Republican Georgia Senate Candidate Wants To Prosecute Obama For His Success

Throughout the Republican campaign to take control of Congress in the looming midterm elections, they have failed miserably, and deliberately, to detail what their agenda to govern the nation. It is, in great part, due to their devious plans to decimate the federal government for their rich corporate benefactors they know the majority of  Americans will never comport. It is also because under President Obama’s leadership, the country is making progress in spite of the five-and-a-half year Republican tactics to obstruct any measures to help the American people.

Democrats running for office have been reticent to embrace the President’s successes, and it is curious why they are not pounding Republicans for opposing policies that prove the GOP’s staunch anti-government agenda is rife with failure. Late last week, one Republican Senate candidate from Georgia actually laid out the sole reason he is running for office and his intent for governing, if he is victorious.

During a debate with Georgia Senate candidates Michelle Nunn (D) and Amanda Swafford (L), Republican David Perdue said his intent in seeking a Senate seat was to attack Democrats, and that he has absolutely no interest or plan to work with them for the people’s general welfare whatsoever. According to Perdue, his only reason for serving is to prosecute Democrats and President Obama because he does not approve of the “direction of this country.” In Perdue’s teabagger mind, “we’ve got to make a hard right-hand turn because  the direction of this country is failing because you have a failed presidency and you have to prosecute it.”

Now, Perdue’s intent to do nothing for the people, and to prosecute President Obama for his Administration’s success is because the President rejects Republicans’ agenda to  transform America into an evangelical theocracy and Koch-fueled corporatocracy their teabagger sycophants lust after. A quick perusal of Perdue’s campaign website reveals that his entire agenda is founded on serving white, gun-toting evangelicals devoted to enriching corporations and the wealthy elite. What is telling is that in claiming the nation is “going in the wrong direction” and not advancing the Koch’s teabagger agenda with a healthy dose of biblical theocracy, Perdue exposes his devious intent to undo the economic progress the nation made after Republicans spent eight years killing tens-of-millions of jobs and nearly destroying the economy.

Obviously Perdue cannot comprehend that under this President, tax rates are at a 60-year low, spending is lower than any Republican or Democratic administration going back Dwight D. Eisenhower’s administration (60  years), and job creation is far better than any Republican administration in spite of the five year Republican job-killing frenzy. Perdue wants to revisit the Reagan and Bush trickle-down failure, eliminate corporate taxation, and condemned President Obama for raising taxes on families and businesses informing he is either a rank liar or ignorant of the 60-year low tax rates. Apparently Perdue has not kept pace with the facts that Republican states imposing “trickle-down” are failing miserably, or that what businesses demand is higher wages for workers, not more tax cuts.

Perdue also demands that America stops abandoning Israel and not allowing them to defend themselves; he promises if he is in the Senate, America will stand with Israel despite that under President Obama, American taxpayers are subsidizing Israel’s defense machine at an inordinately higher level than any previous administration. America also sat quietly and watched them massacre innocent Palestinians with American taxpayers funding their assault.

Perdue is also so out of touch with America’s devotion to the oil industry that he claims under President Obama the federal government is deliberately “limiting our (energy) options by being overtly hostile towards domestic energy producers.” Besides giving domestic energy producers billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded welfare despite their record profits, America is the world’s leading oil producer and exporter, and industry observers say it will stay on top for the long term. In fact, the glut of oil in America is part and parcel of why gas prices are falling at a record pace.

Where Perdue reveals his theocratic intent is pledging to “defend our values” and “promote a culture that protects the unborn” while ignoring and subverting the women who carry them. He also will fiercely protect “marriage between one man and one woman,” even though there is nothing remotely close to a reason to have to protect traditional marriage; it is and never has been under attack. What is telling about Perdue’s advocacy for “defending Christians’ values,” is that since President Obama has been in office, the religious right has gained more authority over government, and the people, than any president in history.

One of President Obama’s first acts in office was perpetuating what seems unconstitutional, Bush’s Faith-Based Initiatives; including increasing the amount of taxpayer dollars churches receive to advance their particular initiative. Under this so-called ‘failed presidency’ Perdue wants to prosecute, the religious right won the authority for Christian business owners to control women’s access to contraception, as well as the power to mandate Christian-only prayers at government meetings. Obviously, it is not nearly enough for Perdue. Like his religious right cohorts, he demands greater authority to impose “his values” on all Americans and promises that he “will not waver in defending my deeply held personal convictions” if he wins a Senate seat.

What Perdue is telling Georgia voters when he signals his intent to prosecute President Obama if he wins a Senate seat is that they are certainly going to be in for a serious world of hurt. The policies he promises to push are precisely those enacted by Koch-puppet Sam Brownback that have set Kansas on the road to bankruptcy, failed education system, and the nation’s poorest job creation numbers; all due to “reforming” taxes to give more wealth to the one-percent and corporations. What is even more absurd is that he calls the lowest taxes in 60 years, lowest spending in 50 years, fastest debt and deficit reduction, best job creation numbers in decades, highest corporate profits in ages, and greatest oil production and export in the world a direct product of “a failed presidency.”

