After Jon Stewart Slams Him, Chris Christie Claims He Knows More About Ebola Than Experts

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has had a rough go of it the past few days. Over the weekend, the embattled Republican governor and potential 2016 Presidential candidate forcibly quarantined a nurse returning from West Africa who had been treating Ebola patients. Kaci Hickox was forced to reside in an unheated tent with no shower, an unflushable portable toilet and no television despite being asymptomatic.

Eventually, Christie reversed course and allowed Hickox to return to her home state of Maine to spend the rest of the 21-day quarantine period in her residence. This was after Hickox and the ACLU both threatened lawsuits. Hickox had also written a blistering op-ed in a Dallas newspaper and done a phone interview with CNN slamming Christie and his lack of knowledge on Ebola. Hickox and her lawyers are still fighting the 21-day requirement for self-quarantine in Maine due to her not showing symptoms.

During Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart devoted a segment to New York and New Jersey and how they’ve responded to Ebola. He played a clip of Hickox saying Christie not only isn’t a doctor, but hasn’t even verified whether she was displaying symptoms or not before quarantining her. This was followed by a clip of Christie at a fundraising event in Florida dismissing Hickox’s frustration at being quarantined, saying she’ll understand “when she’s had time to reflect.” Stewart exclaimed, “Why does Christie have to be such a d*ck about everything?!?!”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Comedy Central:



Christie appeared on the Today Show Tuesday morning to defend his actions and reiterate his support for mandatory 21-day quarantines of travelers from West Africa that may appear to show symptoms or have knowingly been exposed to Ebola patients. Essentially, this means any health worker returning back to the United States after caring for those infected with the Ebola virus will be required to spend 21 days in quarantine. A number of experts and the Centers for Disease Control have stated that not only are these mandatory quarantines unnecessary, they will likely be counter-productive. They feel that the best way to contain a potential Ebola outbreak is to treat it where it is currently spreading. To force quarantines on doctors and nurses disincentives them to travel and potentially causes the problem to get worse in those countries.

When host Matt Lauer — who was admirably tough on the governor throughout the interview — brought this up to Christie, the governor basically said he knew more than the CDC and experts and that eventually they will come around to his way of thinking.

“We want stricter things than what they have been willing to (propose) and now they’re incrementally … moving toward our position. This is because they don’t want to admit we’re right and they’re wrong.”

In Christie’s mind, the CDC knows nothing about diseases or how to treat them. Instead, we should listen to politicians who are looking to show ‘strong leadership’ by unnecessarily forcing heroes into imprisonment. Sure, Christie isn’t a doctor or a scientist. But, when it comes to dealing with how to treat a disease or contain any potential outbreaks, he knows best. It is his way or the highway. Eventually, science will come around to his way of thinking. Because, that’s what LEADERS do.

Below is video of Christie’s segment on the Today Show, courtesy of NBC:


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26 Replies to “After Jon Stewart Slams Him, Chris Christie Claims He Knows More About Ebola Than Experts”

  1. How can you say Matt was “tough” on Christie when he let him get away with the lie that the nurse was symptomatic. She was never symptomatic.

  2. I didn’t know that Christie had gone to medical school and had become a specialist in Tropical Medicine. Wow and all he wants to be is a governor and maybe president. But think of all the good he could be doing with his research. {wink}

  3. once again we don’t need no science or facts.. our guts, and Christie has a big’un, tells us all we need to know…

    btw… when did Cuomo change party affiliation? or has he suffered some sort of recent traumatic brain injury to qualify as a new Republican? [WINK]

  4. Christie says she had to be in a hospital. Since when is a tent in a parking lot a hospital? What a putz. Christie is such an arrogant, pompous asshole.

  5. This is typical of the party of NO, its my way or the highway mentality, Christie’s attitude is you believe the lie I’m pushing or I’ll beat your ass. And he wants to be thug for President

  6. Christy, more than anybody else, loves to hear himself talk. And talk he does. Even though he knows squat about the subject, any subject. Just ask him.

    By his action he thinks that he is showing strong leadership, when in reality all he is showing is that he is a dick. Cuomo and Rick “Skeletor” Scott right along with him.

    If any of these buffoons think these actions are going to enhance their prospect for being elected President they are wrong. People are not as stupid as these clowns seem to think they are. They recognise grandstanding when they see it.

  7. I think the whole tent-in-a-parking-lot reaction was to show he wasn’t wasting taxpayer dollars coddling someone at tax-payer expense. Shovel millions of tax dollars to business interests, of course. But she wasn’t creating any jobs, so it’s the nickel-and-dime approach.

  8. If he’s such an expert, he would of let her go knowing that she didn’t had any of the symptoms of Ebola.

    In a way, he is an expert… he’s an expert of using Ebola as a fear inducing tool to convince idiots to vote Republican.

  9. That’s the best Christy could do? An unheated tent in an airport parking lot? Is New Jersey located in a third world country? What an A**hole!

  10. they all try to act like big macho men and what they say goes, and they know more about everything than the experts – LIARS is what they are. go push your weight somewhere else Christie. I hope he doesn’t run for president and if he does I hope he doesn’t choose Trump as his VP.

  11. This is typical and the most ridiculous thing about Repubs/Conservs.. If a subject being discussed and you bring forth FACTS REALITY and HISTORY If those do not line up completely with what they believe..not KNOW then even though you may be the expert THEY immediately gain more knowledge than you and can claim that you are wrong and they are correct. When will the Reich Wing ever realize they have nothing!? They have nothing but fear and that makes them weak and weakness is what THEY fear.

  12. Christie is a fool… he did not even know that Hickox was put in a tent outside.

    Check this out.

    Jim ‏@J73Jim 7h7 hours ago

    @GovChristie she risked her life and was put in a tent outside. Now she knows what it’s like to be a veteran. Thank you for your service.

    Governor Christie ‏@GovChristie
    @J73Jim The tent was inside the hospital. Please get your facts straight.

    Of course this picture was sent back to him… He then deleted his tweet.

  13. There’s a sewage leak in the governor’s brain. Tell the plumbers to bring plenty of caustic, corrosive cleaners.

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong. I always thought that republicans were for eliminating the EPA, having less government intervention in our lives, spending less money unless it was for tax reductions for the rich. And here he sets up a special tent for this nurse. Where’s the logic? I think it was a good move. Look at all the free publicity he is getting. I’m mean it was not like farting in a crowd and yelling: I did it!!

  15. BLUE California was already prepared, we have 5 of our UC hospitals ready willing and able to handle this – SO unlike Texas and now obviously New Jersey.

    You’re NOT from California but your name “is”…STOP LYING.

  16. He’s just like governor good hair who is trying to scrape up $$ and bring together a group of doctors to set-up an area in north TEAxASS to deal with ebola.
    Whereas BLUE California already thought of this and we were ready months ago.

  17. With no shower to bathe or a flushing toilet and no TV for her to see what is going on! He is one insensitive bastard who truly needs to be replaced.. immediately! I pray to God she sues his fat belt of his pants!

  18. She had no heat with nighttime temps in the mid 40’s wearing a cloth coveralls and you have republicans defending this.

  19. I hope this kind of stupidity from Christie, which is oft-repeated, finally puts an end to his presidential aspirations.

  20. Here’s Some Stupid For Lunch

    We can now add “public health emergencies” to the endless list of important things about which John McCain will run his yap despite knowing less than dick. He was up around here this weekend, campaigning in New Hampshire for Scott Brown, which would have been a meeting of the minds, had they not been two short. McCain was asked about the Ebola business and, naturally, he called for hearings because if John McCain isn’t on television not knowing dick about stuff every two days, he gets the bends.
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