Sarah Palin Threatens America By Suggesting That She May Run For Office Again

sarah palin threatens to run for office

Sarah Palin is claiming that she bugs liberals, and she is using this as her latest justification for threatening the country with another run for office.


On Fox Business, Sarah Palin was asked by a sycophantic Stuart Varney if liberal hatred had driven her out of politics for good.

Palin answered, “No, bless their hearts. Those haters out there, they don’t understand that it invigorates me, it wants me to get out there and defend the innocent. It makes me want to work so hard for justice in this country. So hey, the more they’re pouring on, the more I’m gonna bug the crap out them by being out there, with a voice, with a message, hopefully running for office again in the future too.”

Do you know how stores keep trying to start the holiday season earlier and earlier each year by putting Christmas merchandise out before Halloween? Sarah Palin was doing the same thing in this interview. One of the ways that Palin has managed to trick her loyal supporters into sending her money is by teasing them with a possible presidential run on a regular basis. She did it before the 2012 election with the bus tour and her unforgettable mangling of Paul Revere’s ride.

It isn’t Palin’s consistent habit of being a candidate tease that is interesting. It is her level of complete and comprehensive self-delusion that is fascinating.

Sarah Palin isn’t bothering liberals. She doesn’t “bug” the left.

Palin doesn’t seem to understand that:

1). Liberals would love to see her bring her special brand of destructive train wreck politics to the flaming tire fire that is that 2016 Republican primary.

2). Sarah Palin doesn’t scare liberals. The left laughs at her. Sarah Palin is a joke, and only the most hardcore believers in the Cult of Sarah take her seriously.

Palin does have one useful purpose. She is a megaphone for right-wing hate, if a person wants to understand more fully the fatal disease that has infected the Republican Party.

Republicans and the media are fond of discussing things that “disqualify” Democrats from office. If being Sarah Palin weren’t enough to disqualify her, her family’s drunken Alaska brawl should do the trick.

The only people that should be scared of Sarah Palin are Republicans who ought to be terrified that she will come back to finish the job of destroying their party.

53 Replies to “Sarah Palin Threatens America By Suggesting That She May Run For Office Again”

  1. Sarah is not running for office…..she knows her con will be exposed if she tries….she will have to produce trig’s birth certificate this time…..and answer to where her pac money goes…..her drunken brawls, her pathological lies, her ghostwritten books and press releases on FB. She is just grifting for more money and trying to stay in the news.

  2. “work so hard for justice”…seriously? While a plethora of 4 letter words are acceptable to this family of hillbillies, as evidenced by the recent release of police tapes, the word “work” is by far the filthiest word in their household, deserving of strict punishment. Running for office is best left to those who can at least wash their hair occasionally.

  3. She is so predictable. Her PAC contributions are down and she needs cash to keep her family and close minions funded. So what else is new? Nothing – just the same old strip tease. She knows she will not run for anything – wish she would but she knows she would be buried. With all that has been discovered about her and her family it will never happen.

  4. Yea, right, Sarah. What? Take the chance that “journalists” would actually do their jobs this time and find out what you were thumping (square pillow) when you said you had tight abs for the reason that you didn’t show with your fifth pregnancy in the Elan Frank interview? You are a coward and a fraud, half-term governor. The PAC funds must be down to a trickle for Sarah to tease that again. Ever hear of the little shepherd boy who cried wolf one too many times? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.
    America is so over you, Sarah. Sit down and shut up.

  5. There is always the issue of trigs birth certificate. And her allowing underage kids to drink, including drunken family drives.

    But then the family that drinks together misses out of the whitehouse together.

    She must have a book coming out, or a new palin toy ready to go on sale.

  6. Thank you. NOBODY on this side is afraid of the skank. she doesn’t acknowledge the rnc told her to get the fuck out, not the dems.

    This insufferable witch wants to run for what? President? ahahahahaha

    Now come on, she doesn’t have a snowball chance with her dysfunctional violent drunken family brawl still fresh. she will never shake that story. she is trying to change the narrative from the embarrassment and shame of fighting, cussing and looking cheap at some party to running (for what? president of her own damn pac?) FOH GMAFB

    she is trying to increase her slush fund…er, I mean pac money. Donations are low and they have to keep up all those trucks, trailers and houses.

    Let’s see if her dumbass fans (small as it is) will fall for her bullshit again.

    Run sarahy so we can laugh at you again trying to run campaign…er I mean bus tour to nowhere! You are as dumb as they come.

  7. Thank you Jason! That woman is an idiot and the billboard for stupidity! The inmates are taking over the asylum! Wake up America!

  8. She can punch Putin in the nose, and call it diplomacy, if she or Bush lived to talk about it.

    Our Speaker of the House actually said, George W. Bush would have punched Putin in the nose.

