Mitch McConnell Scam Exposed: Fake Kentucky Supporter In Ad Has Never Voted


Grimes McConnell debate

Things continue to get worse for Sen. Mitch McConnell. Not only has McConnell spent tens of thousands of dollars on fake supporters, but one of the women featured in an ad touting women who support McConnell isn’t from Kentucky, and has never voted.

Mitch McConnell has spent $75,000 on travel and accommodations for supporters that he flew in from outside of Kentucky to attend his rallies. Beyond buying friends, McConnell has also had to use a non-Kentucky woman in an ad that touted Kentucky women’s support for his reelection campaign.


Not only was the woman in the ad, not a Kentucky resident, but MSNBC reported that the fake McConnell supporter has never voted in an election,

That’s not all: msnbc has learned that the same woman, Dallas A. Knierman, 20, has never voted in any election, and has not requested an absentee ballot for this election, according to a Mercer County official whose confirmation was pointed to msnbc by the Grimes campaign.

“(Knierman) was legally registered on Aug. 2, 2012, but has never voted in our county. She has not applied for an absentee ballot this election and today is the last day to apply,” Jeff Greenburg, Mercer County director of elections, wrote on Tuesday.

It seems that the only way Mitch McConnell can find women who support him is if they never vote. McConnell appears to have the non-voter demographic locked down. Sen. McConnell has been running a campaign that is designed to do nothing but give him a chance to be Majority Leader if Republicans win control of the Senate.

Women aren’t flocking to McConnell’s message that women don’t deserve equal pay for equal work. This is a fact that must stun the supposed party of the free market. Republicans seem shocked that women want to be paid fair market value for their work.

In the days before election day, McConnell’s campaign has fallen flat on its face. Money and incumbency are powerful tools. At the end of the day, no one would be surprised if Sen. McConnell squeaked out another win. However, the Grimes campaign has a major opening. McConnell is fading fast, but Democrats and Alison Lundergan Grimes will need to finish strong if they are going to send the architect of Senate gridlock into retirement.

15 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Scam Exposed: Fake Kentucky Supporter In Ad Has Never Voted”

  1. …this hits the nail on the head!…


  2. What else is new with the CONS. They are nothing more than a dog and pony show. The sad thing is people who are idiots fall for it. Our problem is there are a lot of idiots in America

  3. Nothing new for Mitch McConnell. He will stop at nothing to get elected and retain his seat in the Senate. He is a first class Koch sucker and Koch whore. Go Alison GO! Send the son of a bitch packing!!!

  4. The problem at this point is no one that votes for Bitch listens to MSNBC. These people will never know what Crinch is doing. Nor will they ever know that he doesnt work for them at all.

  5. I am not sure I’d call it a scam as much as it shows McConnell must not have female supporters in Kentucky that are young and stupid. I have seen the ad, and was scratching my head.
    On the other hand, I heard voter turnout here (Louisville) will be about 65%! We never have that high a turnout for midterms. I have been saying for months that voters are angry, and will head for the polls. High voter turnout favors Alison. And Jefferson Count is more Democratic.

  6. Elizabeth Warren was here yesterday along with some big labor names. Bill Clinton will be here on Thursday, and Hillary Clinton will be here on Saturday. The democrats are doing all they can. It’s all up to the GOTV now. Mitch need to know he doesn’t bring the kind of attention the people of this state needs.

  7. The National Guard should be called in to blanket ALL the voting places in Kentucky to guard against voter abuse and fraud. Keep the republican KKK’s away. Kentucky — MAKE MY DAY. VOTE BLUE for me and for YOU.

  8. I live in Louisville, too, Maxie2014. It’s looking very good for Alison here, and probably in Lexington as well. But I do worry about the rest of the state. I wouldn’t say Mitch has momentum, but he does have a kind of inertia. If folks think he’s done well by our state they’ll largely keep voting for him, even if they have to hold their noses to do so. I’ve got fingers and toes crossed that we (collectively) will finally send this creep packing!

  9. “He’s defrauding voter trust.”

    He’s been doing that for years. It’s not illegal though, just immoral.

  10. If the signs on people’s lawns are any indication of how this race will go, it would seem that Mitch doesn’t stand a chance. In my central Kentucky town, there are 25 of Alison’s signs to every one of Mitch’s. Let’s hope the signs are right.

  11. i dont no how any one could vote for mitch. theres a lot of people that are dumb or just not informed. mitch need to go he is the problem in washington.

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