John Boehner Says “Bush Would Have Punched” Putin “In The Nose” Over Crimea Invasion

John Boehner

During a campaign stop in Iowa Monday, Speaker of the House John Boehner tried to make the case that former President George W. Bush wouldn’t have allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Crimea. In Boehner’s mind, if Bush was still POTUS, Putin would have been too scared to go into the Ukrainian peninsula because he would have known that “Bush would have punched him in the nose in about 10 seconds.” Obviously, this was Boehner’s attempt to paint President Obama as a ‘weak and timid’ leader while simultaneously rehabbing the former president’s image.

Below is video of Boehner’s comments, courtesy of The Right Pundit:



Below is a transcript of Boehner’s comments:

Five years ago, the president of the United States went to Europe and he went to the Middle East on what I’ll call his ‘apology tour’ – apologizing for America being strong, apologizing for America leading.

And the manifestation of that apology tour is what we see in the chaos going on around the world today. I talk to world leaders every week. They want America to lead. They’re begging America to lead. Because when America leads and America’s strong, the world is a safer place.

When you look at this chaos that’s going on, does anybody think that Vladimir Putin would have gone into Crimea had George W. Bush been president of the United States? No! Even Putin is smart enough to know that Bush would have punched him in the nose in about 10 seconds.


First off, we have Boehner pushing the long debunked conservative myth that Obama went on a lengthy ‘apology tour’ around the world right after he was elected. Even though it has been proven to be false and Republicans know it is a bunch of crap, Boehner has no qualms repeating it in order to get a positive reaction from conservative voters. Furthermore, he then uses that as a segue to attack POTUS for his supposed failure to lead while puffing up the false notion that Bush would have prevented Putin from taking over Crimea.

Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal Constitution completely dismantled Boehner’s comments about Bush and his toughness Tuesday morning. He pointed out that Bush didn’t seem to mind too much when Putin invaded another neighboring country back in 2008. Bookman also highlighted Bush’s previous comments about Putin where he praised the Russian President, claiming he was “very straightforward and trustworthy” and the he got “a sense of his soul.”

1.) This would be the same George W. Bush who told the world that he had peered into Putin’s eyes and “found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy and we had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.”

2.) This would be the same George W. Bush who did almost nothing but issue mild protests when Putin invaded the nation of Georgia in 2008. Certainly, no fists flew; a fist may have been feebly shaken, but that’s about it.

Bookman also took Boehner to task for claiming that Obama has been weak on Putin and Russia in response to Putin’s actions in Ukraine. As he accurately noted, the Obama Administration has hit Russia with tough economic sanctions that have had a real effect on the country’s financial markets and economy.

5.) Rather than “punch Putin in the nose in 10 seconds,” Obama has led a highly successful effort to impose economic sanctions on Russia. As the chart to the left illustrates, the Russian ruble is in collapse against the dollar, its stock market is in sharp decline, tens of thousands of educated Russians are leaving the country, its sovereign debt has been sharply downgraded, foreign investment is nonexistent, and inflation is running at 8 percent with food shortages appearing.

In short, and despite the crush that some American conservatives have on the bare-chested one, Putin’s foreign-policy adventurism has proved a disaster for his country. And the supposedly “wimpy” Obama had a lot to do with it. The Russian leader underestimated the willingness of the West to respond to his aggression, and he is paying a high price for that error.

In an effort to criticize President Obama, Boehner once again comes off looking foolish when confronted with the actual truth. However, one feels Boehner knows what he is saying is complete and utter rubbish. Instead, he is just throwing out lies and propaganda as a way to defame Obama because right-wing voters demand it. It makes them feel better to believe that Obama is ‘weak’ and ‘over his head.’ Therefore, Boehner will gladly deliver that message to them, regardless if it is true or not.


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41 Replies to “John Boehner Says “Bush Would Have Punched” Putin “In The Nose” Over Crimea Invasion”

  1. But didn’t Georgie poo look into Putie poo’s eyes and see his soul? How can one soul mate punch another one? Tool.

  2. Knowing the Bush modus, he would have stumbled and hit Putin by accident, as he fell to the floor. Then Ari Fleishman would have crowed “George Bush has just defeated the entire Russian army, and it’s not even lunch!”

  3. Bush probably would of been with Putin talking about how each one can rape other innocent nations in their rush for glory and money. Not to mention how to torture people and how to hate everything that is against the Church of Conservatism.

    Oh, and if anyone needs a punch in the nose, it’s Speaker Boehner… and a swift kick in his junk as well.

  4. Yeah, Baby Bush would have just went crazy on him, just like when Vlad invaded Geaorgia. We all remember how Georgie went all He-Man when that happened. Right? Wait…..we don’t?

  5. Wait a minute can someone remind me when Bush bloodied Pooty-tang nose during the invasion of Georgia?

    And for you geography challenge teahadist I don’t mean the state

  6. “…Bush would’ve punched him in the nose”. Because, THAT is how you do diplomacy. Good GD Grief, that man, that orange man, is a pure D, Grade A, 4-ply BUFFOON.

  7. Wat? The same GWB that let Dick Cheney black his eye, and then he pretended he’d bumped into a door?

  8. When Putin invaded Georgia…Bush was in China at the Olympics falling down drunk off the bleachers and holding our flag upside down…

    Then he stumbled on to the VollyBall court and slapped a woman on the ass.

  9. Yeah. Right. And then World War III would start and the Republicans would be forced to raise taxes to pay for it, because no one would lend us the money, and then Bush would have to surrender and kiss Putin’s ass, because Republicans will NEVER raise taxes.

