Grimes Campaign Expresses Confidence After New Poll Shows McConnell Up In Kentucky



The final Bluegrass Poll of the 2014 election showed Mitch McConnell leading Alison Lundergan Grimes 48%-43%, but the Grimes campaign expressed confidence that they will prevail on Election Day.

According to The Courier-Journal,

The poll found that 48 percent of likely voters plan to vote for McConnell while just 43 percent plan to back Grimes. Three percent said they are voting for Libertarian David Patterson and 6 percent said they haven’t made up their minds.

The biggest problem for Grimes appears to be the negative ads that outside groups have used against her.

The poll found that only 37 percent of registered voters have a favorable opinion of her, while 43 percent have an unfavorable opinion of her. That almost mirrors McConnell’s 37-44 favorability gap.


Mitch McConnell’s only path to victory has always been to drag Alison Lundergan Grimes down into the mud with him. If the Bluegrass Poll is correct, McConnell and his outside money men are having success with their efforts. The Grimes campaign has aided McConnell to a degree with some very negative campaigning of their own.

Grimes campaign manager Jonathan Hurst released a statement about the poll,

Against all odds, this race has been a dead heat for nearly a year and a half and it will be a toss-up until the end. Mitch McConnell’s recent attempt to buy the election by dipping into his own pockets for $1.8 million more in attack ads won’t fool Kentuckians. They will go to the polls knowing that Alison is the only candidate who is willing to put partisanship aside and put the people of Kentucky first.

This race will ultimately be decided by enthusiasm down the stretch and whoever best turns out their voters, and while Mitch McConnell and his billionaire friends have invested over $50 million attacking Alison, we have built the largest, most aggressive ground game in Kentucky history. On November 4th, we’re confident voters will choose to elect an independent problem solver like Alison—and make Washington start working for Kentuckians again.

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  1. Snyder is doing the same thing here in MI. His feel good “Michigan is doing great..I love teachers” crap didn’t fool anyone, so now he is lying about Shauer, and has only done one small, untelevised debate. The coward. Land is pulling the same crap with Peters, and I got a GOP mailer about the Dem candidate for State House that was a complete lie, because the GOP is also behind and terrified. I emailed them and complained.
    I can only pray that Dems come out in droves and let the GOP know they cannot buy our nation any longer. They cannot obstruct the will of the people again. They are lowlife creeps, and do not deserve our support.

  2. It’s a mistake for Grimes to rely on, for instance, the Clintons campaigning for her. She’s done if she can’t lean right and capitalize on McConnell’s lack of popularity with groups like the tea party. There’s a reason why the msm is talking about this race much less.

  3. Thom Tillis in NC – I’m sure that Kay Hagan is a nice lady, but she’s a rubber stamp for President (only two years left – someone thinks we don’t play the long game) Obama. Even if you buy into that, Tillis is the rubber stamp for the Koch Bros & ALEC. Which rubber stamp do you support?

  4. Here in Wisconsin, Scott Walker, the incumbent governor is ahead of Mary Burke, his opponent by 7% after Burke was ahead by 5% the previous week. Relying on “likely voters” is not a viable barometer in states where specific demographics have every reason to turn the tables on prevailing stats.

  5. Sadly we still have people who will vote their long held political leanings. We all must be smart in what we do, and that includes all Americans

  6. The poll doesn’t surprise me, but it’s not what it looks like when you travel the state. I travel through Kentucky regularly and you will see 15 Grimes signs for every one for 1 for McConnell. Even in area’s I couldn’t have imagined would have supported a democrat. It’s going to be the GOTV, that’s going to put her over the top. Big turnout in Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green. The big union area’s.

  7. The way the polls are bouncing around, in Kentucky and all over the country, it’s hard to trust any of them anymore. Mitch got caught making a comment in what he thought was a secret meeting with the super wealthy in which he assured them he would do their bidding if elected. The Kentucky media exposed it, and I believe it went nationwide. Then nothing more was heard about it. The people in Kentucky hopefully will realize that Mitch and the GOP intend to end minimum wage, and think about how that will impact their ability to pay their mortgages, put gas in their car and feed and clothe their children. If that isn’t important enough to them, I guess they are going to get what they asked for.

  8. My only regret moving from Kentucky to Florida is I can not vote against mitch mcconnell > Yes I know I did not capitalize his name, I reserve that for people I respect.

  9. If McConnell is unpopular with teabaggers, it would help his numbers with other groups.

    As for Grimes relying upon the Clintons, it sounds like a good strategy to me.

