Hillary Clinton Endorses “Tough and Strong” Wendy Davis For Texas Governor


Hillary Clinton has endorsed Wendy Davis for Texas governor. Clinton called Davis a tough and strong campaigner who never backs down.

The Davis campaign tweeted Clinton’s endorsement:


The Davis campaign is excited about their success in early voting,

Liberal activist organization Progress Texas, however, noted that Davis campaign data over the first five days of early voting showed that among African-Americans there were 82,858 or 10.6 percent in 2014 versus 79,405 or 10.1 in 2010, among Hispanic voters there was 115,286 or 14.7 percent in 2014 versus. 102,650 or 13.1 percent in 2010 and among Anglo or other voters 587,098 or 74.8 percent in 2014 versus 602,343 or 76.8 in 2010. The totals show a 4 percent increase among African-Americans, a 12 percent increase among Hispanics and about a 2.5 percent decrease among Anglo or other voters. “I think the campaign this year has been fairly robust,” said Ed Espinoza, the executive director of Progress Texas. “If minority turnout is high, that’s generally not very good for Republicans.”

It would be a gigantic upset if Wendy Davis beat Greg Abbott in Texas, but this hasn’t stopped the Democrat from running an aggressive campaign. Davis has been willing to step up and challenge the Republican dominance of the state. Wendy Davis is helping to build something important for Democrats in Texas.

The changing demographics of the state suggest that at some point the Republican hold on Texas will end. Davis is helping to lay the groundwork for that change. Whether she wins or loses on Tuesday, Wendy Davis has a bright political future.

The fact that more minorities are voting in midterms is a bad sign for Republicans. If Democrats can mobilize minority voters to a similar degree that they do in presidential election years, the Republican Party will be in big trouble.

Hillary Clinton knows a fighter when she sees one, and Wendy Davis is going to continue to lead the fight in Texas long after Election Day.

7 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Endorses “Tough and Strong” Wendy Davis For Texas Governor”

  1. Both Abbott and Perry are crooks, and corrupt, just like the GOP. It will be a travesty if Abbott is elected Governor. If Perry screwed up Texas, just wait and see what Abbott does if he wins!


  2. If Wendy does win, she’ll have her hands full with a Republican Legislature, but at least it will be better for most Texans. She won’t allow any more anti women, anti minority, anti gay laws, nor will she allow more voter suppression to be pushed through. I hope she beats this crook.

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