Hillary Clinton Turns The Tables On Republicans By Saying Joni Ernst Disqualified Herself


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In Iowa today, Hillary Clinton claimed that Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst has disqualified herself from office by refusing to answer questions.

CNN reported,

“I have concluded that Iowans take politics really seriously,” Clinton said. “You test your candidates, you actually force them to be the best they can be and they have to be willing to answer the tough questions.”
Democrat Bruce Braley “has been willing to do and his opponent has not,” she said.

“It truly seems like it should be in disqualifying in Iowa of all states to avoid answering questions,” Clinton added to a sustained round of applause.


Clinton’s remarks in Iowa struck on a latent hypocrisy. Republicans and Beltway media insiders like NBC’s Chuck Todd claimed that Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes disqualified herself from office by refusing to say who she voted for in 2012. The same media and talking heads have had nothing to say about Republican Senate Joni Ernst canceling several meeting with newspaper editorial boards in Iowa.

Grimes may not want to discuss who she voted for as a private citizen, but Ernst is refusing to tell the voters what she stands for and what she will do if she gets elected.

Republicans opened the door to the disqualification questions. Hillary Clinton walked right in and knocked them on their backsides. The Iowa Senate race is very close. Ernst’s refusal to tell the voters what she will do if she wins is a way for her to try to run out the clock and backdoor her way into the United States Senate.

It may not matter to voters in Kentucky who Grimes voted for, but the folks in Iowa deserve to know what they are getting themselves into if they elect Joni Ernst.

Hillary Clinton called out a giant hypocrisy, and with less than a week to go, Democrats are sending a loud message that Joni Ernst won’t be allowed to keep her positions to herself.

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  1. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Todd should have kept is non partisan wasp behind out of it! How in God’s name are people willing to support a candidate when they won’t say what issues they support?

  2. But when the hog ball chopper appeared on chuckles the clown show MTP he never ask her any questions that concern the voters of Iowa instead he kind of, sort of in a weasel way agree with her stance on Personhood and she is a down to earth real Amerikkkan

  3. And with far more personal strength. She won’t be backpedaling her statement. She’s a pretty fearless person, and has the gravitas behind her. Someone had to say it, and she’s the best one to do it.

  4. Same problem here in CT with Tom Foley. All he does is tell us what Gov. Malloy has done “wrong” and refuses to give concrete answers to “What specifically” he’s planning. Foley alludes to “lowering taxes and increasing small business”, but his history dictates otherwise. Also, too, like many 1%-ers, his Fed taxes show NO TAX payments in 2 years. No income. Because he has stocks. And he refused to release his state returns. He said “nobody asked for them”. I then heard the radio host on NPR ask him to release his CT returns. He changed the subject and said he’s paid “$2 million” in taxes over the past 10 years, and has nothing to hide. Methinks he does. I’m so sick and tired of these GOP losers only mimicking the complainers from their own party instead of coming up with concrete answers. The shallow end of the pool-ers vote them in and then complain that they aren’t doing what they said… even though we know they didn’t actually SAY anything. *smdh*

  5. That creepy fvck tried to tell the laid-off employees of Fusion Paperboard in Sprague that it was Dem policies that led to the closure of the plant. They told him off publicly.

  6. And Joni Ernst has already been asking about how to do a recount after the election is over. Is she planning on pulling a Norm Coleman when she loses?

  7. I agree with most of your post except for Todd being a WASP or non partisan. He is Jewish on his mother’s side, and was raised Jewish. David Gregory before him is Jewish.

  8. The difference though is that Chuck Todd is not supposed to be partisan, whereas Hillary Clinton is. It not only turns the tables on the Republicans, it pointedly paints Chuck Todd as a clearly partisan Republican.

  9. What a good laugh. I missed that, been too busy to keep up lately. Part of my “busy” has been watching the hilarious second season of Alpha House. This explains the piece where one of the female Senators was having a “stand off” with armed guards in the Capitol building. That show is so funny. I never watch the same thing twice, figure there’s not enough time left to get through the new stuff, but this I am breaking that rule for. Too many LOL moments not to savour some I missed. Besides, being from NC I am watching ole Gil John Biggs closely. I like the “inside” look at NC politics. ;-) [WINK]

  10. Nate, I know that was sarcasm but in a way you are quite correct. We are amazingly informed and intelligent and know what being an American is really all about…but I know that’s not what you mean at all..but it IS the truth.

  11. Considering she was removed from watergate when she was younger be violating ethics. what about 4 people she allowed to be murdered in Benghazi

  12. 4 People died from your hard on about Bengaziiiii. 3000 died under your boy crush the cod wearing Bush you say MEH. You are an idiot and quite frankly kiss my ass you dumbass teahadist

  13. So dumbass what did you say when BUSH allowed 3000 deaths because he wanted your idiotic ass to watch his golf shot?

  14. I know you folks think you have a gotcha moment, but here are some facts.

    1. No one in Iowa really cares what the Des Moines Register editorial board thinks or opines about.

    2. Joni Ernst had three debates with Bruce “Baily” (sic) and if anyone has been paying attention, she’s already answered the tough questions… although you probably don’t agree with her answers.

    3. Hilary blasting anyone for not answering the tough question is pure comedy. I can’t remember another politician with as much hubris and a penchant for obfuscation as Hilary Clinton.

    Does anyone remember Hilary’s campaign ad… “who do you want to take the call?” … at 3 A.M.

    We found out that answer with the former Secretary of States response to Benghazi.

    Out right lies and obfuscation.

    Use your brain, people.

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