making excuses for the potential defeat he may get in Wisconsin, then he must think that the writing is on the wall for him.

    Think about it. Everything he’s done as governor has angered most of the people in that state. They’re fighting back, so he has come up with the excuse of ‘the RGA hasn’t dumped more money into my coffers’ because he knows that he’s good as done come November 4th.

  9. I pray to God for the sake of the citizens that he loses BIG TIME! They stole the vots in the recall got caught but the dems didnt push it I’ll never understand that. A many lues they have spread about the dems, they let him get away with that one. The people won that day. RW AH’s all of them. They only win by DENYING YOUR VOTE. Dont let them do that to you RW constituents. Because tgats gonna backfire too like all their vicius lies that keep you at min wage!

  10. Walker should be the last pol complaining about lack of funding because Judge Rudolph Randa essentially stamped the word “APPROVED” on his conspiring with WI Club for Growth and other Koch-funded groups to raise campaign funds on his behalf. I suspect Walker is more concerned about being unable to use his voter-suppression law to win reelection than he is about the RNC not soaking the state with money to help him get reelected.

  11. CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES–remember that on
    NOVEMBER 4th!! Cheap labor is what the GOP wants & plans for you me and everyone except corps so they can make even more money to stash in offshore accts while they deny you a raise, a job, no benefits, while our bridges collapse and YOU die crossing them, they took away our unemplyment that we paid for! They’re denying minorities the right to vote!!! They have their white racists harassing latinos blacks so they cant vote! Who the hell votes for a CHEAP CONSERVATIVE party like that? I really want to hear from you. I need to understand why you would do that to your Granchildren –that they love to throw in your face once again to SCARE you! Look! listen to them! Look at what they’ve done to ruin lives –shutting the govt down! What if we would of been attacked when they pulled that stunt just so we could hate the president! Listen to what they say for crying out loud! Then try to make an honest decision for the betterment of your …

  12. EXCELLENT post @Tiger Lily! why ANYONE making under 500,000 dollars a yr. EVER votes republican is insane!! but the GOP certainly knows how to scare the crap out of our weak minded, FEARFUL american citizens. GUNS- god AND bashing gay people are top selling tools for recruiting their sheepish KLAN.

  13. I guess his lousy policies that have disenfranchised so many Wisconsinites doesn’t matter. He’s another RWNJ that doesn’t take personal responsibilities for his own actions that have placed him in the position he’s currently in.

  14. I live in West-Central Wisconsin and they love Walker.

    It’s completely up to the number of Democrats that turn out.

    So… Get out and vote !!!

  15. Where to begin.

    walker is barely a high school graduate and he wants to be president?

    walker’s little talk with david koch was beyond shady and he wants to be president?

    walker’s recall was steep in wtf and he wants to be president?

    walker dismantled the unions, he’s for voter suppression, he’s anti-choice, and believe in austerity. he’s a straight line gop. In other words, a fraud.

  16. I don’t live in Wisconsin, but over the past years I have donated to their Democratic committee. Just a retiree, middle income, but my years as as a Union rep has helped decidethat he’s a puppet who has no respect for women or the average American. I am but one of the 99% who will support a candidate who understands what the American way of life means. The Kochs are 0nly interested in POWER and PROFITS.

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