Fox News Host Implies Obama Is Manipulating Gas Prices To Help Democrats In Midterms

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During Thursday’s episode of The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson, host Gretchen Carlson suggested on multiple occasions that the White House was manipulating the price of gasoline to possibly help out in the midterm elections. In typical Fox News fashion, Carlson didn’t say outright that President Obama was behind any recent drop in the prices. Instead, the former Fox & Friends host brought it up as a “thought” when she was discussing the actual causes with a business analyst. She also devoted a minute-long commentary  about the historically high gas prices during Obama’s presidency, wondering if that was going to be the “new normal.”

Throughout Obama’s time in office, Fox News has continuously railed on him anytime there was a surge in prices at the pump. Generally, they have placed blame for any price hikes on the White House’s energy policy, insisting that America needs to drill for more oil or do more fracking. Of course, the administration’s energy policies have no direct effect on oil or gas prices, especially over a short term. Also, companies drilling for more oil within the United States will do nothing to change the prices in this country as that oil will be sold on the world market.

However, now that oil prices are dropping, Fox News and conservative media have had to figure out a way to spin it negatively for the president. Fox’s Stuart Varney decided earlier this week to say that low gas prices are going to hurt the economy in the long run. Of course, Varney is one of the talking heads that slammed Obama over and over for high gas prices. But, that doesn’t matter. Prices are dropping, so we need to make this seem bad for Democrats. Therefore, it is bad for the economy. That’s the ticket.

Carlson decided that she was going to float a little conspiracy theory that Obama was dropping gas prices to make consumers feel better and elect more Democrats in the midterms. Or something like that. While talking with Fox’s Jo Ling Kent, Carlson said, “The first thing that I thought about is, “Oh, there must be a connection to the midterm elections next week.'”

Below is video of Carlson speaking to Kent, courtesy of Media Matters:



Later on, in a segment called ‘MyTake,’ Carlson discussed how “average Americans” like her were the only ones that seemed to care about high gas prices in the Obama years. She explained that only Fox News is the only media group that’s interested in getting the White House to “drill down” on why gas prices have remained high. Furthermore, she stated that the media hammered President George W. Bush whenever the price went up but have left Obama alone.

Below is the segment, courtesy of Fox News:



Carlson’s intentions with this segment and the other comment to Kent were crystal clear. Her suggestion is that Obama’s policies have kept gas prices high throughout his presidency. However, with midterm elections fast approaching, he’s intervened and dropped them significantly to affect the mood of the electorate and help out Dems. She wants to get that nugget out there in case Democrats hold onto the Senate this Tuesday so she can claim that the White House stole the election. In wingnut world, you have to have your conspiracies ready to go at a moment’s notice.

36 Replies to “Fox News Host Implies Obama Is Manipulating Gas Prices To Help Democrats In Midterms”

  1. Here I thought that lower gas prices are a good thing.. and since she is throwing out conspiracy theory BS, why don’t I take a crack at it:

    Lower gas prices = more money to spend
    More money to spend = better economy

    Wait a second… that’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s the actual truth!

  2. I’m just waiting for the day when the damn Constitution won’t protect Fox news and somebody bring them tumbling down. And that day is closer than they think. Then these damn idiots will find out first hand how the unemployed have to struggle. And the damn fools who keep watching it can go find the nearest gun and plow their brains out.

  3. Wow – this faux station is so pathetic anymore. they went to college to tell stupidity instead of real news. the president said that unemployment will be down, gas prices will be low and just about everything else he said he will accomplish – he has. I guess the other side just can’t stand a smart leader.

  4. Unfortunately there are people who are ignorant enough to believe this FOX conspiracy theorist; hey FOX news Is the biggest conspirators in the history of US media; a republican station all republican 24/7posing as a news channel; lately in the Obama years they’ve taken to flat out lying.

  5. I was in a hospital waiting room yesterday and I had to listen to Fox for half an hour. I almost went up and asked them to please turn off the propaganda channel and put it on something less offensive.

  6. The president has no control over gas prices. They didn’t seem to have a problem when prices went up during the bush years.

  7. When I go to the VA I tell them to that shit off and I would be waiting for someone to say something.

  8. I have encountered some very vulnerable people who believe these lies. People who don’t have the means nor the opportunity to find out the truth. People who talk about not voting as if it were some kind of virtue. This is profoundly sad.

  9. The Faux Snooze bimbos were great on the “casting couch”.

    People that Progressives listen to:

    Paul Krugman; Phd, Yale and MIT
    Rachel Maddow; Phd, Oxford
    Lawrence O’Donnell; Harvard Grad

    People that republicans listen to:

    Rush Limbaugh; DROPOUT
    Glen Beck; DROPOUT
    Sean Hannity; DROPOUT

  10. waiting for the Faux “athletic-supporters” to chime in with the “Fox has the highest rating of anyone else”.

    It’s disconcerting to think of so many are being completely MISINFORMED and scared SHITLESS.

  11. Try telling that to FOX morons and those that listen to them. It was even in the news that people that listen to fox are very uninformed small minded basically racist bigoted uneducated poor fools who listen no matter what. The TRUTH can be in THEIR FACE but would rather listen to the HYSTERIA they create every single nite on FOX. I hate all those people on that channel. What is beyond shocking are the blacks that go on that show an demean their own people ..I have to ask myself where did you find these folks. WHAT FRICKEN TRAITORS TO THE BLACK RACE!

