Chris Christie Flips Out And Goes Off On An Unhinged Rant Against Hurricane Sandy Victim

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During a staged event in the New Jersey town of Belmar Wednesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got into a confrontation with a former Asbury Park City Councilman who was part of a group of protesters demanding Christie “finish the job” when it comes to rebuilding the Jersey Shore in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Christie played up to the crowd and the cameras by going off on an unhinged rant against James Keady, a small business owner and former councilman.

Keady held up a sign during Christie’s speech and Christie addressed him from the podium. Keady’s sign read “Get Sandy families back in their homes — Finish the Job!” For roughly two minutes, Christie then verbally attacked and disparaged Keady, apparently unaware that Keady was actually a former politician himself, an organizer of an action group trying to get unused Sandy funds to local homeowners and businesses and a person who has been on the ground helping since Sandy hit nearly two years ago.

“I’m glad you had your day to show off but we’re the ones who are here to actually do the work. So turn around and get your 15 minutes of fame and then maybe take your jacket off and roll up your sleeves and do something for the people of this state.

I’d be more than happy to have a debate with you anytime you like, guy, because somebody like you who doesn’t know a damn thing about what you’re talking about except to stand up and show off when the cameras are here. I’ve been here when the cameras aren’t here, buddy, and done the work.

It’s been 23 months since then, when all you’ve been doing is flapping your mouth and not doing anything! So listen, you want to have that conversation later, I’m happy to have it, buddy. But until that time, sit down and shut up!”

Even though Christie claimed that he’d debate with Keady “anytime” regarding the governor’s Sandy recovery efforts, when Keady offered to meet Christie for dinner to discuss, the governor mockingly dismissed him.

“I’ll tell ya, there’s about 1,000 things I’ll do tonight, going to dinner with you is about 1,001.”


Below is video of the entire confrontation, courtesy of American Bridge 21st Century:



Obviously, Christie was playing to his supporters and the cameras, thinking it was time for a classic Christie bullying session. He was likely unaware that Keady is a former councilman who is leading an effort to create awareness of the large amount of money sitting unused that should be going directly to residents to help rebuild or relocate. Mere hours after Christie berated him in front of the crowd, Keady appeared on MSNBC’s All In to give his side of the story.

Not only did Keady articulately get his point across and bring further awareness to the slow response from the governor’s office when it comes to the Hurricane Sandy recovery, but he and Hayes also pointed out the irony behind Christie claiming that he is there when the cameras aren’t, all the while saying this at a staged media event. It is apparent that Christie thought he was just rolling over someone who would just take the abuse and leave to the crowd’s jeers. He didn’t realize the double-edged sword that would follow. Keady was well-prepared for what would inevitably occur at the event and Christie would look like an out-of-control bully with serious anger management issues.

The hosts at Morning Joe discussed Christie’s outburst on Thursday morning. Even though Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough referred to Keady as a “heckler” multiple times, they agreed that this was a bad look for Christie. Considering that up through Bridgegate they were the two biggest Christie honks you could find in media, it says something that they criticized Christie for his actions. Scarborough pointed out that Christie likely needs anger management classes. Panelist John Heilemann said that all of the YouTube videos of Christie’s outbursts that helped make him a household name was probably a big influence on him taking it to this level.



This tirade from Christie comes on the heels of him daring a nurse to sue him and further solidifies Christie’s reputation as an insecure bully. No longer can supporters just claim that he ‘tells it like it is’ or ‘shoots from the hip.’ No, he just tries to bully his way through situations that aren’t in his favor. In these instances, Christie is taking heat for his mandatory quarantines of health workers who treated Ebola patients as well as his slow response to the Hurricane Sandy recovery effort. His first and only instinct is to shout someone down. That’s what he knows. And he wants to be President. Think about that.

36 Replies to “Chris Christie Flips Out And Goes Off On An Unhinged Rant Against Hurricane Sandy Victim”

  1. He could be President of Bullies, Anonymous. He is a mean, spiteful man who takes his anger out on real, hard-working people like that female teacher a few years ago. Christie should not be a Governor, let alone the head of the RGA. THIS is who they want speaking for them? Really? Of course, they keep mealy-mouth Preibus out there as well. Sometimes I think the GOP is self-destructing on purpose. Palin, Preibus, Christie, Cruz…the hits just keep on coming. And then there are the Walkers with real legal issues, who think they are about the law, like Chris. Keep on trucking, GOP. America will not buy your schtick much loner (hopefully, a week from now, a lot of this crap will be done.)

  2. Fools like this bully really expect people to sit down and shut up, they give us the mean-mug look just like domestic violence preditors do, and then they depend on the tax paid civil servants to protect them. Its time for a change in Jersey !!!

  3. Besides the fact that this is just another example of Christie losing his temper and bullying a constituent who wanted some real answers, the shocking thing is that there is still some $800M outstanding, while many still haven’t gotten back into their homes. I’m suggesting that Christie’s outburst was to ensure that that fact was overlooked and that the media would instead concentrate on his temper.

