While Alison Lundergan Grimes Speaks to 16,000 Only 250 Show Up For McConnell Rally



While Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes was addressing 16,000 Kentuckians last night, Sen. Mitch McConnell spoke to a virtually empty room of 250 people while campaigning with Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA).

Here was the scene at Sen. McConnell’s big Restore America rally with Bobby Jindal:


In front of a crowd that The Courier-Journal estimated to be 250 people, McConnell continued to campaign against President Obama and Harry Reid, “If you only remember one thing we say tonight between now and next Tuesday, we have got to re-elect Mitch McConnell so that we can finally retire Harry Reid.”

Sen. McConnell was so disinterested in the rally that he left before Gov. Jindal spoke.

While McConnell was talking to hundreds, according to her campaign Alison Lundergan Grimes was speaking to thousands, “Meanwhile, Alison concluded another full day on the campaign trail with a tele-town hall meeting where she spoke to more than 16,000 Kentuckians about her plans to raise the minimum wage, end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, help students earn degrees instead of debt, and fight for equal pay for women in the workplace.”

Republicans have had trouble turning out their supporters for almost a decade. In hindsight, the Republican wave of 2010 is looking more and more like an anomaly that was caused by Democrats not showing up.

McConnell is a thirty-year incumbent with no positive accomplishments to run on and no vision for the future of Kentucky. The media is still buying into the idea that Sen. McConnell will cruise to victory on Tuesday, but if one examines what is happening on the ground in Kentucky, it looks like Republicans aren’t excited in the least by the prospect of casting another vote for Mitch McConnell.

There is an enthusiasm gap in Kentucky, but it isn’t on the Democratic side. Mitch McConnell has had to buy supporters to attend his rallies, and use non-Kentucky residents in his ads. McConnell has been trying to scam Bluegrass State voters into believing in an illusion of popular support for his candidacy.

Sen. McConnell has no momentum. It’s less than a week before Election Day, and his supporters aren’t showing up. There may be an upset brewing in Kentucky, and Alison Lundergan Grimes pushing hard for the win.

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  1. Alison and Bill Clinton were at the Muhammad Ali Center at 9 this morning. I barely made it because I got the times mixed up. I think these polls are wrong. It sounds to me that if McConnell cannot draw supporters, Alison’s lead may be larger.

  2. It would really be wonderful if we could be rid of McConnell who has already said that after the mid terms he will not confirm any of Obama’s appointees (in other words, business as usual)

  3. I may be wrong, but I think this election may force the pollsters to modify their methods. I just can’t believe a lot of the polls I’m reading, even from some more reliable pollsters.

    I know there are those who put out bogus polls to try and influence turnout, but I believe some are just honest mistakes caused by a changing political landscape and demographics.

    Of course, the final poll on November 4th is the one I am hoping will reflect what I think is the truth, that Americans are realizing the right has no good ideas for ordinary Americans.

  4. The obstructionism and the vile hatred rhetoric members of the Republican party and the religious right has shown our duly elected President has made independents like me very angry and determined to do whatever I can to change the political scene. I’m not alone in feeling that way.

  5. I could not believe Bush “won” again in 2004. Flabbergasted when Republicans won in 2010 after all they did.

    When Americans vote against themselves because there’s the next boogie man lurking, and even more crazy because brown people and women want fair treatment, there’s no telling what will happen.

    Then with Citizen’s United, voter suppression and outright theft of elections we are in a battle for the soul of America. Not to mention Democrats afraid of their own records. Amazing, simply amazing.

    I used to think truth wins out eventually, but then Rush Limbaugh, Fox News emerged.

    When I get outside the comforts of this site and others, I see obviously capable people screaming for sports teams as though their very lives depended on a team winning.

    I mean passionately knowing every statistic, every player and spending lots of money to identify with a sports team, but ask them about politics and they spout ignorant one liners they’ve heard on the radio.


  6. I pray you’re right. I don’t live in Kentucky but I grew up in southwest Va. near Harlen Kentucky and I think it’s a beautiful state and the people deserve to have a candidate that’s care more about them than the fat cats.

