Alison Lundergan Grimes Looks To KO McConnell As Bill Clinton Is Coming Back to Kentucky


bill clinton to campaign with Alison Grimes
Alison Lundergan Grimes already had Elizabeth Warren and will have Hillary Clinton campaigning with her this week. Grimes is going for the knockout punch on Mitch McConnell by bringing for President Bill Clinton back to Kentucky.

The Grimes campaign announced that former President Clinton will be back in Kentucky on Thursday morning and afternoon in Louisville and Ashland. Ahead of Clinton’s latest visit, Grimes released new a video of the candidate and the former president urging Kentuckians to vote.



In the video, Grimes said, He (McConnell) can buy the airwaves, but we won’t back up.”

Clinton said, “Whatever your politics are. You deserve to be represented by somebody who cares more about you than the people who have gotten us in trouble in Washington in the first place.”

Bill Clinton is making one last stop in Kentucky to both support Alison Lundergan Grimes, and knockout Mitch McConnell. The schedule of Democrats who are campaigning with Grimes this week makes it clear that they smell blood in the water.

Grimes is getting the top three surrogates on the campaign trail, outside of the Obamas, this week. The President and First Lady won’t be coming to Kentucky because an appearance by the president would play into McConnell’s campaign strategy. Sen. McConnell has been desperately trying to link Grimes and Obama. For this reason, it’s best that the president stay out of this race.

Mitch McConnell is teetering on the brink of defeat, which is Bill Clinton is coming to Kentucky to help push him over the edge.

17 Replies to “Alison Lundergan Grimes Looks To KO McConnell As Bill Clinton Is Coming Back to Kentucky”

  1. I’ve got a good feeling about this year’s mid-terms. Karl Rove will have another election night meltdown when he realizes that not only the gop won’t take the Senate, but that McConnell will soon be an ex-Senator.

  2. Saw Hillary last week, going to see Bill Clinton tomorrow. Louisville is excited! Mitch had Jindal and Fiorina here today. Saw the coverage of the event, looked a little sparse. Most of us here don’t buy what he’s selling.

  3. I’ve quite enjoyed not seeing Eric Cantor’s face on a daily basis anymore on this site and others. I’m looking forward to have Mitch McConnell’s face go MIA as well. Bachmann too will soon be gone from the daily madness that is the conservative ways and means of doing business. Wish Lyin’ Ryan, Ted Cruz, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, Lunatic Gohmert, would all go MIA as well.

  4. Bill coming here to campaign for Ali. and to knock Mitch the f**k out. I will chip in on his bail money if he would literally knock him out.

  5. Nothing like a visit from Bill Clinton to lay out the facts of why the Republicans should be voted out. Unfortunately there are many, especially in red states who live in a fact free bubble and watch Faux News all day and will keep their heads buried in the sand. I’m still hoping most of Kentucky will look at facts and reality and throw McConnell out.

  6. The Clintons coming to KY will not help rimes. They are what is wrong with politics today. He is a womanizer and she is a liar. Hillary doesn’t care about Grimes; all she cares about is her own political career. Most of the votes that Grimes will get are the diehard Democrats that don’t care about the way this country is heading.The POTUS and most of the democrat party is what is wrong with this country. Obama and his advisors, Jackson and Sharpton, have set race relations back 50 years. The democrats were members of the KKK, not the republicans.The democrats in Washington have spent more money than the last 3 administrations together.They want the country to depend on the government for everything.Soon all of our rights that our forefathers fought for will be gone. Take a close look at what is going on in our country, IRS scandal, EBOLA, Amnesty for illegals (that have killed Americans),Benghazi,ISIS. Voting for Grimes is a rubber stamp vote for OBAMA’S agenda.

  7. Nancy, please stop getting your stale talking points from fox news or Limbaugh because you look more foolish with every utterance!

  8. We’re in Louisville, too, Maxie! I wish we could have made it downtown today – would have loved to see Bill and Allison. We can’t wait to ditch Mitch!

  9. Nancy….are you as Nutty as you sound? All of your points are asinine and purely debunked Republican talking points. The minute you mentioned BENGHAZI I knew you were one of the lunatics who are still with the Benghazi thing. Give it up, plus all the old stale talking points Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and the Rest of the FOX Propagandists feed you non-thinkers. Parroting stupid points and ideas. I am betting that you have some form of Obamacare! ???? Right???? Mental benefits??? Come on, admit it…..

  10. In one of the most negative races in the U.S. neither candidate is viewed positively in online media. Will Clinton have a significant impact on this election? Take a look at these five data driven insights into the important Senate battle for Kentucky:

  11. Page not found or may I say a drunken driver dancing. Please if you have something to say the provide a link otherwise you are mitch bitch. I hope you are getting paid

  12. Alison Grimes is going to LOSE!!! Senator Mcconnell is ahead by at least 5 points. Bye Bye empty dress, take your butt back to Frankfort. LOL!!!! You all will be eating your words come Wednesday morning. I like how you liberals love to call other people that dont agree with you names, but the GOP is the party of “hate.” Hypocrites all of you.

  13. Speaking of hypocrites, who but you would be caught voting against their own interests? Didnt you listen to Mitch on the tapes released from the meeting with the Koch? That he would do everything to ensure their agenda worked? And that agenda didnt include you

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