    Sad, really sad…

  4. there are countless times I would have loved to see President Obama go after a heckler in this manner but he’s a smart, dignified man who knows better than to let the idiots get to him. Christie on the other hand is a mess. He’s a Neanderthal and not fit for national public office.

  5. Christy is attempting to show what a masterful, powerful leader he is. In reality all he does is come across as an insecure, stupid, bully.

    It this toad thinks he can win friends and influence people with his leadership qualities by yelling at someone, insulting their intelligence, in general cutting them into pieces with his words, he is dead wrong.

    Imagine him sitting in a G-20 meeting and one of leaders of another country disagreed with him. It would be interesting, if nothing else, watching him berate, say, the Prime Minister of France.

    I never once considered most candidates as having disqualifying themselves, unless they did something illegal, however, with Christy’s attitude and mouth he is totally unqualified to be POTUS.

  6. Oh this is so rich, look at him show is ugliness and his real temper. The sad thing is I just checked out CNN to see if they even had this story. They had some horrible video interview where all the stupid twat that interviewed him could ask about is why did you heckle? When he didn’t even heckle, he just stood there with a sign. CNN is so freakin clueless they don’t even know what the real story is about. No wonder no one bothers with them anymore.

  7. Wow. This was not a smart move on his part. Independent/undecided voters tend to not like loud a-holes.

    His wranglers need to get a better wrangle on him.

  8. I watched this this morning, with my temper I would have not rested until Chris KrispiKreme was picking chunks of signboard out of his fat foul mouth! This is so cool though because America is seeing how mean spirited and loathsome the Reich Wing is. Go ahead righties, keep spewing.

  9. I like the President that we have. Can he run for a third term? He can just write an executive order amending the constitution and it’s done. Go figure. VOTE BLUE for me and for YOU.

  10. Who in the world is throwing their money down a rat hole promoting this guy for President? At least a half bubble off center..maybe more.

  11. I don’t know how old you are, Thaddeus, but I am reminded of Mad Magazine’s “Scenes We’d Like To See.” I’ve often visualized the same, if only to watch all the RWNJ’s heads explode. It’s their worst nightmare; please proceed, Mr. President! [WINK]

  12. This should raise the matter of Sandy & $$$ again as I don’t recall hearing anything on the investigation of the Sandy funds. Bridgegate sucked the air out of that investigation. Hmmmm??? Anyone hear anything as funds were held back from the Mayor that made media appearances and also funds supposedly used for maor projects not entitled to funds.

    Crusty Christie reminds me of Toronto’s ex-Mayor Rob Ford & his loser brother Doug Ford (just lost election for Mayor).

    Why? They’re all Thugs – Liars – Corrupt. They spew Hate. Tell treat their citizens with total disrespect and tell them to sit down shut up. And this reveals how they all can ‘dish it’ but can’t take it — they’re so thin-skinned — and I don’t mean thin referring to girth as they all have that in common too!

    It appears that Christie has his re-supply of THUG PILLS – black market of course as that’s the only way Thugs get their drugs — like Ford & his family’s ‘crack’ addiction.

  13. The audience applauded! The wife in the background smiling..loving the way he humiliated that man. WTH is wrong with these people? REPS are so fricken arrogant, bombastic, shallow, no class, no civility, no respect for PEOPLE! NONE! I do not see where anyone got anything out of that except it was so dam unprofessional. Can you imagine if Pres Obama would have responded like that to any human being? But not a one says a word about their uncivilized ways. Who the hell raised this disrespectful piece of shit! That mother has to be SO EMBARASSED! Always playing the RW down when they do this kind of grandstanding..wth? who wants that THUG for a president??? Let me guess he’ll pick the other hard core thug sarah for his VP????? OMG this country is going down if the RW wins. I’m not kidding. You should all be worried to death!

  14. It’s amazing that some people think he is “just it”. They think he should be president. His followers, I have no words for, except stupid, just stupid.

  15. CNN knows what its about…they’re just protecting the GOP brand message..they all do that. CNN is bought and paid for. they make mILLIONS to carry the LIES. One democratic speaker to every 10 lying thru their GOP speakers on CNN – FOX some even on msnbc. They ask the RW for advice on things that are going on..things the GOP caused and they sit there then say..Obama did it. I just cant believe our electorate. We cannot be that stupid that the majority of us want to go down into a real serious depressing recession that not one GOP will try to save us from. They will keep all the money to themselves with the same tired old trickle down BS. Why is it so hard for their people to see them for what they are? To you RWers ..if its worth it to you to DIE FOR THE GOP..go for it! Starve to death or die from the air you breathe which they will not protect once they get rid of EPA..christie will never ever be a president of this United States. NO ONE WOULD VOTE FOR THAT PIECE OF DUNG!

  16. Christie signed “The Integrity Monitor Act” in March 2013, a Bill that would Require Independent Monitors to ”oversee how The State Government Distributes Billion in Aid. The Monitors would be Assigned to All Projects of $5 Million or more. But,The Integrity Monitors weren’t put in place until January of 2014.