  7. The fourth estate is pro Republican. I’ve been educating myself as to how to separate the good polls from the bad polls. Even so called Democratic paper, blogs, and MSNBC are all gloom and doom. The Democrats are going to kick ass next Tuesday.

  8. Maxie, just got back from the one in Ashland with Alison and Bill Clinton. Not a huge crowd but they held it mid day when everyone was working! A older couple was standing beside me, she was 83 and he was 89, it was running about 1 1/2 hours late, but they refused to leave! We asked security to bring them chairs and water…..they did! Love our dedicated democrats! :)

  9. Democrats have to get out and vote or face the dire consequences of a right-winged government that has no concern for the average American. As I see it, Democrats are idealists who feel that it is wrong to be asked to part with their hard-earned money to support the party. They are partially correct, as campaign finance reform is very needed. But right now, until Citizens United is overturned, it is shortsighted not to invest in the future by making donations, rallying, and voting Democratic. There are good candidates, like Ms. Grimes, who are deserving of our support.

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t pollsters forbidden to call people on cell phones to conduct their polls?

    With more and more people, particularly younger people, giving up land lines and only using cell phones, it may be harder for pollsters to get an accurate reading on what voters are thinking.

  11. Are we absolutely certain all of McConnell’s paid supporters are from out-of-state? If any of them are from Kentucky, he could be guilty of trying to buy their votes.

  12. I received that Grimes “phone hall meeting” call. Are we supposed to take their word for it that 16,000 people were happy the call came, and eagerly listened to the entire thing? It was a robo-call. it left a message. Does that count? If McConnell robo-called 16,000 people, would that still be considered a good thing?
    More importantly, was ANYBODY excited to hear/see Jindal? The only positive thing he brings to the Republicans is that he’s a “not-white” guy.

  13. I agree with most of your comment, but where do you get the Democrats don’t want to be asked to part with their money to support the party?

  14. I’m not sure where you get the idea that Democrats don’t think they should be asked to spend money to support the party since there are many more small donations to Democratic candidates than for Republicans.

    We’re keeping up except in the area of dark money.

  15. If populism decided votes, the green party and libertarian party would win every election. No, it’s crony capitalism turning the sheep in their direction.

  16. I was in Ashland today & would say there were around 800 people there. It was impressive to see so many diverse groups- young, old, male, female. I spoke with people from Lawrence, Greenup, Mason and Lewis counties. I had a wonderful time. Great energy and enthusiasm!

  17. You’re right! I do agree that there are many more small donations to Democratic candidates than Republican candidates. My point of view, obviously not well expressed,is based on conversations with Democratic associates who contend that Citizens United is unconstitutional, that the purchase of Republican candidates by the likes of the Koch Brothers is obscene. I agree. And many of us have been barraged by pleas for money by Progressive organizations, and unfortunately some have resisted out of an untimely display of principle. Although you and I may have given as much as we could possibly afford, many democrats have not–if they’ve given at all. That’s unfortunate. And if we receive news of defeat on November 4th, it can in part be blamed on those democrats who didn’t quite grasp the fact that we all have to give generously now, and fight for the repeal of Citizens United later. To conclude, the thought of a McConnell victory is all I need as motivation to give generously.

  18. Allison Grimes offers a big dose of opportunity for decent representation for KY, something the citizens of that state have not had from Mitch McConnell. Grimes is sensible, intelligent, and uncorrupted, personal characteristics missing in Mitch McConnell. I hope KY welcomes this young woman into office with open arms. She would be a sea change for the better for the state.

  19. Pretty much a foregone conclusion that KY is going to stay with Mitch this time around. I live there and that is the talk. Glad to give him my vote.

  20. Alison has my vote. Everything she is for, I am for. Mitch, on the other hand, has done nothing for us. As a matter of fact, he cost us $$$20-24 BILLION dollars when he shut down our Government, and what’s even worse, he is threatening he will do it again. What kind of person would shut down our Government!?!?!!!
    The only thing that seems to interest him is Obama. I don’t think he realizes yet that Obama isn’t running in this race.lol

  21. If McConnell is having to pay people to hear him speak, that is vote buying and is a violation of state and federal laws.

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