  10. Well Mr. Boehner, if someone else was Speaker instead of you, maybe Congress would have actually earned their income by doing their job and passing some bills.

    Furthermore, leave it to a GOP to resort to violence and hurting another to get what they want, instead of reasoning with our President does so well.

    So there Boehner, you are a schmuck.

  11. “…Would Have Punched Putin In The Nose Over Crimea Invasion”

    Yeah, like the way he punched bin Laden out after 9/11?

  12. Is this anyway a seasoned, adult politician talks? Like a Highs School Freshman out in the yard? Or a Teenie bopper Gang member?
    Who punches any President, Chancellor, King, of a country whomever in the Nose at a meeting? Is Boehner drinking again? Real dumb-jerk. A statesman he is not!

  13. Because that is what W. did when China pushed one of our jets out of the sky and then took it apart to see how it works. Oh wait, Bush did nothing. Boehner would never let facts get in the way of a good John Wayne story

  14. This just goes to show how clueless all of you drones really are; not to mention how stupid Boener KNOWS all of you are..

    It’s well documented that Putin is good friends with the Bush family, and held in very high regard by Bush jr. Boener is an idiot for his statement, but many of you are much dumber yet for the directions that many are taking this argument lol

  15. LOL thats hilarious! BTW, have you learned the Russian pledge of allegiance yet?

    Speaking of clueless, looked at yourself?

  16. I’d like to punch him in the nose, but I don’t go around beating up drunks. He had to be either stupid or drunk to make a comment like this. It used to amaze me how easy the GOP politicians can lie and doesn’t think twice about it.

  17. This is actually pretty funny. If Dubya had lifted a finger Putin would have wiped the floor with him.

  18. worst house speaker ever, John Boehner Says “Bush Would Have Punched” Putin “In The Nose” Over Crimea Invasion. if bush or Obama did that, it would be world war 3. not sure why no ones talking about the latest from the Ukraine. putin himself is attending meetings with the us led Ukraine coalition, which Obama assembled, to meet with Germanys leader to sign a withdrawal agreement as 300,000 Russian troops pulled out from the ukraine – Russia border. putin also agreed to continue the ceasefire to help end the sanctions on his country, saying the sanctions are now having a devastating impact. well kids, what did we learn today? we don’t have to go to war and start bombing people over every single global conflict. in this case, diplomacy, coalition building, strong leadership, and sanctions work.

  19. Sure gw bush would have punched Putin. Of course he would have. Then….Putin would have turned the half-wit gw bush, every way, but loose.

    But then again, we will never know, will we. What is different, is a lot of the military brass, the same ones whom guided clueless George, were pretty silent about the Crimea area, awfully silent. Wonder why that was?

  20. When Russia invaded Georgia, Bush didn’t even attempt to sanction Russia, let alone punch Putin in the nose. Talk about being weak.

  21. Some things are left well enough alone. Alcohol and no common sense never mixed and surely can get one killed. A lesson JB apparently hasn’t learned as of yet.

  22. John, GWB would have enlisted Dick Cheney to do the job, thinking that HE (gwb) would like better in the eyes of the world?
    But wait, GWB has done enough damage during Cheney’s … oops GWB’s “presidency”
    Let’s remember that no country.. including Canada, will accept either of these in their country! Both will be arrested. And the World Court found both war criminals guilty.

  23. Uh, no. Remember, Dubya called Putin a swell guy. He said he had looked into his eyes and saw his sole. (Putin wears Gucci loafers.)

  24. I seriously doubt that Bush would have been able to punch Putin in the nose. Putin was in the KGB. He likely had self-defense training and would have walloped Bush.

  25. Such pandering to the teabillies at the playground…tsk, talk, tak…

    “My daddy is better than your daddy!”

    Well BFD, John. BFD. and your “daddy” is better because “he woulda punched Putin in the nose”?

    If this wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

  26. Bush is afraid to ride a horse let alone punch Putin. Bowner is either drunk or high on self tanning lotion.

  27. Boehner sounds like he’s stupid drunk!!!!

    The very idea of Bush punching Putin in the nose is laughable – Bush would get his pussy-ass kicked from hell to breakfast if he bowed up at Putin!!!

  28. Are you guys really this dumb?

    Putin invaded to protect Iran… Crimea is blocking a very good angle of attack and honestly, the only reason he invaded was because of the state of Syria and Iraq… Iran’s biggest rally was Syria and once they fell, we were free to move on their Nuke capabilities and now that is much harder to do with many countries not wanting to allow usnot launch from the Gulf or even use their air space so, we had to use Europe as an access point.

    So, if Bush were in Office we would still be in Iraq and ISIS wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful as they have been against president Obama.

  29. LOL, Are you really this dumb? Bush signed the agreement to get us out if Iraq. Obama followed that agreement. Damm, you got to be the dumbest today. Bush got us out for 2 reasons, 1 the country wanted us out, 2 Iraq would not agree to let our solders be exempt from their laws. SOFA. Look it up. Iraq wanted us out of their country

  30. How Big they talk behind closed doors, how big they talk with a Army behind them, and how big they talk when his leader can only dodge shoes.

  31. How about our invasion over Iraq!?!?!? Afghanistan ?!?!?!, ….. Vietnam, ….. South Korea??? …. Canada?!?!? (oh no their our neighbors to the north.)

  32. See the crowd he’s taking to?? Pig Farmer. They all laughed and it’s nice to, set in the middle of the country and have nothing to worry about as long as their, “Farm Subsidy” check still gets there on time.

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