  17. Christie had to shout! The guy was bringing attention to the fact that Christie is using the money for his rich corp masters..not for “those people”! SO Christie shut him down. ON PURPOSE! What an awful human being that Christie is.

    “I’d be more than happy to have a debate with you anytime you like, guy, because somebody like you who doesn’t know a damn thing about what you’re talking about except to stand up and show off when the cameras are here. I’ve been here when the cameras aren’t here, buddy, and done the work.”
    YEAH that’s why he put on this display. He thinks he’s gonna get votes? Watch how this pig goes down now. Only the GOP like this kind of uncivilized dictatorship brutal type of treatment. Why do the GOP not move to Aftghanastan, Iraq, Syria, where the GOP is doing to us what those countries deny their citizens. I guess RW constituents don’t. At least the GOP doesnt. Get RID OF THE GOP!! this country will be way better without them!

  18. Democratic group calls Christie’s bluff on ‘sit down and shut up’ bluster

    To Whom It May Concern,
    The following request is being made in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et seq.) and all other New Jersey open record laws.

    At an event commemorating the two year anniversary of super-storm Sandy on October 29, 2014, Governor Christie claimed “I’ve been here when the cameras weren’t here and did the work [on Sandy recovery]”

    We respectfully request a list of all trips to which Christie was referring – specifically trips to the Jersey Shore to work on Sandy recovery, where no “cameras” – from the media or the Governor’s office – were in attendance to record the event. […]

    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

  19. It doesn’t appear that the people of New Jersey want a change, it was just elected to serve a new term last year about this time. Supposedly being a bully is what they love about him. This speaks in volumes about the people of New Jersey. [WINK]

  20. If that were me I would have lost it on this ass. He works for US, WE pay his salary. How dare he talk to a constiuent this way. I hope his sorry ass is taken down.

  21. Christie forgets he isn’t arguing with a stupid uneducated tea bagger. He was arguing with an intelligent gentleman which had been in government and had taken a month off to “roll up his sleeves” and work FOR the people. Just like the educated nurse he tried to run roughshod over.

  22. Christie ”vetoed” The Sandy Oversight Bill – A61: The Bill would have ”required” The Treasurer to Set-Up a Website to Track Contracts by County, Municipality, Issue Quarterly Reports in ”Recovering Dollars and Put Out Expedited Priority Reports Explaining Any Problems The Administration Encounters”.

  23. I had always liked Chris Christie, but then bridge gate happened and I lost a lot of respect for the guy… after I got to see the video of this recent incident, I was outraged and disgusted. Chris Christie is a real POS!!! what a complete and total jerk!! this guy is garbage. not only do dems hate this guy, conservatives and repubs hate him too. atleast i take solace in the fact that he will never win another political race in his life, and the fact that he lives in such a small, hate filled, angry little world. I kinda feel sorry for the guy, but especially for New Jersey who deserve so much better than this fat bastard!

  24. ding, ding, ding.
    The RW has been winning policy debates for over 40 years. Seems people are finally waking up to that fact. Still, many find the tea party insanity to be refreshing and down home. Enough so that Congress has been bought out and heading over the cliff.
    Get your parachut ready.

  25. No, he can not run for a third term. The 22nd Amendment prohibits that.

    No, he can not just issue an executive order to amend the Constitution. It’s a much more difficult process than that and is covered in Article V of the Constitution.

    Amendments may be adopted and sent to the states for ratification by either:

    Two-thirds (supermajority) of both the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Congress;
    By a national convention assembled at the request of the legislatures of at least two-thirds (at present 34) of the states.

    To become part of the Constitution, an amendment must be ratified by either (as determined by Congress):

    The legislatures of three-fourths (at present 38) of the states;
    State ratifying conventions in three-fourths (at present 38) of the states.

    But absolutely YES to voting BLUE!!

  26. If he wasn’t sunk already, he sure is now. He obviously failed Diplomacy 101. The people of New Jersey deserve better and there’s no way in hell he belongs in the White House.

  27. Human nature dictates that people speak readily of their successes and anger easy at their failures. This fits well here with this thug. Can one dream of him being president and lose his temper because he is losing… God help this nation with the president want-a-bes these days. Short on resolutions but long on bull sh***t.

  28. Here is what I see….I see his wife off to his right with a big smile on her face while he is ranting. That is not normal, at least I do not see it as normal. Smiling at her husband’s abusive ranting and out of control. Maybe she is not abused physically, but I would suspect that she is abused mentally. I am a democrat but in the past I had to honestly say that things he did were good….Any good that he did is destroyed because of the way he treats people and belittles them. Only a coward and bully treat people that way. I have lived in Jersey for over 60 years, and have never been so sad that our State is represented in this way. But, this too shall pass.

  29. I personally think, that if a chocolate malt and some Hostess Cream Cakes were offered to Christie…..he would have immediately chilled out and started chowing down. Yes, that is what I think. I do know, if Christie had said that to me, I know I would have told that fat phk to bite me. So sick of these republicans.

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