Mitch McConnell Spent Nearly $75,000 To Fly In Fake Supporters For Events


Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has had to spend nearly $75,000 flying in people who pretend to be his supporters at campaign events.

That “sound crew” Mitch McConnell wasn’t sure if he paid to fill seats at his rallies and events across the Commonwealth was actually not a sound crew. They were paid supporters, and FEC reports show that Team Mitch paid almost $75,000.00 to make it look like the Republican Senator had friends.

When word first leaked out that McConnell was having to pay people to attend his events, he bit off the heads of anyone who asked him about it, media included. But they were persistent and so soon he was trying to pass off the paid supporters as “sound crew”.

But the Grimes campaign released a statement Monday evening after the FEC filings for McConnell (as of 10/14/2014) were released, which they determined show payments of nearly $75,000.00 for Mitch’s traveling entourage:

Now, after days of repeated pounding in the Kentucky media for both his actions and his comical cover-up attempts, new FEC filings released late this afternoon finally give us some idea how much Mitch McConnell dished out to buy a traveling entourage and fake “enthusiasm” at his events – nearly $75,000.

The filings show payments for flying and lodging, in addition to reimbursements for travel and lodging for what look to be multiple people, so it’s a good thing Senator McConnell loaned his campaign $1.8 million.

The story was worse than first suspected. McConnell didn’t just bus fake supporters to his events. He flew in paid ringers to local events in order to make it look residents in towns along his bus tour were supporting him. It’s all par for the course for McConnell. Sen. McConnell has faked his concern for Kentucky all through the campaign. He faked his knowledge of guns, while he has refused to answer any questions about his ability to fire a gun. McConnell has even felt the need to fake his support for University of Kentucky basketball.

McConnell’s only ambition is to win reelection in order to become Majority Leader. Kentucky is a secondary concern in Mitch McConnell’s mind. Sen. McConnell will do anything to win the election. If he needs to buy supporters, the check will be written.

Mitch McConnell has no agenda, no plan, and is offering no future for Kentucky. McConnell is a fraud whose singular goal is to become Senate Majority Leader.

McConnell’s concern for Kentucky is as real as the fake supporters that he paid to have flown into the Bluegrass State.

In just six days, Kentuckians have a chance to elect a senator that will care about them.

15 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Spent Nearly $75,000 To Fly In Fake Supporters For Events”

  1. 75 large is pocket change for Mitch, besides he’ll get it back from donors win lose or draw. Or the government will end up picking up the tab in some kind of tax write off. Let’s hope it will be a waste.

  2. And with everything he’s gotten caught doing so far in this campaign, it’s still close between him and Grimes?? What the blue bloody blazes is wrong with Kentucky voters? Same thing that’s wrong with Ohio voters, apparently.

  3. Pitiful, pitiful! I attended a rally that Alison had in my hometown. Elizabeth Warren was there, and the crowd, unpaid, was electrified! I actually walked because my ride took too long! GO ALISON!!

  4. has to lie and cheat to win. hey Kentucky – time to rid of McConnell and vote for someone who cares for your state.

  5. It’s hard to believe there are people stupid enough to fall for this charlatan’s BS. It’s like they think they are the ones receiving all that Koch money when in actuality, all they are getting is the shaft.

  6. That this uncircumcised penis of dull incompetence and glad class war is so closely electable in Kentucky is testament to the evils of big money in politics.

  7. While I hate to label a person a flip flopper because circumstances change this time I will break the rule.

    Earlier during the great Ebola freak-out the Turtle said two weeks ago: “I think we ought to listen to what the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] thinks they need either in terms of financing or certainly they’ll decide the procedures for travel and all the rest,” McConnell told NBC News in an interview. “I think we need to follow the advice of the experts who know how to fight scourges like this.”

    Now seeing he about to lose his job: During a Tuesday interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, McConnell said he thinks a travel ban “makes a lot of sense.” “I would like to see a travel ban,” McConnell said. “I think it seems to me to make a lot of sense.”

  8. Is this a 10 second TeeVee ad yet? Just photos of the pastie-faced crowd at his rallies with a big red “$75,000 paid for fake supporters” stamped over it. A quick link to his FEC filing and a “Mitch McConnell can’t admit he’s out of touch with Kentucky” voice-over at the end should suffice.

  9. The way that McConnell and other GOPTPers lie about the smallest things indicates to me that GOPTPers are neither embarrassed nor ashamed about their lying ways because it has become a part of who they are and what their party represents. Their motto appears to be “Win by using any means necessary.”

    Such exemplary ethics for members of the “Party of God.”/s/

  10. It is my dream that this horrible man gets thrown out, ever since he said he would make Obama a 1 term president I have wished that someone would take him out!

    Here in NC today apparently the dashing duo of McCain/Graham are here in support of the no good republican – I am beginning to wonder if these two are joined at the hip!

  11. Let’s face it. This is how the Republicans roll….FAKE it. Spin it. Lie. BS. Apply the smoke and mirrors effect. Fool the people ALL the time and hope they don’t notice (the Republican dodo heads anyway). But you get the drift…Don’t trust a Republican to be “REAL”. Phony fakes. No wonder they have brought the Congress down to its lowest ratings in decades. Toxic bunch.

  12. If you want to swing the Kentucky Senate race, just ask Mitch the following question, “Senator McConnell, considering the large number of football stadiums in the state of Kentucky, have you ever been briefed on the prospect of an “artificially generated stampede?”

    If he says no, he’s either indifferent, incompetent or possibly lying.
    If he says yes, he’s culpable for failing to address a serious, asymmetric national security issue.
    If he says no comment, he’s a coward not worthy of representing the citizens of Kentucky.

    For the record, roughly a dozen House members (including Paul Ryan) and three U.S. Senators had the courage to formally acknowledge the issue — Roger Wicker (R-MS), Joe Manchin (D-WV) and John McCain (R-AZ).  It’s a common sense public safety issue, not a partisan one.

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