Chris Christie Acts Like Schoolyard Bully To Quarantined Nurse By Daring Her To Sue Him

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While out on the road campaigning Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Dismissed reporters’ questions about a potential lawsuit regarding Christie’s order to forcibly quarantine a nurse who had recently returned from West Africa. The nurse, Kaci Hickox, had been treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone prior to her returning to the United States last week. Despite not showing any symptoms, other than a slightly elevated temperature after a single forehead thermometer reading, she was ordered to spend 21 days quarantined in an isolated tent at a New Jersey hospital. She has since been allowed to return to her home state of Maine to serve out the rest of her quarantine, which she is still fighting.

Prior to her release on Monday from New Jersey, Hickox retained a lawyer and threatened to sue the state and Christie over her forced confinement. Hickox has also stated that she will not adhere to Maine officials’ requests that she voluntarily isolate herself in her home for the remainder of the 21 days. This will likely set up a confrontation with state officials and law enforcement. If they make her quarantine involuntary, Hickox, and likely the ACLU, will file a lawsuit against the state of Maine.

As for Christie, he made sure to be himself on Tuesday, which is loud, brash, unsympathetic and boorish. Throughout this whole ordeal, Christie has remained defiant and bullish, claiming he knows more than health experts on proper procedures in treating and containing Ebola while insisting he and other governors who have pushed for mandatory quarantines of health workers and other exposed to Ebola will be proven right in the long wrong. At the same time, he has shown no real sense of gratitude for the doctors and nurses who are volunteering their time in West Africa to help contain and eradicate the disease where it currently is doing real damage.

Instead, Christie has spoken derisively of Hickox, treating her like a political opponent or reporter asking a question he doesn’t like. When cornered with criticism, Christie only knows one mode — full-on schoolyard bully. On Tuesday, he displayed that character flaw once again.

Below is video of his conversation with reporters, courtesy of NBC News:



As you can see in the video, when a reporter says that he’ll likely have to face this situation in court, referring to Hickox bringing on a lawsuit, Christie brushes it aside and dares her to sue.

“Whatever. Get in line. I’ve been sued lots of times before. Get in line. I’m happy to take it on.”

Christie also said she shouldn’t complain about her imprisonment because she was treated very well. See, after a certain point, she had a cell phone and got take-out food, so what the heck is she complaining about?

“She was inside the hospital in a climate-controlled area with access to her cellphone, access to the Internet and takeout food from the best restaurants in Newark. She was doing just fine.”

To be fair to Christie, this isn’t just confined to him or even Republicans. There has been this sort of attitude among the media and even some Democratic politicians to treat true heroes that are doing real work to fight a disease that is threatening an area half-way around the world as objects of fear and derision. The fear mongering around Ebola by the mainstream media and elected officials has gotten so bad that much of the public is getting swept up in the panic. This is all happening despite the fact that exactly one person has died in the US from Ebola and only one other person is currently confirmed to be infected.

Eventually, the overhyped mass hysteria has to subside. Hopefully, the treatment of Hickox and her reaction to it will fully shift public opinion and force the media and government to readdress how they are covering, discussing and dealing with this issue.


25 Replies to “Chris Christie Acts Like Schoolyard Bully To Quarantined Nurse By Daring Her To Sue Him”

  1. once a bully always a bully – is this how a future presidential hopeful acts? No sympathy. Christie reminds me of Palin.

  2. While reading on quarantines by the government it seems the public health director has to sign on and in this case and in NY this wasn’t the case.

    If we had a impartial judiciary she might have a case but we don’t that’s why fat bastard thinks he is untouchable

  3. Just think of all the Millions of dollars
    that STUPID people like Chris Christie end up Wasting for NO good reason.

    I’m sure that will make the TAXPAYERS of New Jersey real Happy.

    New Rule: Make the STUPID people pay for their OWN lawyer when they get Sued.

  4. Once a bully…this man needs a strait jacket. And a muzzle. I have not liked him since that town hall video where he spoke very rudely and condescendingly to a constituent..a woman, of course. I pray he IS the GOP nominee, and in sent off to prison a month before the election. An unheated prison with no toilet and no running water and no electricity.

  5. His attitude is exactly why we had lane closures on the GW. This is what he does. Junk yard dog politics. Not presidential material.