    Good grief, people actually, they actually believe Palin and Republicans care for them.

    Sometimes I think I should just declare myself a Republican who talks to God, then ask for money.

    Nah, just can’t bring myself to have an R by my name. Can’t do it.

  9. It is a bad life for any human being when they truly don’t have no earthy idea that they are sinfully dumb stupid. This one truly don’t want her to run just because if that fact. The train wreck that she don’t see, but everyone with a little bit of common sense truly sees. Her shameful total lack of an ounce of cognitive reasoning is surely going to be played out across every corner of the known world if she is does decide to make another ill-fated political run. It is truly a sad day for any politician to be known in every little corner as a stupid dumb delusional moron. Then too, Palin is the very type to pump their chest of like she does now thinking that dumb stupid people like her are what this world is totally consists of..

  10. So like Sarah Palin. She doesn’t seek elective office to help make a positive difference in the lives of people, it’s all about pissing off people who dislike her. In other words, it’s all about her. What a narcissist of the first order. A trailer trash narcissist.

  11. Not to mention the slew of material for comedians everywhere if she were to throw her hat into the ring again!

  12. I wish that the Damned Village Idiots would
    get things Straight.

    Sarah Palin doesn’t “Bug” anyone.

    We Hate, Despise and Loathe STUPID.

    We especially Hate, Despise and Loathe STUPID when it shows up in Public Office.

    When that Happens, We ALL Suffer the Consequences.

  13. Oh pleeeze! She isn’t going to run. Remember the “bus tour” in 2012? Everything she does is a scam. It’s all about raising money from idiots. And it’s so easy when you represent the Party of Stupid.

  14. It’s true. Her rubes actually think that Democrats are afraid of her. I’ve read many many comments by them on different blogs.
    I wish she would run.
    She’d be vetted as she wasn’t the first time when she ran with McCain. Let all the skeletons and her past scandals that were covered up come out of the closet.
    Her statements about running is just that-a tease for more money,and those dummies who love her “just so much” will fall for her scam. Again and again.
    Please proceed Sarah. We’re waiting for you.

  15. There are no words to adequately describe the sheer lunacy and delusion that creature exudes.

    So go ahead Palin, run. I assure you that you’ll piss of more Republicans than Democrats, for you’ll lay even more waste to your party than any Dem could.

  16. “Republicans ought to be terrified that she will come back to finish the job of destroying their party.”

    Yeah, what is her win-loss ratio on endorsements now?
    Something like 2 and 16.
    Run sarah RUN!
    If not that then
    Endorse sarah ENDORSE!

    Also, too, how much has the pac contributed to candidates?
    Something like 45K out of a million.
    Someday the axe will fall.
    The pac is already taking in less than it is spending on “postage” and such.

  17. It says volumes about anyone saying this woman is anything but a political partisan ignorant money grubbing prostitute. She makes money screwing her followers every day. You folks who TRY so desperately to make her something she is not are only kidding yourselves. Its as if you cant see or hear or choose not to. I see she tried to copy the same exact yellow that Hillary wore the other day. Thats so we THINK she’s as educated & accomplished as Hillary. Your sarah has not accomplished anything she’ not a senator governor mayor she’s nobody butt you foolishly give her your last dine. She could care less if you starved! Michelle Obama & Hillary make sarah look so pathetic against them. You’re a prostitute sarah. You tease and stroke for money and your little RW men with their big 2nd Amendment guns ..let kids die every day just so the RW can have their guns …morons vote GOP! Because who the hell votes
    for a party denying you the right to vote. That alone should scare you…

  18. I agree. She is annoying as all get out. But she is mistaking aggravation with her as fear of her. A very deadly difference to her politically and she knows it. She just needs more rubes giving to her pac so she can hire Willow and Piper to join Track and Barstool working at her pac office, which is probably a fully stocked wet bar.

  19. sarah palin for president? bring it on, have nugent as your running mate. when you lose you can always blame it on “voter fraud” by “those people”…….or you could just stay home and make mooseburgers.

  20. Go ahead and run. You don’t exactly ‘bug’ me because of my liberal beliefs.

    You ‘bug’ me because you are a freaking simpleton who doesn’t realize that your 15 minutes of fame is exactly at 14 minutes and 59 seconds. You ‘bug’ me because your idiocy stains women across the nation.

    Do yourself a favor and fade away. Get into more drunken brawls with your family… just stay out of the spotlight.

  21. Running for POTUS isn’t going to happen for Sarah, but what’s to stop her from running for President of the Nutcase Union? Her only serious competition would be Ted “Dogbreath” Nugent.