  10. Good to know that. I don’t see how McConnell can win when he draws much fewer people to speeches and rallies than ALG does. And her crowds are more enthusiastic. McConnell has had to buy crowds, but even then, they aren’t enthusiastic. Yet this poll has him winning by 5? Doesn’t seem likely, unless the crowds ALG draws stays home on Tuesday, and I doubt that.

  11. that poll showing mcconell beating grimes is a lie, im gonna love it when mitch realizes alison beat him

  12. i read an article the other day that said alison grimes has actually been ahead of mitch all year but the pollsters have been saying in there polls that mitch is ahead to intentionaly discourage democrats, well i got a solution and this we dems turn out november in so big numbers that pollsters wont kwow what hit them upside there heads, trust alison will win u bank that

  13. Yesterday I read that McConnell told a reporter that it would be hard for anyone to repeal the ACA, today I read that he has said he will repeal it even if he has only 51 votes in the senate and will do it under reconciliation. Will someone please let the folks in Kentucky that think they have health care that if they vote for him they may be sorry. There is also that supreme court case pending where they want to take away everyones tax subsidies that they get to buy health insurance.I would like to know why we give multi million dollar corps subsidies with our taxes but not other people to get health insurance.

  14. Unfortunately Democratic voters tend to stay home for midterm elections. Low turnout always favors the conservative candidate.

  15. They “gin-it-up” through the msm owned by “R’s”which has become normal and regular fare since McCain/Palin. This is how they make money! By creating anxiety-fear based excitement and drama though political theater, they keep us watching to see the next bloodless “train wreck”.
    (I bet there’s a college course in media departments called “Political Drama 101”)

    This is how they make M-O-N-E-Y; repeating the meme “dems don’t vote in mid-terms” plus, “the latest polls show “Repuke the wonder horse” is gonna win” is their formula de’jour.

    Over and over and over…

  16. I can tell you have not done anything to turn that track record around. Because if you had been trying to GOTV, you would no that they will vote this year. The GOP has attacked every voting block but heterosexual male WASP!
    In Jefferson County, KY (Louisville), where I live, they are predicting that 65% of those eligible to vote will vote next Tuesday. Normally, it’s around 14% that vote in midterms. That’s a 51% increase.
    If you feel Dems don’t vote, what have you done to change that? If nothing, then you are part of the problem.
    Voting is good, but there is more than voting needed. Have you gone canvassing? What about phone banking? What are you doing Tuesday besides voting? Can you provided transportation for those who need it?
    I have no time for people using GOP talking points. This election is different, you can feel it if you are out there helping with the elections.

  17. I at least have hope for Michigan. We have recently seen where 6% of the senior vote is going to Schauer. Also there is a big undecided vote too. Many times the undecideds break for the challenger and I sure hope that holds true for Schaurer. As you know along with the nerd we get the RWNJs in Lansing too.

  18. Everyone in Louisville knows someone who works for Humanna, one of the biggest employers in the state. McConnell can put on a dog and pony show for all his rabid supporters, but he knows the insurance companies were brought in to help write the law. They changed their plans to be in compliance with the ACA. To try to change things back now (and he knows this this for a fact) would throw every major insurance company in the country into disarray. I call BULLSHIT!

  19. As a woman I support the Dems all the way! Repubs offer me nothing but second class citizenship. Repubs won’t accept who we are as a country. They will not acknowledge that many households comprise single women and children. They act like it is still the 1950s. No way could I ever vote repub until they move into the 21st century.

  20. I vote my long held political leanings because the repubs are batshit crazy and want me to be a second class citizen. Women who vote repub are the worst. We are talking about the future of women in our country. They are traitors to their gender.

  21. Someone should ask McConnell what he knows about his father in laws drug smuggling operation.

    See – Addicting Info

  22. In Jefferson County, KY (Louisville), where I live, they are predicting that 65% of those eligible to vote will vote next Tuesday. Normally, it’s around 14% that vote in midterms. That’s a 51% increase.—————
    Voter turnout in the 2010 midterm was around 53%; not 14%. My math shows that only a 12% increase to 65% voting. The more people that vote the better, no matter what party. However, your math is waaaaay off. But it does not matter because Senator Mcconnell will win.

  23. The last thing this country needs is a self professed traitor leading the senate for another 6 years. Get out and vote!!!!

  24. Kentuckians: Please. Vote BLUE for me and for YOU. McConnell has already anointed himself CZAR of the SENATE. He is only using you to get elected, and he really doesn’t care one bit about you. Disappoint turtlehead. You need someone who will represent you fairly and that is Alison Grimes. Please, vote for your future. VOTE BLUE for me and for YOU.

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