  6. This fat guy wants to be president of the USA? He has no statesman qualities. Brash and irritating manners will not play nationally nor internationally. But he does have that Republican trait: My way or NObody’s way. I don’t care WHAT you think. If you don’t like it…sue me! ( No, its the other way around, Republicans are into suing and threatening to impeach Democratic Presidents.

  7. I hope his fat ass goes down in flames over this over reach and blatant ignorance. I would pay to punch him in his face!

  8. “Whatever. Get in line. I’ve been sued lots of times before. Get in line. I’m happy to take it on.”

    Sure why not, the suckers (taxpayers) will foot the bill.

  9. Poor Christie…he saw a opportunity like storm Sandy, that he could ride the wave over bridgegate. Then, he said he wasn’t in charge,… it was his rogue staff calling for the bridge to be shutdown…but this Ebola epidemic landing at Newark airport, was ripe enough to strut his in-charge stuff once again, but unfortunately for him, it turned into a epic knee-jerk fail. He should have just shut up and gone with the “I’m not a scientist ” thingy.

  10. This is what Christi dose, bully the little guy. He has a problem with diplomacy. How Jersey continued to elect this boarish asshole is beyond me.

  11. “She was inside the hospital in a climate-controlled area with access to her cellphone, access to the Internet and takeout food from the best restaurants in Newark. She was doing just fine.”

    Uh, say what?

    I hope she sues his tush off.

  12. What needs to happen is Christie should be sent involuntarily to work with the people with Ebola. Then come back and be put in isolation in the same conditions as the nurse, and see how big a fit he throws then.

    He is just like one of the county commissions in the county where I live. Constantly suing someone with our tax dollars. Sue the state so no drones fly over our county. He and one other commissioner sue so they can say prayer before meetings. Okay first day after rule say a prayer and our county get sued. This type of person and Christie need to be voted out.

  13. That’s the governor we all know and love = not! Some people want this man to be our president. I’m embarrassed to be from NJ. A bully who ought to have no political position or power at all. NJ has enough problems without this kind of crap.

  14. This attitude may fly in Jersey, but the majority of the 49 other states find this brand of bravado less than appealing. He’s been allowed to skate too often…Sandy, the GW Bridge, etc., but someone needs to hold his feet to the fire on this one. This is personal. This is a woman risking her own life to save the life of others and now has been taken hostage by bully tactics. Politicizing the personal sacrifice of another is going to cost him big time.

  15. Christie should try being trapped in an unheated tent in 60 degree weather with a non-flushing port-a-potty. Somehow I doubt he’d think his treatment was “just fine.”

  16. Bravo!!! you are so right!! After the EARLY 1990’S WE AS LEO WORKED WITHOUT GLOVES , MASKS NOR SUITS WITH THE HIV VIRUS. I remember going home and tearing off my uniforms and burning them in a barrel here in NC. What a waste of monies; We or I only encountered one time human fluids!!

    It cost me my marriage. To hear a fat cat like Christy Gov. of NJ, makes my skin crawl. AMERICA HAD BETTER WAKE UP AND TAKE HOLD OF THEIR OWN LIVES AND LEAVES THESE SOB’S BEHIND, OR WE WILL BE LIKE ROME!!

    F…. Christy Gov. of NJ, fat slob that is over 200 lbs. How could your respect a loud mouth like this and know that he is on the Grim Reaper’s list for Sloth?

    I hope the State sues him, turns it around and takes the rewards and invest this in the Citizens of NJ. It can and should be done. Chrissy is old news, a loud mouth, fat cat that non longers has control, other than with criminals!!!

    And Christy, I say you go to hell where you live and leave the good people alone. I chall…

  17. His act doesn’t fly in NJ. Have you seen his approval numbers here. We might vote for him for POTUS just to leave us alone.

  18. Gov Christie and Lapage already are in heavens door due to their morbidly obese disease. More deadly than ebola. Both should quarantine themselves from this deadly virus. These guys are a walking heart attack waiting to happen. Avoid the twinkies

  19. The problem with that statement is the statement from her saying she was in a parking lot in a tent with no heat and no running water. How is that in the hospital in a controlled environment? Doesn’t seem to jive.

  20. Chris Christie has been shouting down people and insulting and bullying them since he was elected Governor.Living in New Jersey and would think Christie was an attractive candidate next to the 2 billion dollar medicare fraudster Scott,but who wants this person who can’t control himself telling diplomats to shut their pie holes before he sits on them

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