  22. quite the contrary to what that fool and quitter sarah palin says, democrats actually love having that tea party clown around, you betcha’. thanks to her absurd calls for Obama to be impeached back in july, she practically jump-started the democrats like never before. the democratic party went on set back to back to back dem campaign fundraising records for the months of july, august, september, and dems have outraised republicans in the first two weeks as well. most of those campaign donations come from small donors, you and me. another reason the republicans are in for dems on November 4th.

  23. remember folks, this is the woman who humiliated herself a year or so ago in an fox and friends interview where palin railed against the ‘lefty liberals’ and their wars on both easter and chistmas. palin went on to say that jesus and his disciples have been celebrating easter for years and the liberals messed it all up. JESUS CELEBRATING EASTER FOR YEARS??? WHEN HE WAS ALIVE??? very scary!!!

  24. If Sarah is running for President, Fox News is quiet about it. Rush Limpballs is also quiet about Sarah.
    All is quiet about Sarah on the right, but Sarah….

  25. any true Christian knows that easter is the day jesus was resurrected, 2 days after he died on the cross.

    the fact that sarah, got a simple tenet of Christianity wrong shows she, like so many others of her ilk, is Christian in name only.

  26. Please proceed Sarah. Please show us how much you can terrify your enemies by running for office. ROFLMAO!

  27. if your only reasoning for running for public office is because you think it will upset a specific group of people…YOU’RE DOING IT FOR THE WRONG FUCKING REASON.

  28. The only public office Simple Sarah is qualified to run for would be animal control officer. She certainly has the “dog whistle” down pat. As far as seeking any higher office, or future public speaking engagements, she should restrict herself to using only words which she understands, which would render her effectively mute.

  29. this is just the lazy idiot’s way to get stupid people to contribute to her sarahpac because Palin is unelectable. The attack ads run themselves: 1.Remarks showing her vast ignorance on world affairs such as her saying we should attack South Korea and Africa is a country. Palin’s quitting her job after two years.Palin’s offensive statements about groups of people and of course her drunken trashy family.Palin will never be elected to another office again!

  30. She has gall to say that liberals are haters when every other word out of her mouth his hatred against the President and his family.. She is the hater..

  31. Although Palin says some looney things, she didn’t actually state this one. The source that “quoted” her was the Daily Currant, which produces satire, not news. So, the article was pure satire.

  32. Yes brent she is!. It’s hilarious and quite sad as well how these conservative idiots think we Dems. and Libs. are scared of them. Here locally there is a guy in a purple Ford Ranger(rangerdanger) who has the usual totally stupid stickers along with the obligatory NRA badge on his back window. I had the chance to confront him about the display of stupidity on his truck. I especially enjoyed telling him right in his face closely that NO!! We Democrats and Liberals are not scared of you nor do we hate you for things right here on this sticker! We LAUGH at you! We think you’re idiots! We actually feel PITY for you! That really pissed him off, I thought he was going to explode his face was red and the veins were sticking out on his neck. I said just get in your truck get your gun and shoot me because I know that’s what you want to do. As he fumed and bitched and I walked away laughing.

  33. Sister Sarah better get a few new lines. Why would anyone be scared of her? She is all mouth and no action(except for family fighting).she cannot finish anything she starts,what a politician. We can all blame McFuddy Duddy for bringing her into the public eye. When you only serve 1/2 term as a Governor of a State that shows what a flunky you are. She is only after easy money. Her books aren’t worth the price as they they are filled with nothing but her stupid ideas. she is neither a truly religious person nor a knowledgable politician. She gives smack downs like children do. She is far from the adult in the room.

  34. I don’t think Sarah Palin is even qualified to run for animal control officer. I hope that anyone who works in animal control in any community has a modicum of compassion and at least treats the animals with some respect. Control the dangerous ones, of course, but take care of the innocent ones. Sarah could not distinguish between the two and she certainly wouldn’t last two weeks on the job.

  35. I just had to say this- “You gosh damn working little worker! I will work you up, if you ever work with me, you have no idea who you’re working with, I will work your shit up!”
    4 letter words coming from her are so scary… to them!

  36. I agree it’s about money, but I’m thinking she is trying to get the fairly “normal” republicans to pay her not to run. She is a huge motivating force for raising Dem. campaign funds. I think she is perhaps trying to get them to pay her to stay the hell away.

  37. Palin still has visions of all of that money, rolling in. Only this time, she would spend it through her dummy front organizations….eventually having it end up in some off shore account.

    I didn’t know, running for dog catcher paid all that much though? Hmmmm………….

  38. I hope she doesn’t run. It was entertaining to watch the first 15 minutes of her infamy and the resulting nonsense that blurted from her mouth. However, if we keep encouraging her and the Kardashians, they will never go away!

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