  12. So true Kelly. It was 2007 or 2008 that O’Reilly said that U.S. presidents have nothing to do with gas prices.

  13. The FCC dose not recognize fox news as a news station but an entertainment station. This is how they are able to tell non truths without any consequences. It’s like watching a sitcom on tv with no repeats.

  14. I had friends that watched Faux News here in PA. They were my friends for years, but after they opened their mouths and told me that they love Faux News, they are no longer friends anymore, especially on FB. Even the family in the sticks, they are the worse. So uniformed, so brainwashed and so racist. I can’t even hold a conversation with anyone who watches that station, ugh!!!!

  15. No one can deny Fox takes itself way too seriously since a brief foray is self-depreciation before firing comedian Bill Schulz.

  16. I am glad that Fox has finally admitted that President Obama IS the MOST powerful man in the world. BTW tomorrow, Mr Obama is going to raise taxes on all voting Republicans, and cancel their subscription to American Rifleman OMG kkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  17. Wow, I am not sure about where you live but I notice gas prices dropping around elections all the time no matter who is manning the ship…it is not a coincidence because it is an issue to the people. The people have very and I say very short termed memories and will fall back on whatever politics best suits themselves. The country is not in a better place or better said “a place it should be”. One of Obama’s campaign promises from 2008 was to bankrupt one of the country’s biggest industries. He has turned his back to the only democracy in the middle east region.Pulled troops from Iraq and left it with no successful strategy…lives given for democracy there, albeit one of the lowest number of casulties of major conflicts the US has ever been in, THEY MEANT SOMETHING TO ME. Republican or Democrat…those are not the same parties of our parents or grandparents.One thing is certain and that is change…Obama didn’t have to run on it, it happens all the time! American Pride needs hel…

  18. They’re not actually banned. They can still be received on cable. Canada still has a fairness doctrine, keeping them off of regular broadcast networks, whereas President Reagan dropped that here in the US.

  19. “People who talk about not voting as if it were some kind of virtue. This is profoundly sad.”

    Sadly, I run into this all the time. They seem to think I am silly because I vote. They say it doesn’t matter who is in elected office, that they are all the same and would do the same thing no matter if it’s Democrats, Republicans or Independents. It’s really pathetic and you can’t convince them otherwise.

  20. DJ,

    You would enjoy the Nashville VA. It is a great VA Center and run very efficiently.

    Also, too, they keep CNN on the teevees~

  21. In other words, in Fox la la land for the brain dead, lower gas prices are a good thing for average Americans, so there just has to be some big, bad, evil Obama conspiracy behind it. It is sad how many people we now have in this country that are totally incapable of anything close to critical thinking skills.

  22. What a moron! In OK most of oil and gas are GOP — guess she was too stupid to realize there has been a glut of oil at the refineries and plenty more waiting to be refined. Supply is bigger then demand right now thus the cheaper oil prices is what they told me at the station I just paid $2.79.

    It was Pres Obama’s fault when gas prices were high and now it is fault to win an election when they are lower? You would have to be a nitwit to listen to these braindead blondes on Fox News posing as news people.

  23. First the Repulshricans blamed the POTUS for increases in gas prices…….now he’s blamed for lowering the prices. They must have 2 left feet, that’s why they can’t walk straight!

  24. I don’t know why people watch FOX for news. To win a trial, FOX claimed that their news program was really entertainment. The court agreed with FOX that their program was entertainment. The judge should have gone one step further and insisted that they change the name of the show because the name was misleading to the public. Even judges make mistakes.
    You should protect yourself by skipping their pre-scripted political BS. If you want the truth, watch another channel.

  25. For all those Fox commentary who hasn’t been smart enough or focused enough———–Gas Price’s now has been dropping for some time. I remember commenting on that with my brother in law months back, an Fox news is just now noticing it?? Or have they been plotting all along to use this news for months if it kept falling about around this time?? You decide!WINK

  26. COME ON! Gas/oil is an international commodity, it’s all supply & demand, PERIOD. No President can manipulate prices, to fit there agenda. Sure prices could & would be affected by certain military action or a major war, but that’s about it! Now as much BS & other crap Obama has to deal with & stuff he’s blamed for, don’t you think if he could drop the price down to a DOLLAR a gallon, don’t you think he would?! That would truly help ALL folks rich & poor! It would bring down the costs for business & all companies. That would directly lead to more jobs & a robust economy… but he can’t! So enjoy the gas prices below 3 bucks a gallon while you can!

  27. it really is scary to think that there are many many people out there who believe this fox news propaganda. btw have their investigative reporters tracked down obama’s birth certificate yet?

  28. Give Fox credit for persistence. First Varney tried to float that low gas prices were bad for the economy. When he was laughed at by even right wing media he shifted. Then the question was would it last. I guess he heard more laughing at him. Every analyst has said this could go on for a while. I mentioned to a couple friends the Saudi’s might want it low to slow down shake oil and other US sources that have higher cost of production. Now Varney must want to hear more laughter. Now it was the end of the moratorium on off shore oil. Riggghhhht. He even noted how that was largely symbolic. He might have added the increased oil is coming from fracking, shale oil, slant drilling and other oil drilling techniques. None of the new oil is from off shore but it is better to have people think that for what reason? Because that the oil came from such varied other sources is not convenient if your mantra is evil Obama regulation. The oil boom shows Obama is not hindering oil.

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