One hopes Perdue’s Democratic opponent, Michelle Nunn, seizes on and pounds him mercilessly for his promise to prosecute the President for successfully saving America’s economy, giving tens-of-millions of Americans access to affordable healthcare, creating millions of jobs, and attempting to raise all Americans’ standard of living; all things Perdue claims are signs of a failed presidency.

If Georgia voters are too ignorant to comprehend the high degree of this President’s success in the face of overwhelming Republican obstruction and outright subversion, Nunn can simply point out that Perdue’s intent to “make a hard right-hand turn in the direction of the country” will steer the country into the same ravine Koch-puppet Sam Brownback aimed Kansas. It is absurd for any teabagger-Republican to center a campaign around prosecuting a sitting President, but not nearly as insane as pledging to prosecute him for a long list of successes that have benefitted all Americans.

15 Replies to “Republican Georgia Senate Candidate Wants To Prosecute Obama For His Success”

  1. this guy has missed his calling. He needs to be on Fox news. Fox and friends morning show is calling to this guy. even Fox news has a hard time lying as well as this guy.

    It’s absolutely true, if the people of Georgia do not see what is happening here then they will down the road

  2. Hey Davey…Go take an airborne fornication in a rotating deep fried dough ring you petulant little putz!

  3. folks, you can look the following up on google. president Obama has been declared the best economic president in the last 40 years by conservative and republican financial and economy experts, analysts, and professionals. a nobel winning conservative writer has now declared Obama is one of the most successful presidents in our history ESPECIALLY because of the relentess and outright republican obstruction and sabotage… and the rightwing trolls cannot stand it! Obama is a great president. that’s a fact! get out and vote for dems on November 4th.

  4. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If the GOP want to attack Obama for his success, the Democrats can attack Bush for his failures. God knows he has enough of them!
    “Perdue cannot comprehend…” of course he cannot comprehend, he’s a teabagger!

  5. Got whiplash just from reading this article. Aaahh David, why are you choosing to be a tool for the Koch Brothers and to be the face of hypocrisy that is the religious (un)right?

  6. The republicans have been campaigning on a non-platform. They are not telling you what they want to accomplish for this country and the people. The reason is you wouldn’t like what you hear. I don’t know why anyone would vote for a republican unless they are rich or racist or both. Their views and goals fly in the face of most citizens. VOTE BLUE for me and for YOU.

  7. I didn’t know that being successful, especially after fixing up the massive quagmire left by Bush and his cronies, was a crime…. wait, you mean it’s not?

    The only crime here is Purdue’s attempt to abuse his power should he win. Isn’t it illegal to do what he says he wants to do?

  8. Isn’t he the guy who says he is proud of his outsourcing to foreign countries?
    Who are these idiots who will support this maniac? I am sure he will get a lot of those self-tortured voters who don’t care if their candidate is a raging buffoon as long as he wears the label: “Republican”.

  9. David Perdue doesn’t like the policies of President Obama but David Perdue is proud of the fact that he has outsourced thousands of jobs and taken those jobs away from American workers. Georgia’s unemployment rate is running higher than the national average and Perdue has the nerve to blame the President for the lack of job creation, when he has literally said how proud he is to have been able to outsource jobs and taken those very jobs away from the people of Georgia and surrounding states. So whose at fault here.

  10. “we’ve got to make a hard right-hand turn because the direction of this country is failing because you have a failed presidency and you have to prosecute it.”
    Are you home schooled Sir? Apparently you slept in during Mom’s sentence construction class.

  11. Perdue has just given us another reason why we must defeat him, Black Democrats take note Perdue is appealing to the racist Obama haters in the state! No African-American in Georgia has no and I mean NO EXCUSE to sit out this election!

  12. To all the Democrats who are posting good constructive comments here, and debunking all of the Republican views, and predicting Democrat’s maintaing of the Senate and, possibly taking the House too this time around ….. Way to go! But, I don’t know why the Media, and pundits on the talk shows, even the pollsters are saying that Republican’s taking the Senate is a possibility. Whaaaat!!!! Do you believe them? Apparently they are NOT reading the Tea Leaves. Democrats are going to surprise them all, with wins! The House becomes ours. Republicans will be SHOCKED! They were so certain Romney was going to win, Romney’s wife was measuring for new Drapes and furniture in the White House. Nope! Did not happen. I forsee another blind sided win for our Democrats. And BTW—McConell will follow Eric Cantors footsteps into the Dumpster. The pollsters have not been polling those who are going to make this a game changer. The silent majority Democrats are FIRED UP! And WILL turn out. YES!…

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